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Check Out This Pussy in Knoxville

March 31st, 2007 at 1:27 am by Mark
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     Ok, is this “pussy” thing getting old yet?

     Everyone’s probably seen these sorts of things before, but this one’s an ode to a great site,, the canonical list of LOLCATS and other animals who are “IN UR COMPUTER STEALIN’ UR INTERNETS!”  It’s also to draw attention to the fact that some asshat decided to steal some of those photos and sell them as Merchandise over on Cafepress… pathetic… good thing they shut him down.

     Anyway … I gotta say it one last time …

     Check out this pussy …


     Yes, I took the photo last year, and just finished messing it up.  So there.  Mine.  Mine!  😉

From Knoxville to Pussy in 49 Steps

March 31st, 2007 at 12:05 am by Mark
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     Monty’s “Summer Vacation Spots” made me wonder…

     How far is Pussy from Knoxville?

     According to Google Maps, it’s only 49 steps away.

     However, Orgy is a mere 34 steps away.

     Given the fact that Pussy is 15 steps further away than Orgy, Orgy may not be very fun for me…

     Regardless … Pay particular attention to Step #18.  Click on it.  😉

     According to Glenn, “it will actually show you the pier to jump off of.”

     Seriously, click Step #18.  After doing that for that long, I doubt even Pussy would entice me…

Tip: Thanks, Glenn