The History of blogitude.com

     On November 25th, 1998, blogitude.com was founded.  In 2002, a legal scuffle over linking to — not hosting — video of an exposed celebrity in compromising positions erupted into a very quiet coup d’etat.  For two years, all was quiet.
     On February 24th, 2004, blogitude.com was acquired by its contemporaries, who attempted to get the old team back together, however, this met with some resistance from most of its litigation-shy instigators, who wish to remain nameless to this day.
     On June 19th, 2006, the last surviving member of the old regime posted that the site would soon be changing focus.  However, on the night of August 31st, he made a phone call to the person who’d tried to get the site back up in 2004.

     On September 1st, 2006 came the new, improved blogitude.com in its third incarnation as it merged with steelxsteel.com.

Current Authors


Being an avid hacker with mad IT skills, I eventually developed a resumé which reads more like the who’s-who of Fortune Magazine.  Along the way, I’ve assisted many Representatives, Senators and Foreign Dignitaries with Technology issues, and been largely ignored.  This paved the way for much Political disdain and occasional discomfort.

Given that, I was told multiple times — “If you don’t like it, move to another country!”  I heeded this advice, and apparently, the third one was the charm.  I came back, and never wanna leave again.

Eighty-five percent of my friends are women, fourteen percent are male, and the jury is out on the remaining one percent.  I work hard, and play harder.  I try and live every day like it’s my last, and will probably die laughing. 


Grew up in Deep South Florida. Graduated from UFL with a degree in Law. Immediately began working for the Federal Government. Absorbed into the ether of politics. Survived multiple world tours. Married and divorced another lawyer. Quit politics. Retired early. Yes, I am a capitalist pig.


As a photographer out of the booming metropolis of Maryville, Tennessee, I spread my worldview liberally out onto the world’s face.  A little on the desk, a little on the dress, if you catch my drift. 

I’m simply pointing out, that when things go wrong, go silly, even when it makes no sense.  A realist I may be, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Previous & Guest Authors


London-born and Russian-bred, I have a Masters Degree in Music and enjoy not knowing or caring what’s going to happen today.

KimKim – Ramblings of the Confused

I’m from Knoxville, TN, although I travel to Atlanta, Nashville and Asheville, NC quite frequently for concerts. I love quiet evenings by the fire, long walks on the beach, romantic trips to the mountains, candlelit dinners….oh no, no…wait. Wrong forum.

DivaDiva – Catscratch Diva

Of course, I’m a creature of habit. I’m a total news nerd. I have all of my particular news shows I just have to have on. Now, I’ll be honest, and those of you kids who know me know this already, I generally hear just about enough of a news story to be dangerous. So, half of my rants are usually a little off center. But, I’m an old dog, and I can’t change my game now. I’ve spent my entire life making half informed decisions.

MontyMonty Hazeltrig

I am a Swedish born scientist, working on various research grants. I have lived in the United States most of my life.