Goading for Validation

October 2nd, 2009 at 2:23 pm by Mark
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Ya know, this whole Ubermouth bit is pissing me off.  And the odd thing was, nobody poisoned the well.  Nobody talked smack about her.  Nobody went off all half-cocked.  And I was clearly in the right when even I told her to leave me alone, which, she clearly won’t.  Regardless of the number of times she’s banned or blocked, she continues to return and attempt to make contact.
I’m pretty damn sure that’s what “stalking” is.  A “Stalker” crying “stalker” makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.  And it’s also clear that Ubermouth will stop at nothing to force someone who doesn’t want to speak out in the open … so that she can revel in her list of dupes and “friends” ripping on someone else for a change.
To what end?

The fact is — I don’t even know this fucking woman, and for what she’s done — to me, even — so far, I sure as Hell don’t ever want to!

It amazes me how many people can jump on a bandwagon, believing such outlandish nonsense that she’s being stalked and victimized by one of the writers of this blog.  One of the reasons I asked said writer to write here, aside from the fact that she’s a pretty damn good writer, was so that I could observe the behavior in-depth.  And boy, did I, ever!

The thing is, Ubermouth and I were never friends.  She claims we were, and that is something I do not get.  What she did a year ago, and it’s just like what she does with other people, was find that I was going through some stuff, lent an ear (which I all but refused) and then asked me to “do” something for her.  In my case, much like others, she asked if I’d help her screw with Crushed, a guy I don’t even know, but who she’d made a solid two years of blog-effort at attacking in most vile and vicious ways.
Of course, I told her, “Hell no!”  And I ceased contact with her.

Then, of course, she comes back talking about what someone said about me, coming off like she’s giving helpful information, and again, I told her I didn’t care, leave me out of it, and leave me alone.

Then, I suppose as a last ditch effort, she started hitting on me online.  I said, “Hell, no!” and to cease and desist (she won’t deny it, either, but said that it was “uncharitable” in her comments here).  But, that’s exactly what happened.

For months, and with no recourse, she continued to post drivel and bullshit, knowing she’s not wanted in any way, shape or form.  However, apparently, for whatever reason, she just kept stoking and harrassing until finally, she posted this crap on a post where I’d ripped some threatening weenie (an unstable redneck who’d taken the time and money to drive 200 miles to “teach me a lesson”) a new ass over the woman I still very much love:

From: ubermouth
Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009

New comment on your post #2127 “I Said Please…”
Author : ubermouth (IP: , cache-los-ad02.proxy.aol.com)
Whois  : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Oh, please let ME be ‘the hottie!’

It’s a common thing she does.  She goads you to keep talking to her.  Any attention, for her, is good attention, apparently.  But it is a bit more sinister, you see.
Because if you look at the IP address, you’ll notice that it’s an America Online IP address on a comment she readily admits to making.  How on Earth could it be from AOL since she supposedly lives in the United Kingdom?

Well, two things are true.  First, she lies horribly about where she lives.  Second, she makes use of Open Proxies, like the one above, to make it “appear” that she’s coming from different IP addresses.  In the above case, an infected AOL customer running an open proxy used AOL’s outgoing proxy to show her as coming from AOL.
It sounds complicated, but any idiot can do it.  But she can play dumb, much the same way she uses calling cards to call people, claiming it’s cheaper, when anyone knows that direct dialing the US from the UK is dirt cheap for unlimited time… British Telecom’s international rates are dirt cheap, thus the only reason to make those calls is to mask the truth and make her more difficult to find.

It’s sad and telling how her and one (or more) of her cohorts continue to try and circumvent the security of this blog with their malicious comments using Open Proxies  and other tactics.  I mean, it’s the same tactics that are employed to “impersonate” another commenter…
Unfortunately, the commenter in question does not even have internet and lives in a place which is devoid of the usual technological niceties.

I’ll not even get to the pre-emptive strikes she makes.  Or her failed attempts at matchmaking in an effort to endear people to her in gratitude.  Multiple ploys, multiple failures, whereby the tiniest of minutiae is used against you to poison the well in case you start bitching about the woman’s behavior, which is clearly out of hand.

In fact, the only person to blame for my disdain of Ubermouth — is Ubermouth herself.
All of these things she did aside, and all of the times she’s been asked to leave me the Hell alone, she continues to telephone leaving frantically psychotic messages and continues to attempt to comment here.  As a matter of fact, after her scathing comment yesterday, she comes in right behind it attempting — no less than 180 times, mind you —  to hack the backend of this blog with failed password attempts.  And then on top of that, attempts to exploit my hosting company’s accounting system using the same manual password attacks — to the tune of hundreds of failed logins which is why I now use Swizznet for extra hosting security. (read more here)

Further, anyone who thinks making a false report to Child and Family Services to have someone’s child taken away is in any way acceptable or  amusing … should be institutionalized!
I have the Official list of allegations — and they are not pretty — and the subsequent details of the investigation.  This was clearly the work of a demented mind.  And the amusing part is, even though Ubermouth claims not to have done it, how on Earth could she have known when the complainant called if she didn’t do it, or have it done by some other “victim” she’s befriended?  Because everyone around her is a victim, aren’t they?

And to that “friend,” who she’s asked to do this…  Watch what happens when you don’t do what she asks of you.  Watch how far she’ll go to destroy your credibility.
You need to ask yourself one question after what you’ve done: How much character do you have left to assassinate?

Some things are just plain wrong.  Other things are inexcusable.


67 Responses to “Goading for Validation”

  1. Siddell Says:

    I heard from this woman and someone claiming to be your brother back to back a few months ago. Both of them admitted to emailing everyone on your blogroll. It was pure filth and hate. They sounded crazy! People like them should be locked away from the rest of us. I still have those emails if you need them.

  2. Mark Says:

    Ah, and just to drive that point home… That’s what she kept telling me *he* was doing. Funny to see that she was involved, however, not surprising in the least. I’ve seen her use that tactic, or admit to it, elsewhere.

    “Bring ’em on! I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around!”
    — Han Solo, Star Wars

  3. Phillip Johns Says:

    Mark what the hell? I thought Ubermouth was your brother? Joseph is not Ubermouth? I’m sorry that’s what I was trying to tell you back in February when I posted about it here http://blogitude.com/2009/02/12/no-i-dont-care-what-you-have-to-say/ . I closed my blog because it got to be too much to deal with that Stonewall and Ubermouth. But I seriously thought they were the same person. Now I see why you are so pissed. Man oh man what a mess. Mark if you need anything please let me know. And again I’m sorry.

  4. markymarkwith2inchesofstubby Says:

    You might want to get your facts straight you stupid redneck back woods Kentucky idiot.

    The ip address is from the UK.


    Ip blockers can also block dynamic ip addresses. One simply has to use an asterisk ASSHAT!

  5. Mark Says:

    That’s all you have to say? More personal attacks because of one, pedantic point?

    Try an nslookup. And don’t forget I have the log evidence to prove my point — it was an Open Proxy.

    I’m not the one stirring up shit, dear. That priviliege belongs to you two.

    Besides — Why would one bother to block Dynamic IP’s when pretty much every ISP has 99% of their address space denoted as such?

    You, of course, would rather post from Google Reader. And you can, since I unblocked your annoying ass for this very reason.

    But if you want to keep it up, I will end it.

    BTW … I’m not from Kentucky, nor do I live there. 😉

  6. john Says:

    Ubermouth is crazy for sure…she has used the child protective service to get back at her enimies in the past and will continue to..she gets off on hurting ppl..she is full of hate and well hated by many..mostly ex-freinds, family and nieghbours..she will continue to hurt ppl..thats what she does..on the net all she has to do is change her name..like she had to in “real” life..a snake can shed it’s skin but it’s still a snake a 300lb snake ..watch out ppl. Can’t wait till she tries to return to Canada!!!

  7. Mark Says:

    Phil: Thanks for the e-mails. Those are nice little keepsakes. 🙂

    (Whose name I will not mention): Why do you care how long my cock is, Lesbian? Does my two-inches-and-hung-like-a-mouse threaten you?

    John: Did you just call Ubermouth fat?

    Today’s Ubermouth Quote of the Day comes from 12-Feb-2009 @ 11:13PM US/Eastern:

    [ If I read your blog, it strikes me you’re nothing but a a complete bitch. ]

    No, don’t think I’m a bitch. That’s just a character on a blog. It’s not the real me. I’m not evil.

    I guess “bitch” decided to cross over. 😉

  8. Crushed Says:

    Not much to be said here aside from what’s already said bar this…

    Never forget that Ubermouth has a very dangerous character side. She has a certain ability to project her own nuttiness onto others. Thus, though she is clearly a parnoid schizophrenic- oh no, its not her, its everyone else.

    its not HER that is manipulative- NO, that’s Ms Smack.

    It’s not her that’s a stalker, it’s everyone else. In spite of the fract you never read her rabid foamings of a blog and she comes to yours daily, often attempting to leave a comment, on spite of the fact that she e-mailed you for months after your sole replies were variations of the sentence ‘When are you going to fuck off and leave me alone’ no, she’s the victim.

    Every fight she gets into is someone else’s fault. Not hers. No, the other party was to blame. For politely pointing out she was out of order. not her, of course for being out of order. Or for reacting wildly inappropriately after being pulled on her behaviour.

    She’s very, very good at ploaying the victim.

    The other thinmg she does, of course- and she will deny this- is offer covert hints of sex. It upsets her, of course, when men look at her and think- ‘You’re 42. And 18 stone. and ugly- hardly worth the hassle’ but certain middle aged men feel the need to be a knight in shining armoutr to ANY damsel even if the distress she is in is all ALWAYS of her own making.

    Higham would be amused to find out that whilst strining him along, she was also mailing the Baht At twat and in one thread he offered to send her a semen sample. I kid you not.

    These are all, of course, pathetic middle aged divorcees masquerading as online gentlemen of the Sir Galahad mannerisms.

    And as for her levels of truthfulness…

    She has put Ms Smack’s child’s welfare at risk and threatened her workwise. And done the same to other female bloggers. She stalked my own grandmother in the old people’s home.

    It’s not so much she’s a bitch- you show me a dog with that level of malice. Try a Black Widow Spider.

    Or Jabba the Hut.

    What does Evil mean if not something destructive to overall harmony and leading long term to misery?

    She has the same mentality of a serial killer; lackming any real talent, she just wants to be noticed. But she doesn’t care how. She thinks she is motivated by feelings of wellbeing, but she would pour acid in the vface of one she claimed to love if they rejected her.

  9. Shauna Says:

    Irritating yet interesting. What is amazing is the stark contrast when you read her blog versus this blog. Hers spews bile, personal attacks and accusations with little or no “evidence” presented, and yet people jump in to defend her.

    Here, there is a clear case presented and a comment history that can be seen from both sides.

    I try and take people as they are and ignore gossip and conjecture. But here there was clearly a lot you held your tongue about, until you presented quite an argument, with facts and dates which prove many of those points. Many of the other points can clearly be seen in her comment trail on this blog let alone others.

    If this were a boxing match, I’d say you were a winner by knock-down in the first round. Kudos!

  10. john Says:

    yah mark I called her fat.. she is as big as she is evil, maybe she should have eaten the banana’s her muther offered her instead of the all of the cookies. But no joke..her gluttony out ways selfish behaviour, and Crushed, acid would have been easier to heal and less painful. She has always played the victim and blamed everyone else just like you said. She is, and has always been one sick Jabba the Hut ( little shorter in the leg)You should read the letters she sent me, my dad, and others..I real sorry for the one’s that stick up for her..’cause they are her next victims. Mark my words.

  11. John Says:

    Yeah this is why I don’t blog. It’s like putting a big neon target on your head. I admit I checked around to see what was going on. That slam comment was a clear case of penis envy. It served no purpose but as a personal personal stab so this stuff must be reallllllllly close to the mark. “little john” doesn’t have much to add either.

  12. Michel C Says:

    Yes, I think Ubermouth is the bitch, not the good person. She call and threaten my wife like you describe, saying “I am friend, and all I do for you”! She do nothing but listen to bitch bitch bitch and get call middle of night that someone stalk her when Ubermouth stalk my wife. What is wrong with?? We are afraid for our children after read this. I think Internet is many very bad persons, no life but to make trouble for other human being. We share special relationship with UK and have call police. Thank your for informing.

  13. Mark Says:

    [ I wrestled with whether or not to release this comment, as it was in Spam. But, then I noticed it wasn’t the typical mudslinging and was actually on topic. It also helped when I looked at the logs to find it’d come from a Google search. ]

    I take it your wife is a blogger?

    Sounds pretty typical situation … Get in as tight as possible, enough that she has your wife’s phone number. She attempts to get her to reveal personal information by revealing what “seems” to be personal information of her own — “Just between you and me, and this goes no further.” Eventually, she starts asking for favors and validation… Praises if you fall for it, damnation if you don’t. And suddenly, Ubermouth with start using all of the stuff that “goes no further” against you.

    Can you say Sociopath, boys and girls?

    I knew you could.

    But you’ll note in my case, she had nothing to drop… 😉 It’s fairly easy to spot Divide and Conquer techniques, especially when people are already contacting you claiming to have intimate knowlege of a situation they should know nothing about. They’re digging for information, trying to weave their way into your personal life.

  14. Michel Says:

    Yes wife was on blogspot but has given up last month. Ubermouth is very mean person who ask wife for nude photos? No! Then she ask to attack people and “show support” but support of what? She claim to be American then claim to be Canadian in UK then then claim to be English from Canada and we catch this lie. Where she is from? Phone number always in different country this bitch! Call in middle of night and say my wife the bitch then tell her she end her that she never blog again and that she knows people in France and Romania then say we are bad parents. She is the bitch and nothing but terrorist!

  15. Michel Says:

    Do not ever ever give phone number to Ubermouth! She say she want to suicide so you give and she call and lie and lie. She say “you my only friend I love you” but it is all like you say, get all personal information and twist and create more lies and conspiracy then blame me? Try to break up marriage by say I get on her blog? I never use fucking internet for this! Then call my wife the stalker? Yes Ubermouth is the lawyer bitch! No she is nurse? What? No brother is lawyer, you misunderstand? No she said these things! So much the liar! This terrorist bitch make us both crazy. This is all I have to say. Have called police and they will handle.

  16. Mark Says:

    Yep, you definitely got the same Ubermouth. 🙂 Funny how if she did something wrong and I caught her, she’d try and say, “It’s because you were drunk. You don’t remember.” Twisted, twisted, twisted, and it’s always someone else.

    To you and your wife, don’t let her make you crazy. That’s her intention. She revels in that shit. It’s just yet another way to make her feel empowered, by holding power over other people.

    I’d actually considered taking this stuff down, as the silly witch will probably twist this all into, “Mark’s keeping things stirred up!” which couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s just what she does any time you try and defend yourself from her dumb ass.

    She’s clearly doing these things to herself, and trying to involve the world in it for publicity. So I’m sure as Hell leaving this stuff up, because, in a weird way, it might be a bit comforting to some of her “targets” to realize they’re not the only ones who got played.

    In my case, tho, it’s kinda hard for her to hold power over someone who laughs at her and tells her to “Fuck off!” — and means it. 😉

  17. Linda Says:


    Thank you very much for this page. To type “What a piece of work” would be such an understatement. I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt and be reasonable but some people just can’t be reasoned with. If someone gets angry there’s usually some reason but what this woman does just makes no sense at all.

    I’ve always tried to help people like her because I’ve been depressed and felt alone myself especially after moving here. That’s why she contacted me originally although my blogs were inspecific about where I lived. That was years ago now and I haven’t felt like that any more. I did take pity on her because she seemed genuinely depressed but she just kept getting weirder and weirder, asking for photos and about our sex life like some sort of lesbian. It made me feel very uncomfortable to say the least! It was upsetting and did confront her about it. She told me I was her only friend and that she loved me, and thanked me for being honest and disappeared for a while.

    I will admit I did worry about her. I sent her an email in June, and she called to apologize. She spewed about how everyone was out to get her, paranoid delusions and craziness. It was unexpected, even more over the top, and I told her, if things were that bad to call the police. She told me she was suing people, that she couldn’t afford the lawyers and even asked us to promise to bail her out of jail if she ended up there because she had no support. I felt sorry for her again.

    Then she started attacking Michel calling him “Mike” which we both hate. She claimed he was stalking her blog and trolling comments and hacking and all sort of ridiculous things. She even tried to tell me he was doing it at a time he was sitting with me on the couch. It was crazy! I told her so and her tone changed to vile just like that. She started threatening to sue us, calling us in the middle of the night ranting and raving and accusing us of all sorts of things. She called me a whore and commented that I had a sex-cam website which I don’t and never have and awful, awful things about Michel too. Like you said, divide and conquer. We never even fought and it took us a while to see what was going on.

    It doesn’t pay to be nice to some people. You try to be a good person and care and then some crazy person like Ubermouth can just ruin your charity. That woman is just pure, twisted evil.

    We called the police already about the phone calls in the middle of the night but without her phone number it’s hard to do anything about until she’s arrested. Fortunately we have all of her voice mail threats saved. After she threatened to call child welfare on us, we called the police again and this time they’re taking it more seriously. Her blog is being watched which is probably why she’s been so quiet but I guarantee she’s doing this to someone else behind the scenes.

    I never did anything for her other than talk but I am sure there are many people who fall for her lies. I hope they realize that it’s making them accessories to crime.

    It is nice knowing I’m not the only one. And thank you for sharing your insight.

    Kind regards,

  18. Linda Says:


    By the way, in addition to what Michel said about her being American, Canadian or English, it would be interesting to know how long she lived in England. She told me two years, but then told me that her and her mother moved there from Canada twelve years ago another time, and that she moved to be with her mother eight years ago another time. What did she tell you?

    I’m only asking because it sounds like we could compare notes and maybe find what was the same. Maybe we should continue this discussion over Xbox. What time zone are you in?

    Kind regards,

  19. Mark Says:

    ROFLMAO Oh my God that is just fucked up beyond words! Amazing how history repeats itself, but it’s different people involved. Yeah … I know the feeling. Being nice to people seems pretty overrated sometimes. I stand by the idea that she scans blogs looking for words like “depressed,” “alone,” “lonely” and shit like that just so she can find easy targets to manipulate to do whatever she wants. And it usually involves one of two people, and a few “charitable” things like, “Go comment on ____’s blog and show her support, because she’s been abused,” but she always turns on those people — always — just to “test” your sincerity.

    As for how long she’d been in England, I got 12 & 8. But I’m a drunk, so my memory doesn’t count. ROFLMAO (Only thing she could say lolol)

    Given all of this, I wonder — there was a similar situation that one of her “friends” did to someone else with the photos and “I love you,” so I just wonder, given that she emulated her and used the same setup, how much …. Yeah, nevermind. We’ll definitely have to talk over Xbox. lololol

    You’ll understand the humor I’m finding when we catch up. lol

  20. Mark Says:

    Sorry, laughing so hard I forgot to answer. Timezone — US/Eastern. lol

  21. Linda Says:

    I think I see where you’re going now. That is just bizarre! It’s so hard to tell who is who! lol I guess it makes it easy to claim it’s a rumor when they keep using the same situation over again. It certainly could confuse things enough to make them look innocent to their “supporters,” like someone is just making up the same rumor about both of them! In my heart at least I know I’m her only friend and she loves me. lol I wonder how many people in her group she’s told that line to? lol

    On a bright note, no contact since since the police and posting here. 🙂 I’m feeling a bit ashamed now for running away as it seemed the easiest way but even that wasn’t enough to make her leave us alone. I just wanted it to stop and didn’t want to involve myself that deeply. From the looks of it she counts on that, too. I guess sharing notes was the best idea after all. Who would have thought?

    We were going to try and reach you on Xbox last night but we didn’t want to interrupt your movie. Hope to catch up soon!

  22. Mark Says:

    Yeah, I think that’s pretty much any reasonable person’s contention. “If I leave them alone, they’ll leave me alone.” She’s a prime example of the opposite sort of a brain.

    I’m amazed people who keep their heads that far up their own asses don’t suffocate… let alone type.

    Just missed you guys on XBL … later, I guess. Amusingly, we have a friend in common on there, Paul … lol

  23. Baht at Says:

    Hmmm not sure I did actually offer to send her a semen sample – I might have offered to deliver it in person though.

    For what it’s worth here’s my contribution –
    [ Link Removed ]

    I haven’t been following the ubermouth story for a while so I’ll have to catch up.

  24. Baht at Says:

    Oh btw I see crushed has reared his ugly head – presumably still failing to admit his criminal record for drug dealing and violence.

  25. Baht at Says:

    and since she has returned we have a follow-up

    [ link removed ]

    She winds up so well she could be clockwork

  26. Shelly Rayedeane Says:

    [ 68.171.234.* – *.rdns.blackberry.net ]

    She is lying. John Swan is her brother. She told me herself.

    I finally figured out the reason there are no feeds for her blog.

    I was right all along about the perception manipulation. She is involved in it.

    they use trigger words on their blogs to create anxiety and stress. Then, the feeds are ran through once a person’s computer gets hacked. it is all about thought control and manipulation and I finally figured out how it is done. Some people are being programmed. Others are either committing suicide or having the top down processing in their brain so severely fucked with that it induces psychotic episodes.

    I am not crazy. I am not lying. This is taking place right here in America.

    Carly is trying to come to America. Going to Texas. Not all the people Chrystal thought were guilty actually are.

    This is high level government stuff. Again. I am not lying.

    Look at my cake post on the same day you made chocolate cake Mark.

    I finally figured out how it was done. It is subliminal thought control on a massive scale. I never lied.

    I was targeted when my computer got hacked. High level government is involved in this crap. I need to speak to someone I can trust.

    I fear I won’t be alive much longer.

  27. Mark Says:

    I wouldn’t have published this comment because I’m sick of your all’s ridiculous bullshit, however … I verified the IP address and your browser again (because yours carries a rather unique signature, and Ubertard and friends can’t see that since they use Blogspot — a place they *thought* was safe enough to get away with their slanders, but you see it wasn’t, was it?).

    So I have to ask.

    Shelly, what are you doing? Is that supposed to be an apology for your behavior?

    Mind control? Your mind is always controlled? Through subliminal messages and trigger words? Are you that fucking weak?

    Chocolate Cake? I don’t make cake. I haven’t written about cake on this blog, nutjob. Are you hungry, or something? Retribution. Responsibility. Guilt. Fear. Those are trigger words, you fucking dumbass.

    You, yourself, have broken so many federal laws, that I am amazed you’re still walking the streets.

    You four have screwed with Chrys to no end, screwed with me to no end, and, yeah, you know who else you screwed with — and you goddamn well better contact her again and make amends for your bullshit and the trouble you people have caused.

    It’d be different if I’d ever known you, met you, or even talked to you at all — ANY of you. So I’m not joking, you psychotic twat — you better make a goddamn effort to fix this shit you caused, or your twin nutjob Ubermouth’s not the only fucking person you’re gonna be afraid of.

    If you wanna take that as a threat, you go right ahead. You make your shit right, and walk the fuck away. Otherwise, I will see to it that you’re locked away where you can’t do this any more. And if you think I can’t or won’t, then you better go ask Jen or Michelle what their boy Joe is in jail for.

    Capische, Ms. McDonald?

  28. Mark Says:

    And, hey, Ms. Baydeane (sic intentional)… Here’s you some mind control… Would you like some Chocolate Cake with that?


    Now you do it, and you fucking take responsibility, you lousy, lying twat!

  29. Crushed Says:

    Faht Twat, if you EVER state online- or anywhere- that I have a conviction for violence, I’ll sue your arse.

    I have a conviction for Possession of Ecstasy with intent to Supply from 2004, not ashamed of that. Why would I be?

    Ecstasy should be legalised, if nasty little autsitics like you took some, they might be nicer people.

    I’m aware you were one of the uberdupes she used to drag into her case, but why not be a man and admit you swallowed her lies hook line and sinker?

    You see, not only do I not believe in violence, I actually think it’s wrong to shout at people. Or even argue with people. Debate, sure ARGUE no.

    That’s why I found Ubermouth a piece of shit. She argues with people. And shouts.

    Yeah, I’m in to sex and drugs. And? Peace and Love, better than the way of people like you, surely?

    If the best you ar anyone can throw it me is I got caught by the Old Bill selling a substance that makes people feel euphoric and loved up, feel free.

    Ecstasy is one of the greatest inventions of all time and it should be LEGALISED.

    Spread the love…

    Get high and fuck as many people as you can.

    And no, I don’t think tho0se are bad ethics. Better than yours, which is to annoy as many people as you can and make people’s lives a misery.

    I’m not ashamed of who I am; I’m a good person and ANYONE who knows me KNOWS that.

    Is the world full of people who think you’re a charming, peacable, friendly loving guy?

    The reason I wanted nothing more to do with Ubermouth is simple. She’s not a nice person. I’m a nice person. I like NICE people.

    So my last message to you, David Simpson of Heckmondwicke? Get fucked, you baldy beardy twat.

  30. Crushed Says:


    Has anyone noticed the comic irony here?

    Baht at denies the semen sample offer- sorry, Rumpelstitzkin, I have it in my inbox still- along with the other abuse you sent my last Xmas at Carly’s behest.

    You know along with your ‘Society would be better if you were dead’ mails.

    He links a comment section where he and Uberpsycho are-erm- well, engaging in cybersex, I guess.

    This a month or so AFTER she got publically engaged to the well known cyber hypocrite and online pervert masquerading as a self righteous prig, James Higham.

    There’s another blogger she duped into this web as well, a middle aged divorcee called Bag. I think she offered him sex as well.

    Hey, I don’t hide the fact- anyone can fuck me, if they’re cute. But she acts like there’s something wrong with this.

    And yet she’s the biggest Blog bike there is!

    And yet…I would imagine it’s been a while since she ACTUALLY got any.

    Even I only considered her because she offered me a free trip to Canada and offered to pay me 10K as well…

    10K makes up for ‘shagging a minger’, to use UK parlance, but not for the lousy personality, as I discovered.

    Though I hasten to add- never met the creature in the flesh CERTAINLY never put my cock in it.

    If I had, I’d want it amputated.

  31. Shelly Rayedeane Says:

    Please put this comment through. I have emailed nobody although someone else has accused you of many things.

    One day you will understand why.

    I will show you without using words.

    I’m not crazy. I never was Mark. You were targeted. I was targeted and now I know why. Chrystal was targeted too.

    She just doesn’t know why yet.

  32. ubermouth Says:

    Hahahaha… THis is HILARIOUS , SO CREATIVE! I am touched and honoured that people go to such trouble to even make out they have had contacted with me!!!!!

    I AM famous, after all!

    John Swan the paedophile is pretty mouthy for someone who has not seen me in 22 yrs barring for one month. But he makes out all women are fat and insane and evil. His entire family have shunned him for yrs[funny I am close to aall though]…..

    Crushed your gran is not in a nursing home, she has her assistaed living apt and we used to chat regularly[and that drives you insanER] all the info I learned about you, psyhcotic.

    Lie all you like. I don’t care.

    Crushed- LOL @ Bag speculation- if you only knew the truth!

  33. Mark Says:

    Amusing diversionary tactics. Kinda funny what happens when people start talking amongst themselves and trying to figure out what the Hell happened, isn’t it? You two don’t get that, and keep thinking you can pre-empt everything by blaming your next “victims” for your actions, or claiming that they’re stalking you when clearly, that’s not the case.

    When you two started started this shit, I ignored you. When I was silent, you got worse. Every person will eventually snap back. But in my case, my breaking power was a rather simple, “FUCK OFF!”

    So who is it, truly, who wants some attention? So you can sit back and feel powerful later for having controlled someone? Seriously, what was the goal? Because the truth is, you guys haven’t controlled a damn thing in my life. Despite your attempts, things are still exactly the same as they were. So what on Earth did you accomplish?

    Ahh, did you expect me to hit a wall, and go nuts posting about you every day or something? Why would I? You’re uninteresting, and the only time you have anything “decent” to say is publically, but the fact that you’re you’re trying undermine things from every other angle just negates it anyway. It’s fucking sad.

    Truthfully, I’ve never met, never had any sort of involvment with, and don’t know either one of you, and never did. You were never my friends, although I did call you that once in an attempt to diplomatically get you both outta my hair. But that didn’t work either, did it? And quite honestly, why would I? In my book, given the attacks and the bullshit and blog wars that you’ve stirred up and tried to throw me in the middle of, you’re just two sides of the same coin. One revels in the pain she attempts to cause others, and one claims to be a victim all of the time.

    Yep … A Sadist and a Masochist.

    I don’t think either one of you are crazy. I just think it’s your excuse to be — cunts. I won’t apologize for saying it, either, because in your cases, the word “bitch” just isn’t strong enough.

    This was your own fault. Nobody poisoned the well, nobody talked shit behind your backs.

    You made your beds — now lie in them. Because we all know how good you are at lying

  34. Mark Says:

    Oh, and Ubercunt? Don’t lie and act like you haven’t seen this before. You’ve been trolling this every other day since I posted it. Unlike you, I do have access to raw weblogs, and you stick out like a sore thumb. Kinda like with Shelly’s phone… maybe if you’d hire someone who knows what the Hell they’re doing to clean the shit off your computer, I wouldn’t be able to tell.

    Your ridiculous comment is just more of your pre-emptive bullshit, made because you finally have the balls to address all of this. Of course, I’m sure you’ve already mentioned that I’m “making it up” or “stirring shit,” huh?

    The only reason you two are paranoid is because you honestly believe that other people are as conniving as yourselves.

  35. Mark Says:

    More stupidity from Ms. Raydeane 12-Dec-2009 (she sent this twice, at 6:28PM & 6:54PM US/Eastern):

    From: rayedeaneshelly@*
    Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2009 6:28 PM
    Subject: This is urgent

    I am not here to talk shit about anybody. I found some things out which are rather frightening.

    There is a reason Carly Swan doesn’t have feeds to her blog. There is a reason Chrystal gets fucking scared when she is afraid her perceptions are being manipulated.

    She was targeted. So was I. I know why now.

    I’m not crazy. I never was. I need to know that you believe in God.

    Some of the people involved in this do not and are high up ranking politicians.

    Carly is involved in this. What they are doing affects the top down processing in a person’s brain and have killed people in the past.

    I need to talk to someone I can trust .

    No emails. Land line only.

    I need to talk to a computer savvy person who will listen to all sides and not judge.

    Can I call you Tuesday or .wednesday?

    Is that possible?

    Please. I’m begging you. I know what these people are capable of now.

    I’ve seen it. It is fucking frightening.

    I’m not crazy. Please listen to me.

    What these people are doing led to the events of 9/11.

    They need to be stopped.

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    You think I’m stupid enough to give you my number? I mean, especially given your history here, anyway. I don’t want any contact with either of you on this blog, much less by telephone or in person. Seriously, all either of you have done is continue to put me in the middle of your bitter shit, and you’re both clearly useless human beings who serve no purpose but to take out your shit on other people.

    I’ll tell ya one thing I’ve learned. I’ve always to tried to find logic and reason in the things that people do. You two fucktards, in conjunction with some Kentucky asshats and a family member, have proven, unequivocally, that some people will do the exact opposite of whatever is reasonable and logical, things which are nothing but pure evil, and still be able to justify your actions with the most insane reasoning imaginable. People like you do not deserve to breathe, and should, at the very least, be locked away from the rest of us.

    Now you claim that God is on your side and the Government is behind it?

    Diversionary tactics. You’re not sick, not mentally ill, none of you. You’re just plain fucking evil. Personally, I hope you all off yourselves.

  36. southern_chrys Says:

    Mr. Subliminal,

    I thought ‘cake’ was only MY trigger word mark! How DARE you mind control someone other than ME? 😉

    “Must….Lorena…Bobbitt…all…men from eastern kentucky.”

    Lol…seriously, why do you bother continuing to react to the cluster-B personality-disordered psychos? That’s what they want, more attention, negative or positive. You know this game…they fuck with you behind the scenes and if you respond, they flip it back on you and claim YOU were stalking THEM.

    Sexually abused as children, sexually confused, exhibitionistic, overly competitive and vindictive with other women…always the damsels in distres and false victim routine…those are the ties that bind who comment on her blog…all women who have claimed they were stalked by a person THEY were in fact stalking (or someone they considered competition they just wanted to get rid of).

    I believe that’s what all cyberstalkers claim, n’est pas? THEY are the ones being stalked? They are like those groups of girls we all knew in junior high, only worse….like a mob of “Carries” on acid.

    I DO note, however, Uberstalker has a new target who’s trying to goad Crushie. We should thank him, boys and girls…for taking her off all our hands.

    Yeah, good luck with all THAT, bahtwat…hehehe. Oh, just wait….try to block her (or anyone else commenting on her blog) watch what happens to you. But from the looks of you, you might actually be the first to deserve it. Coming on to someone else’s blog you don’t know who has done nothing to you personally and shredding the people there to make yourself look superior?

    Plus, boys and girls, anyone who talks to uber for more than a month without catching onto her can’t be entirely sane….or maybe just comprehend the basic difference between right and wrong. Kinda make’s Crushie’s drug charge looks like jaywalking, doesn’t it?

    Leave them alone and let them kill each other, lol…we have better things to do.

  37. southern_chrys Says:

    P.S….I think it’s hilarious that her logic goes like this and people actually find it plausible…

    “Crushed’s gran doesn’t live in a nursing home, she lives in an assisted-living facility; therefore, he’s lying.”

    Um, point being, Fatal Attraction Whacktard…Crushed never gave you the number to his grandmother’s house nor permission to speak with her or any of the other people in his life? In fact, he rejected you and told you to fuck off and you stalked him and KEPT stalking and threatening him, claiming it was the other way around if he tried to tell anyone, publicly or privately.

    I hope you DO come to America. Your ass will be imprisoned so fast your head will spin for what you did to me and my daughter when I was nowhere around any of you….didn’t even have net access…

    And if you think of contacting ME or anyone else in my life again or showing up at my door, just know though I will call the police again.

    As for you Shelly…stop blaming her for your CHOICES in how to behave.

  38. Mark Says:

    Whoah, I thought she blamed cake, mind control, RSS feeds and the Government. Did I miss something? lol

  39. southern_chrys Says:

    Well, since she’s “involved in IT”…whatever IT is…I guess it’s cake-baking?

  40. Crushed Says:

    Thanks, Chrys.

    And actually, my gran DOES live an old folks home. The clue is the sign outside which says ‘X house, residential care home’.

    Yes, Carly began ‘talking’ to my poor 87 yr old, blind, grandmother who has difficulty distinguishing me and my father these days but is still sharp as a button in some ways. Thisw was during and AFTER she was continuing to harass me AFTER I had told her to take her nasty personality somewhere else.

    And yes, my Dad made a statement to the Police about it.

    As you say, it’s amusing Carly admits to stalking in an effort to- cover up her stalking.

    It was a bit like the scene in sleeping with the enemy where he tracks her gran to the home pretending to be a ‘friend’. And the purpose is to make you feel violated, that she can always get at your life, no matter how hard you try to get rid of her.

    And yes, it does come down to right and wrong, you’re right. Carly has no morality.

    As Mark as said, for a month or so, she acts. Like a chameleon. Becomes what you want her to be. Then of course she forgets you only liked her because of what you THOUGHT she was and is surprised when you’re disgusted by what she ACTUALLY is.

    I have never in my life come across such a disgusting specimen of a human being. She accuses her brother of being a pedophile. I don’t know the truth of that and, coming from Carly, I assume it to be a lie. Hell, she even lies about her own name.

    But anyway. What Carly is is just as bad. If she were a man and got convicted for what she’s done. Not just to me, but to Chrystal here, Ms Smack, Phish, they’d stick her in with the other sex offenders. Fact. If Carly got sent down, the other WOMEN in the gaol would burn cigarettes in her face.

    You’re right, Carly hides facts. Most people she fools, but Higham is a different kettle of fish. He knows the truth, just lies, for complex reasons.

    Carly, yes you are fat. And insane. And evil. And in a humane society you’d be compulsarily euthanased.

    Let me get this straight; Quite obviously when we first started talking I never found you physically attractive. And no, you never made my heart skip a beat.

    But. You ‘fell in love’, if you want to call it that. If perverted emotions such as yours should be put on a par with such a sentiment. And so I was prepared to CONSIDER you. No, we weren’t ‘in a relationship’- we hadn’t met- but I had the chance to evaluate you and see if you could offer me anything.

    No, I was never IN love with you. But one does find women of your age prepared to make that deal. The deal being this. You’re old enough to be my mother. You’re not just plain, you’re physically unattractive. And overweight. And not very bright. You’re not an asset, socially. Even at my age, you would have ranked way beneath my radar. I’m being harsh. But I kind of expected that you were AWARE of this. Most women in your position ARE.

    In other words, what I was prepared to consider was what women have been doing since time began. Now there is nothing wrong with such a deal if both parties know the score. One kind of thinks that when Anna Nichole Smith married that septagenarian Texas oil billionaire, both parties knew the score; his money, her body.

    Yeah, if I can find a frumpy middle aged woman who’ll molly coddle and pamper me, spend money on me, nanny me and yet turn a blind eye to the fact I’m still skirt chasing the sort of women I REALLY like, yeah, I could love such a woman- back.

    But that isn’t you, Carly.

    You’re as ugly inside as you are outside.

    I mean, really. And you proved that.

    It’s the logic behind your row with Phish proved that. Let’s assume what motivated you was your insane belief Phish was ‘trying to steal your man’.

    If you think a woman ‘trying to steal your man’ justifies a public slanging match, you’re sick in the head.

    If you think ‘your man’ should be ‘loyal’ to you when your public behaviour consists of public abuse of others, you have no concept of morals.

    If you think ‘being cheated on’ is worse than ringing someone and bawling abuse at them, you should be put down.

    The worst you have ever thrown at me- as ‘proof’ I’m sick- is that I enjoy the concept of watching my partners have sex with other men.

    No, that isn’t sick. That shows someone capable of something you are not, a purer love than an animal like you can comprehend.

    What is sick is sending e-mail after e-mail to someone who has politely said they don’t want to talk to you and is trying to avoid saying how repulsive they find you.

    What is sick is the mails you sent to Ms Smack and the comments you left on her blog. What is sick is the mails you sent to me and the comments you have left on my blog. What is sick is your temper. What is sick is the way you stalk people. What is sick is your compulsive lieing.

    I think you find it hard to comprehend just how repulsed by you I was during your row with Phish. And you did nothing afterwards to redeem yourself, just more sick shit.

    Let me make that clear; by sick I mean shouting at people, sending them abusive mail (that includes Ms Smack), phoning people you have no permission to phone, phoning people AFTER they have hung up on you, leaving comments on blogs you have been asked not to comment on.

    You wonder why I took Phish’s side against yours. Can you imagine Phish doing that shit? You wonder why I actually DID love Bunny. Can you imagine Bunny doing that shit?

    Can you imagine Chrystal doing that shit?

    Because all these women- yes, and Jenny too, and Ms Smack, all of them women whose shit you ain’t fit to eat.

    You see your victimisation of me proceeds from one thing; once I got to know you, I found you repulsive and disgusting, morally bankrupt, sick in the head, nasty, vindictive, cruel, petty, manipulative, completely lacking in capacity to tell the truth, totally lacking in genuine human empathy, self centred, bullying, vain, stroppy, temperamental and almost certainly a psychopath.

    And of course, then I wanted rid of you. Am I to blame for that? Is it my fault for finding you repulsive when that is what you are? And for trying to be polite about it so your feelings didn’t get hurt by me telling you how loathsome I found the thought of a horror like you being ‘in love’ with me?

    You’re vile. Period. You aren’t a human being, you’re a Homo Erectus throwback, if that. A disgrace to ten thousand years of moral and cultural refinement.

    Learn from Chrystal how to be a human being.

    Look at Chrystal and ask yourself why I love her- yes LOVE her- and despise YOU.

    Shouldn’t be hard, you’ve talked to her. In fact, one thing you don’t like is both her and I KNOW you and have compared notes. And you don’t like that.

    People who KNOW the real you talking.

    People who KNOW why you have no real life friends and live in a trailer in Surrey, shitting in a bucket, isolated, unemployed, sponging off your old Mum.

    You’re a useless, malevolent parasite hanging on the butt hairs of this species.

    Your contribution to this world since your birth has been wholly negative, to all who’ve ever met you.

    You have nothing you can proud of.

    If you had any concern for your fellow human beings, you wouldn’t force us to share a planet with you.

  41. Mark Says:

    I’m not even going to publish her comment, since it’s ridiculous mudslinging bullshit per norm, but …

    Submitted by Ubermouth on 2009/12/07 at 12:22pm US/Eastern

    Gee, who do I address first?

    How about nobody, and just fuck off?

    Mark- If not for the fact that you have lied, then I’d assume you were just naive. I have NEVER come onto you. In fact, I was in a ,long term relationship the whole time I knew you.

    Where have a lied? Where? And yes, you DID come onto me, multiple times, on the phone, AND YOU WERE REJECTED. You bank on the fact that I can’t pull that up and show people to prove it. But further to that, the unsolicited, quoted comment listed in this blog just shows how low you’ll stoop.


    You have dummied up logs, dummied up people to assert they have had contact with me, and someone named Siddel claimed I was mailing your readers last yearrunning you down. As I was suggesting your brother remove his blog , refuting yours, and trying to mediate peace between you, it’ss hardly likely-and I am sure you know that to be the case.

    *rolls eyes* Faced with proof, you simply call the proof into question… typical ploy to obfuscate the truth in an attempt to escape responsibility for your own own actions.

    I just let people like you run up the tally, and post your shit. I don’t know these people, either, save Phillip, who I worked with in DC. Funny thing, he was going off about you when this started. I guess he finally clarified why.

    I think you, Crushed, Chrys and even Shelly should unionize yourselves–the Liars Club.

    Let me tell you something, I may have lost a lot — but my integrity is still intact. Call it into question all you want, but that’s something you’ll find a lot of people will argue to Hell and back about. Being too honest is what I get called on the most.

    And if you’re not nice, I may just giove Shelly your number. LOL

    Maybe you should come clean about how you got it in the first place. Why don’t you? Or are you afraid someone might call you a stalker? You know — that word you throw around so casually about others?

    As for your resorting to threats — that’s exactly why I won’t publish your comment in its entirety. Keep ’em coming. I’ll keep archiving.

  42. southern_chrys Says:

    Mark – the sign above ubermouth/Carly Swan’s head might as well read:

    “Everything I say is rarely true about the person I’m accusing, but ALWAYS” true about me.”

    Whatssa matter, carly, still trying to control what others are saying about you?

    Afraid people will find out the truth about you, so you bully/terrorize them until they shut up?

    Who is stalking whom, then…we are nowhere around YOU…but you are CONSTANTLY on here foaming at the mouth.

    No wonder you and JLee and company are friends.

    Once again, you’ve been told this so many times before here, starting in july…FUCK OFF

  43. Crushed Says:

    Standard Carly tactic, that.

    When I first came across her, she engineered a row with Ms smack and told me not to talk to her because she was ‘manipulative’ and ‘would split us up’. Oh, and that she was 18 stone.

    Sadly, I fell for it.

    None of it true. Ms smack told me later carly works on a ‘divide and rule’ principle. She knows if enough people compare notes on her they’ll discover just how evil she is.

    This Baht At twat, he’s another long term blog trouble maker who goes around repeating Carly’s lives without bothering to verify them.

    I think the clue to Carly is look at the company she keeps. The only people who stick by her are utter shits. Everyone else wises up to her quick. Except stupid old me who took two months to realise just how messed up she is.

    If anyone wants to see her harassment and stalker e-mails from 2007, I’ve still got the lot.

  44. Crushed Says:

    Chrys, sadly, Carly really doesn’t understand ‘Fuck off’.

    She thinks it means ‘Please send me yet another long, rambling, psychotic mail full of typos and capital letters in strange places where you foam on and on about your ‘feelings’ (that’s what she calls those psychotic impulses that seemigly power her through life, able to go days without sleeping, just sitting there at a PC foaming)’

    Now first I thought this was maybe a dictionary problem.

    But clearly its bigger than that. Since in Carly language ‘I don’t want to talk to you’ means ‘Test your vocal chords by screaming at me and when I hang up, make sure you call back so I can hear some more’.

    It’s wierd, it is. ‘I’m not in to sexual fidelity’ becomes ‘I want to found a cult involving compulsory rape of young virgins’. ‘Leave me alone, you stalker’ becomes ‘Please stalk my Gran too. Oh, and threaten my flatmate’.

    And in Carly language ‘Is that before or after your personality changes?’ is an insult so bad you must start a full on blog war over it, even if the woman who said it said it in PRIVATE.

    But ‘Fat c*nt’, that’s NOT an insult. That’s reasonable.

    A mystery.

    But one I’ve solved.

    It’s just that we all THOUGHT we were speaking Carly’s language. But we weren’t. It’s just certain linguistic similarities between English and Wookie.

    Try saying ‘Mwowh mwoh mwoh’ and seeing if that works…


    On a serious note though, Chrystal, as ever made a very good point. No matter what misery Carly causes- and those like her- it can’t be equal to the misery of BEING Carly.

    Being herself is punishment enough, in some ways. Just like BEING Baht At must be a horrible place to be.

    They can’t even trust eachother because their only ‘friends’ are other psychopaths.

    And in real life NONE of them have any friends and will die childless and alone in a puddle of their own bile.

    And I guess there IS something slightly tragic about the fact that Carly’s malicious persecution of me is all down to the fact that the more I knew her the less I liked her. The fact that as a human being, she is actually so incapable of understanding people that her attempts to make the person she WANTED to ‘love her’ love her resulted in that person (me) finding her to be one of that tiny minority of women between 20 and 50 that I wouldn’t even fuck out of politeness.

    Mainly because a creature like that probably has teeth inside their vagina.

    It must be a horrible thing to live with that- knowing that ‘To know Carly, is to despise her’.

  45. James Higham Says:

    [ IP: 92.8.14.* , host-92-8-14-*.as43234.net ]

    While I’m impressed with many of the sentiments expressed here given that they are very reasonable and intended to stifle much of the rampant gossip of late I am unimpressed with others. As I’ve said before Crushed I was defending my reputation and where I did not castigate you with allegations you’ve made many towards myself and others. In fact I considered all matters with you closed more tan a year ago yet you have repeatedly shown your own aggressive nature in attempting to exploit and castigate another. You are exactly the sort of loose cannon that the blogosphere does not need.

    I make these statements neither to lambast you nor support the target of these posts. These are simply statements of fact rather than the opinions offered by several of the commenters here. Granted UM is vicious and very much someone who plays dangerous games. Honestly I have no issue believing anything that I’ve read here but as you must admit Crushed much of people’s perception will be influenced by the presentation.

    Past you however I must applaud Mark for displaying candor in his arguments and attempting to back them up with fact and reason. In fact his statements are not those of a lover jilted, a stark contrast from both you and UM. There is also a more human aspect in what Mark says given both his consistency and lack of dropping to a ridiculously personal level until pressed. Indeed “F___ off” does tend to lose its appeal after it’s been spoken for the billionth time.

    What you also do not realize is what this man has been through because of his insistence in not becoming embroiled. Her admitted advances being thwarted only increases her ire. She has attempted every angle possible to destroy his credibility including contacting someone he obviously loves very much.

    UM’s actions are inexcusable. But Crushed you must also realize that so are your own.

  46. Mark Says:

    I guess that explains why Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail were thirty odd referrers to this very post yesterday. A post which was written months ago. Back on the E-mail campaign are we now?

    If what you say is true, that she made the call, I hope Ubercunt kills herself. And so should you if you’re doing any of your typical English bullshit of burning the candle at both ends while running through the middle like a fucking hero. Yeah, not a far stretch, given what you’ve publicly done to one person in particular, is it? How do you excuse yourself, James?

    Seriously, the fact that you stupid cunts meddle in the lives of others to this degree — people in other fucking countries, to top it all — is beyond belief. Are you trying to rebuild the English Empire with Blogs, or what? That’d be as ridiculous as basing a monetary system on bullshit — like the Pound Sterling. All I’ve done is exposed this shit for what it is. So have others. If you don’t like it … then …

    Hey … You … Fuck off.

    I’ve also removed the link to you blog. You won’t get any free traffic from here, so it’s pointless.

  47. Southern_Chrys Says:

    Mr. Higham,

    You want factual proof?

    Take a look at the name of my blog and my first two posts on it for proof of YOUR dishonesty, sir.

    Well, what else could we expect from a man who will say and do anything to salvage his political reputation but self-righteous indignation and refusal to take responsibility for HIS actions?

    I came to your blog with a question after Carly told me early on that you had asked me to leave your blog. I wanted to hear it straight from you, so I asked you…publically…the day I planned on leaving the net.

    I told you I was doing this publically so that there could be no “he said/she said” and further, told you to delete the question if the public question caused a problem for you.

    You did not answer the question, but you WERE very polite and joked with me in return and things were fine.

    Please explain then, though I’d not been back to your blog, why you publically accused me of attacking you and trolling your comments section when I had not been there, finding this out only after being told so in email? You also accused me of “working on behalf of Crushed” when I hadn’t even met him yet; in fact, it was because of your crazed accusations that we got together to compare notes.

    I returned to ask you what had happened and why you thought it was me…ONCE.

    You deleted the comment and said I had left four more.

    For FACTUAL information to support the above claims, see copies of those comments left on my blog and thus, my blog title.

    You continued to say I was trolling your comments section, though I never returned to your site. I had you in Google Reader, yes, to make copies of your false accusations for legal purposes.

    Though I agree that Crushed’s reactions often raise an eyebrow, let’s see where YOU are in a year when she won’t stop attacking the people in YOUR real life under blog and if you’re not tempted to do whatever it takes, publically or privately, to get out of her choke hold simply for abandoning her.

    Lastly, at least Joe has been honest about his past.

    You, on the other hand, lie completely about who you really are, what you have done, and what you really believe…in fact, you say the complete opposite to gain political support.

    You are nothing more than a Pharisee and a hypocrite, sir….and I’m quite sure the same Jesus you claim to serve would throw you back into the pit of vipers you just climbed out of saying, just like we are…

    “Depart from me…I never knew you”

  48. Southern_Chrys Says:

    By the way, Mr. HighHorse….

    I’m going to attempt leaving an exact copy of the above comment on your blog as well my own blog…

    …just in case you choose to do a repeat performance and say I left more comments that that or something other than what I actually said…or even return to your blog at all.

    I’m going back to your blog once more, now, to see if the comment took.

  49. Crushed Says:

    Higham, cut the crap.

    You KNEW she was stalking me back in september 2007. You lied about it.

    And we all know WHY you lied.

    I was in tears ON A NIGHTLY BASIS because her email harassment wouldn’t stop.

    But did you care?

    No. To you it was all just a game. Like LIFE to you is a game.

    And actually YES YOU DID castigate me with FALSE accusations. YOu KNOW you did.

    You flat on accused of me of using my blog to lure in vulnerable women for purposes of inter racial sex.

    You claimed Carly was my ‘victim’, you did your best to turn a woman I loved- Bunny- against me, only she saw through your slithery nature.

    You LIED about jmb and Ian Grey and countless others.

    You wound up Faht Twat here, is an autistic psychopath of the nastiest kind.

    Do you have ANY conception of the truth.

    Defender of ladies? YOU?

    Does Ms Smack think that? Or Phish? or jmb? Or My ex flatmate? Or my Gran? Or chrys here?

    ALL victims of Carly?

    Does Welshcakes thank you for using her to sponge of so gratuitously?

    No, my actions have NEVER been excusable. I was fighting to defend my BLOG against a DERANGED PSYCHOPATH who I had REJECTED.

    Which bit of that is hard for a bollockless, gutless, spineless lying prick like you to get.


    Because like it or not, fight it all you like, I CARE about my opinions.

    I CARE. About something bigger than me. My WORLD and my species.

    The blogopsphere needs me more than it needs you because at least I’m fighting to make the world a better place.

    Not just trying to impress middle aged women.

    No, the matter would NEVER be closed until you made a public apology and admitted to being a LIAR.

    I see you make NO apology to ME for Carly’s STALKING of MY friends and family.

    Or Carly driving me to a nervous breakdown?

    Or her vindictive TWO YEAR campaign against me?

    Are you going to answer me, prick?

  50. Crushed Says:

    Btw, just for the record I’m going to list the DATES of false accusations made by Higham that have NOT been retracted.

    No false accusations have EVER been made by myself regarding him.

    August 2007- an accusation of url highjacking.

    October 2007- using my blog to lure in vulnerable women.

    December 2007- Same accusation, using Carly as a ‘witness’. Lies published by Higham in Blogpower forum. Lies refuted by me, no apology from Higham.

    May 2008- setting Baht At up with false information to run a hate cvampaign at Carly’s behest.

    August 2008- Series of posts referring to me as ‘Damien’. Series unprovoked in any way shape or form, full of false accusations.

    Repeated false accusations that I persuaded a past lover of mine to kill themselves.

    Repeated false accusations that I practise some form of violent sex.

    Repeated false accusations of sinister criminal intent.

    Repeated attempts to POISON blog readers by lieing.

    Would you like to come up with a SINGLE time I attempted to castigate you?

    Aside from refute your false accusations?

    And demand a retraction and apology?

    And insist you STOP lieing?


    And you don’t like how passionately I care about that and how well I sell it.

    And you can’t fight it honestly.

    So this was the way you did it.

    I got you pegged mate. Always have.

    I can wait for a reply. I’m thirty years younger than you- way more time 🙂

  51. Shelly Rayedeane Says:

    [ IP: 68.171.233.*, 68-171-233-*.rdns.blackberry.net ]

    I’m not lying about the subliminal shit. As far as CPS goes, Carly fucking called them. I had nothing to fucking do with that.

    I’m not lying about the subliminal crap. I can prove it.

    I never called on that kid. I’d never do that. The information can be found via internet by looking up Chrystal’s name.

    There was an obituary for her grandmother or grandfather. I can’t remember, but it listed everyone’s name including her mother’s real name. I didn’t going out looking for that shit. I was looking her name up because of all the posts with my name on them because some demeaning shit was said about [ … ] Chrystal [ LIE OMMITTED – None of anyone’s business ].

    I only looked her name up to try to remove all the libelous crap spread on the internet. No all lies, but twisted and some of the story left out conveniently.

    I’m not lying about the subliminal shit. I’m completely fucking sane. I always have been.

    Do you ever wonder why they did what they did Chrystal? I know why now. I know why you were targeted.

    And their covering up what they do to people by saving emails after triggering people so they can use them against a person later and say they were crazy even when they weren’t or aren’t.

    John is Carlys brother. She lied. She has been trying to get Into America to work illegally on American soil.

    She hates Americans though and even told me she cheered when the twin towers were bombed.

    [ LIE removed because you’ve already said otherwise, and I’m not going to allow you to use this as a forum to perpetuate it. That was extremely personal information, and you just did EXACTLY what you “claim” to have been trying to stop. ]

  52. southern_chrys Says:

    Enough, boys…both of you. Game over. Yes, he’s a liar, crushed but stop. Let justice be done and leave it alone now, please? Let’s all move on. I love you, but it’s over now, okay?

  53. Crushed Says:

    I know hon, I’m just sick of him getting away with it.

    And Mark, don’t think this guy is what English people are. Yeah, people like him exist here, they are one of the nasty types of shit this country produces; perfide albion, all public school, buggered eachother sick at school and wish they could still run the country as a public school boys club.

    But they represent England about as much as the Jerry Springer show reprsents the US.

    I know, Chrys, he ain’t worth it. I’m just sick of other people falling for the idea he IS. I just want people to see him for the spinless, gutless, grovelling, dishonest, old woman of a backstabbing two faced, slitherly, poison tongued bastard that is.

    I’m sick of his pulling the ‘Honest Iago’ act.

    But, yeah, time to move on.

    The job is done.

    And you’re right, it’s not just you I have to thank for that. And I DId say thankyou to God last night, like you said. 🙂

    I love you so much Chrystal Smith 🙂

  54. Shelly Rayedeane Says:

    [ IP: 206.53.153.* / 206-53-153-*.rdns.blackberry.net ]

    I didn’t lie. Chrystal does [ PERSONAL REMOVED ] I just never did that because some things should remain discreet .

    I never hated Chrystal for saying the things she said as much as I hated the way it was done. She published crap all over the internet without giving me the benefit of the doubt first .

    You don’t have to publish this. I know it is personal.

    There is a reason Chrystal’s biggest fears are of her perceptions being manipulated.

    Not her childhood. Something else.

    And I figured out what that something else is. Chrystal was target for the same reasons I was. What she doesn’t get yet is that we are not the only ones.

    Jlee is not the bad person she thinks she is. Trust nothing you see. Your eyes will show you nothing. That makes up only 1%.

    The remainder is what the eyes can not see. The only way one can find out the truth is by realizing the greater truth. There is a reason Carly chases all the other women away from the men she goes after. It isn’t the reason you think it is.

    There is a reason she didn’t want us to email or talk to James. There is a reason she tried to “control” my friendship with Jlee. There is a reason she sits separates people and tries to play cupid with people.

    It isn’t the reasons most people think. She doesn’t tell people she openly believes in Communism . I didn’t lie about what she said about the twin towers.

    I don’t give a shit who believes what I am saying. God knows I am telling the truth as best as I can.

    Just keep Carly Swan the fuck off of American soil if she can’t stand Americans. True friendship isn’t based on using another person to gain a passage into another country.

    [ More personal shit removed. Last warning. ]

  55. Mark Says:

    Umm, ya know, you’ve already shown a clear disconnection from reality, given the threats you’ve made on this blog. You’ve already proven that discretion isn’t your strong suit, even by this very comment. You’ve also clearly indicated that you can’t keep a story straight to save your own ass, including that of the lie you continue attempting to spread where you ignore the fact that you blogged and commented about the incident as a clandestine act of “friendship” after being helped through your own difficult time.

    And you still haven’t apologized for targeting me out of the blue for no reason, because I came into the middle of this bullshit how?

    Oh, and maybe you’d like to tell me what this is about?

    shelly rayedeane Says:
    July 21st, 2009 at 3:45am

    By the way does your wife know you send pictures of your naked beerbelly chest to other women as an extra corricular activity? Or is that just something you do to play games with vulnerable women?

    But I’m guessing by the Higham’s post, you meant The Wildcat, and are completely full of shit as usual?

    James Higham Says:
    December 9th, 2009 at 10:04pm

    What you also do not realize is what this man has been through because of his insistence in not becoming embroiled. Her admitted advances being thwarted only increases her ire. She has attempted every angle possible to destroy his credibility including contacting someone he obviously loves very much.

    You fucktards are stupid enough to think you can use her as a way to get to me. You see, you can’t be afraid of losing someone who was already gone. You fucked yourselves.

    So like I said — what’s the point of keeping this shit up? None of you have controlled a damn thing in my life, aside from ruining my already low opinion of you.

    As for Ubercunt’s usual antics, if this is honestly your fear and concern, call the FBI and quit bitching about it on someone else’s blog. Maybe when you call them, you can explain cake, RSS feeds, cake, mind control, cake, referral links and cake while you’re at it. I’m certain they’ll do everything they can to help you.

    On second thought, it’s rather expensive to house deranged people like yourself, anyway, and I’d rather you didn’t take advantage of the taxes I’ve paid. I’m sure you can find your own, easy way out of taking advantage of the system, so please do that. Just be sure not to make a mess, because I swear, there’s nothing worse to try and clean up than a messy suicide.

    Well, except maybe if a skunk menstruated all over a sofa or something…

  56. Shelly Rayedeane Says:

    [ IP:, ala Kinko’s ]

    I already contacted the FBI asshole.

    I filed a new complaint tonight because she is trying to gain access to American soil so she can disappear in America.

    She told me so herself. That is why I cut all ties with her. I didn’t file any fucking false police reports against Chrystal. In fact, I didn’t call anyone. That was Chrystal’s false assumption. I didn’t do it.

    Carly did.

    She is trying to gain access to America and work here illegally because she doesn’t know if she can get back into Canada. Her objectives are all political. Her agendas are all political.

    I’m not lying. I did file a complaint against her at the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

    Complaint Id: I0912152126004231

    I don’t care if you believe me or not. What I’m telling you is I know why Chrystal got hacked and it’s pretty fucking scary shit.

    What you don’t know is that I was driving a gasoline tanker when my computer and cell phone got hacked.

    I was targeted. I never lied.

    Targeted by a lying manipulative bitch who told me (on a recorded telephone line in the UK) that she was happy the fucking twin towers got bombed.

    She was happy. And now, after calling all over the place on Chrystal, she is going to try and get a passport to come to America.

    Most of the people involved in this reside in Alabama. Everyone surrounding Jlee. They did hack Chrystal. They hacked me too.

    There are some people with religious agendas who are involved in this. Others are for political reasons. The rest want to make the right connections to make money off of it.

    The innocent people are the ones who work all day and don’t have time to sit on a computer all day.

    Like me. I work about 70 hours a week. Carly doesn’t work any because she has been living off of an inheritance for the last 10 years of her life.

    Our computers got hacked and we were silenced for a reason.

    Carly has been a member of “Heff’s bar and grill” for as long as Jlee has. His blog is private now. Everyone else who does this constantly opens up and shuts blogs down.

    It has always been manipulative bullshit to try and gain access to America. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    I’m done here. You can believe me or not. I could care less anymore.

    I targeted you out of the blue because I don’t know who to trust anymore after all of this bullshit.

    I know how it is done now. I can’t say it in public.

    I finally figured it out. I never lied about the subliminal shit. Do you ever wonder why Carly tries to play cupid with certain people and to set this person up with the other one?

    She did that to me too. What if I told you I know why?

    There is a reason she seperates certain people and manipulates others into befriending certain people. There is a reason behind all of it.

  57. Mark Says:

    Funny. You come here threatening me, casting bullshit aspersions about me, straight up lying to make it appear that I’m doing something wrong, run back to Carly with it, continue to attack me, and if I defend myself, *I’m* an asshole? Get your head out of your ass, nutjob!

    Can’t answer a question, either, can ya? Just ignore and redirect…

    Funny as shit … you made an FBI complaint over the Internet. Wow, that’s completely helpful. You honestly think someone actually reads that stuff?

    BTW, nutjob … I thought it was supposed to be Chrystal and I “stalking” you and “trolling comments” on YOUR blog … Why the Hell do you keep coming back?

    Cake, bitch. Cake.

  58. ubermouth Says:

    [ IP: ]

    FYI We have American OnLine over here, Mark, which runs through it’s UK subsidary car Phone Warehouse. Intersting though since you have predated that comment with me using proxies to hide my ip address/number to hide my location,calling into question if I live in USA,yet later refer to me as ‘nutjob outside of london’.

    Also, when one uses calling cards from here which are cheaper[and UK rates abroad using BT are NOT cheap at all] they, I think, show up as calling from whatever country hosts the airtime deals.

    I call my REAL brother regularly using phone cards and one night it may say the call originates from Bermuda, the next night USA- well I am not calling from my perpettually in motion lear jet that’s for sure.

    This was explained to you Mark during one of our calls.

  59. Mark Says:

    Yeah, and? The fact that you use proxies to hide your location is invalidated WHERE? Because the one listed *was*, *at the time*, *and was how long ago* in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA?

    UK Rates to the US are fucking dirt cheap after GMT+6 (6PM your time, 11PM US/Eastern) so quit dicking around. Especially when using the company I used to work for, dumbass. You might know it — as your local phone company. Yeah, the one you don’t use, WHY? British Telecom? Why abbreviate?

    Per your MULTIPLE other comments, full of personal attacks against people other than me, I don’t give a damn what your problem with them is. *YOU* made this personal between you an I. And I have not lied. Not one fucking bit.

    As for your relationshp/marital status, if you were in a relationship with someone at the time, it was unknown to me. If you were, it doesn’t speak very highly *of you* to be “cheating” on said object of your desire. Not that that actually MATTERS, considering that I sure as HELL was never doing anything geared towards Sex, Love, Relationships, Webcamming or anything of the fucking sort with ANYONE, not only you, that could have been considered Cheating, Flirting or, any other sense of the matter Romantic.

    And you have read this DAILY for a chance to start running your “Ubermouth” again. Guess you just finally found an “in” after CHRYS commented again — because *YOU* have a vendetta against her, which you’ve made VERY clear, and blamed her for. You’ve tried to put *me* in the middle of that repeatedly, and it had nothing to *do* with me. And *that* is why you were ignored and blocked, yet, you keep trying to find fault in *me* for refusing to deal with *YOUR BULLSHIT.*

    It’s pretty obvious, considering you don’t attack Shelly too much, that it’s a Vendetta…

    As for your assertions that I fake log evidence — good luck. I have unaltered logs, with time-date stamps going back to 2004, *and* those are already in the hand of the United States Federal Government. It was a requirement as a business hosting provider, due to some of the sites we serve.

    So yes, sweetheart, I can prove that you kept attempting to hack this blog. From your IP address and browser signature — “they” can’t fake both.

    But, dear Ubertart, I guess that’s why you never threatened to sue me, like you did your other detractors. You know I can prove everything. Right down to your phone calls… You can thank my Brother for that — because it’s not illegal to record them here. 😉

  60. Southern_Chrys Says:

    Thanks, Mark, for reading to me over the phone Ubermouth/Carly’s multitude of delusions that she spammed your comments section with for last few days (only one of which is now publically visible).

    Oh, I would loooovvvvee the opportunity to respond:)

    Lol, I think it’s hilarious that they’ve all turned on each other, blaming each other for their previous actions as if they all have suffered some sort of Stockholm Syndrome like a bunch of little Patty Hearsts.

    Um, I’m pretty sure people with stockholm syndrome/brainwashing were denied food, water, and sleep, so what are your excuses again?

    Being forced to read blogs against your will? lol

    Inability to think for yourselves or form an opinion without the written consent and approval of others?

    Mark, Why even TRY to present logic or rationality to them, they are incapable, nor are they capable of listening to any other perspective of a situation but the one they voices in their head tell them.

    This version, of course, never holds them accountable for their actions and often leaves out huge gaps in the story that contain vital information like:

    1.) Yes, Carly, you tried to set Mark and I up, but shortly thereafter began paranoically accusing me of talking behind your back and bashing you out of nowhere when neither of us had said a word about you. You demanded Mark turn over emails to you and tried blackmailing him and guilt-tripping him if he didn’t, which you don’t seem to get is the very reason he began to think you were a whack job – your own behavior, not anything anyone else had said.

    2.) Crushed has never claimed any other woman has stalked him online, including Bunny, who he claims he was in love with in the comments above. So I highly doubt he’s going to claim I stalked him…that dubious honor belongs only to YOU, freak of nature.

    3.) Funny, like Shelly, you have accused all of US of stalking YOU and we are nowhere around you and haven’t been since the spring…but here you are foaming at the mouth again…how many comments left now Mark after she was told to fuck off and leave and no contact, phone or blog?

    4. ) You have admitted in Crushed’s comments section that the emails he posted in July were yours, but they were cherry picked. So do you realize that you admitted in those it was HIM that dumped YOU, dear?

    5.) Carly, you chided Crushed and myself for having an online relationship and claiming that people that have such online/phone relationships are mentally ill – so what does this mean your very public engagement to James High-Horse, a man you knew solely online and by phone? Darling, you don’t have any other kind of relationships because you admittedly have no real-life friends…barring Dave the guy you hired/fucked to run IT for your site…whom you admitted to me you didn’t love because you loved the High-Horse.

    6) Yes, Carly, you posted my daughter’s full legal name (which you had to stalk me in real life to get because nobody from the net has it), but you didn’t take it down because you were “trying to show me how it felt to have your real name published and didn’t think about how my daughter felt.”

    You took it down because the hosting site gave you 24 hours to take it down or they’d pull the plug on your site…which they did and is why you have the “ubermouthreturns” site now.

    You also called CPS on me and claimed I’d burned my daughter with cigarettes and sexually abused her in the form of posting pornographic pictures on the internet of her to get money from me…which we can PROVE was you, Carly, you have no idea.

    So what were you trying to “show me” by doing THAT Carly?

    That you are a lying, conscienceless, vindictive cunt when somebody blocks or abandons you?

    I already knew that, but thanks for the admission you posted my daughter’s name for that very reason, the comment now saved in his comments section.

    Once again, I have enjoyed kicking your wolf-crying, drama queen ass using factual information, logic, and possession of a better memory…but please continuing your irrational mouth-foaming, it greatly entertains the masses:)

  61. Mark Says:

    A beautiful presentation, stewed, yet spontaneous, and for what I know, very much dead on. *AND* Factual. *AND* — Complete. 😉

    Seriously, I think you hit every nail. Good job. 🙂

    Funny how Ubertart can *even* say she doesn’t know the Wildcat’s name, or where she lives, even after commenting and attacking her on here, innit?

    She fucked herself. She couldn’t play nice, and threw a tantrum. And et, still blames everyone else. You really, really have to wonder about people like that.

    At least I can take a tremendous amount of shit before I lose it and go off. She has no such restraint.

  62. Crushed Says:

    Chrystal, you have a truly rare brilliance 🙂

    When it comes to honesty, principle, intelligence- and shooting straight- you are in a league of your own.

    You rock my world, baby 🙂

  63. Mark Says:

    I wanna clarify one last thing. The very title of this blog is “Goading for Validation.” I want to explain why, because it’s very pertinent.

    It’s something that Ubermouth does plenty of, rearranging facts, putting the cart before the horse in a string of events, leaving intentionally vague accusations, using semi-related bits of information in an attempt to show logic and redirecting questions which have nothing to do with any given chain of events in an attempt to goad others into going off on her. By doing that, she can sit back and go, “Look how they’re treating me!” to rally a small following of “protectors.”

    It’s disingenuous horseshit. Pure manipulation and lying. Yet, if anyone notices, she redirects yet again, using phrases like, “Your perception is being manipulated,” or “That’s classic mind control.” It takes a pretty fucking stupid, weak individual to fall for that kind of thing. This is most probably why she preys on Victims, or people whose are already in chaos, as they’re more likely to not notice what’s going on. And, of course, if she’s ever caught in those lies, she simply says, “No, you’re mistaken, because…” and uses some other event as a cover for “why” you don’t remember correctly.

    Fortunately, in my case, even with my memory being pretty much spot on (“Oh, but you can’t believe him, because he’s an alcoholic,” she’s said), everything’s in print, logged or recorded for easy reference.

    And right there, again, she admits to being in contact with my very own brother. Yet, she knows nothing about me, or the Wildcat, who she’s attacked on this very blog, yet doesn’t even know her name. So much for the “miracle” of omniscience, huh?

    Sometimes, the first few comments on any given blog are more pertinent than all the backtracking done by someone else. In case you lost the plot there, scroll back up and read the first few. Now, you might say I’m being gullible in believing some anonymous commenter, but there’s a problem with that line of thought — I know Phillip quite well, and have looked him in the eyes and seen the evidence he presented. Unfortunately for Dear Ubes, it does pass every test of validity.

    You cannot make the woman face the facts that not only have I never met her, I haven’t screwed her over in any way, have had no relation whatsoever with her outside of her “miraculously” coming up with my private telephone numbers/email addresses/home address, her contacting me on them, her repated attempts to get me to screw with other people on their blogs, and I have attempted to have no contact whatsoever with her for over a year.

    No, because even the sheer exposure of those facts only brings on more of her ire and bullshit.

    What we have is a an extremely insecure, unstable and dangerous individual who stops at nothing to run others into the ground. And if she’s unable to make a good case for doing that, she “Goads” for more fodder to help prove that she’s being stalked — in an attempt to “Validate” her actions.

    You refuse to play her games, she ups the ante.

    Goading for Validation … her M.O. Plain and simple.

    Me, I’d already been subjected to a year of her constant, nagging bullshit before posting a damn thing. No amount of ignoring or blocking would stop her, either — it just made her try harder.

    And I say this just in case you’re too fucking stupid to understand, like one of those other raving lunatics on here…

  64. Wildcat Says:

    Told ya from the start! She’s a BITCH! lol…Was I right?

  65. Mark Says:

    Yeah, but when you asked if it would embarrass me if you went off on her, that’s exactly why I said go for it. I didn’t know her. Still don’t.

  66. Southern_Chrys Says:

    Oh sweet Jesus with a biscuit, Mark, um…do you mind?

    As you know, Shelly will NOT stop leaving comments/texting my phone, calling, etc., despite being asked to stop…and it’s about the money issue again..or at least that’s what she tells people.

    Exact copy on my blog and Crushed’s….which is where she is trying to drive a wedge between us again (like she did you and me) out of her own psycholesbo jealousy.

    Facts which will hold up in a court of law, with witnesses, thank you…

    Though I am going against my therapist’s advice responding to your temper tantrums, clearly done most just to keep in contact with me, here you go….and then shut the fuck up.

    As you know, I stated publically on my previous blog that that despite your public temper tantrum thrown at Mark out of jealousy of him on July 18th over my rejection of you (after you admitted you’d been lying about romantic feelings for me) and other lies that I stalked you, I planned on paying you back on August 13th anyway, Shelley, right after Bubby’s birthday…wonder what happened?

    Could it be you made threats of physical harm in the comments section of Mark’s blog, which you said was NOT about the money (by your own admission), which have been traced by himself and his friends at Google to the Flying J truckstops you admittedly frequent during your truckdriving job in California and Nevada (all of which he has saved in PDF format and given to the police when filing the police report)?

    In fact you said, “stop mentioning paying back the money, it was a gift, it’s not about that!”

    In fact, you stated that publically in your first public post regarding the situation with me that it was a gift, which Mark saved in PDF BEFORE you changed it.

    Oh, but I thought the money was a gift, YOUR payback to me that you insisted I take to fix my car for “bringing hope back into your life?”

    Oh, but I thought the only thing you wanted from me in return was “fight back in my life” more?”

    That’s what the email I showed Dr. Kelley said, which is the only reason she went along with me taking the 300, everyone else I knew was strapped during that time too.

    Despite every person I know, including Dr. Kelley, telling me I’d paid enough for my brief friendship with you I regret ever having since day one at trying to help you learn to trust people again…I WILL PAY YOU BACK BY MARCH 15.

    Here’s the dealbreaker…you publically post about me, text me, or call me, or ever contact me or my daughter mention us in any way or otherwise “research” us and contact us indirectly through anyone in my real life and the deal is off, you got that?

    The fact is, I didn’t want to take it, you insisted and I was in a bind, and you also wrote an email which 7 people have now seen, insisting you weren’t in love with me, I wasn’t your type, and you’d never hold the money over my head..it was YOUR payback.

    You thought it’d buy your way into my pants, psycho…and when it didn’t work and you thought Mark and I were hooking up, you attacked him and went apeshit publically and started crying false victim publically when we fought back.

    THAT’S what happened, it would hold up in a court of law with witnesses…so you, your misfiring synapses, and your chocolate cake can go fuck yourself and go back to stalking Lisa Marie Presley and Lilliana Lovell again!

    Nice try at trying to drive a wedge between Crushed and myself, but unfortunately, what we have is too strong.

    I felt sorry for you because of what the Fight Club did to you and tried to help because you were alone in it now…but now I realize you are just as sick and vindictive as Carly.

  67. john Says:

    Wow..Thought Ubermouth was silenced for good, soon… that I will bet on.
    the stupid mare sent me a threatening e-mail, said she called the R.C.M.P.(another stupid lie made by her.) on me, Calling me a stalker…Thats what sick ppl like her do, lie ,lie and lie some more. Havent talked to her or written her in 4 yrs.
    4 yrs. ago I called the police on her to have them help stop her from calling me….She is again making false statements….thats what see does ppl.. Can’t wait till she tries to enter Canada…or the states..England dont want her. No one does. The only relationships she has is through the internet…Beware guy’s ..ever see that aerosmith vidoe? She is realy fat, I do have a photo’s of her…more recent then the one she posts….Maybe I’ll waste some of my time and have them digitized and post them on facebook for all you poor saps. Would make you puke Crush fir sure.