Comments on: Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Dead Script Can't Laugh at Yourself? We'll do it for you! Sun, 08 Dec 2013 17:51:01 +0000 hourly 1 By: Justin Sun, 19 Jul 2009 18:54:55 +0000 I saw the new Harry Potter!! I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t in order of the book but lately no movie is. But i know that if i ever need to cheer up this is a movie to watch. There’s lots of comedy and the actors played the comedy and romance very well. Also, I absolutely adored the acting of Dumbledore in this film. In the previous three films he was very aggressive and loud. However, in The Half Blood Prince, Dumbledore was much more true to the character in the novel, quietly powerful. My favorite one is still the third one, because I liked the time-travel plot on the big screen, but this new one was definitely one of the better ones!!

By: southernspeak4-T/Chrys Sat, 18 Jul 2009 21:17:24 +0000 P.S. – My daughter and I took the “hat sort test” at the Potter site not long ago. We placed Gryffindor. Since it’s online, you know it’s true. *snort*

I’m pretty sure you’re a Gryff.

Gryffindors are supposedly brave, not afraid to stand out on that limb and do/say what they think is right and best for everyone (not just themselves) rather than be popular. They’re not trying to be controversial, just…honest. A little eccentric, a little mischievous, but inherently good people.

True Gryffs are rare, especially on the net – only know of one other possible Gryff and that’s Shell.

By: southernspeak4-T/Chrys Sat, 18 Jul 2009 20:43:55 +0000 Well, what box-office smash would be complete without some ambiguously gay/asexual Christ figure getting crucified and returning more powerful than before, I ask you?

However, that HAD been done to death, pardon the pun.

I think what makes the Potter series interesting is the fact that the characters aren’t always “white-hatted lone-rangers”…they’re mischievous, but inherently good…it’s about the choices the characters make….sometimes they fall down and fuck up, but in the end, they get it right:)

Poor Hermione, I think she’s the one that needs to get laid…and I believe just a couple of movies ago, she was twat-swatted?

P.S. – you can credit Shelly for that awesome term, it’s the female equivalent of cock-blocking, lol.