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I Don’t Always Give a Damn…

March 10th, 2014 at 7:30 pm by Mark
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Hey, hear that song? I think Carly Simon’s ironically pointing her finger at someone

I Don't Always Give A Damn... But when I, it's not about you.

Monday: Dealing with Idiots

March 10th, 2014 at 5:15 pm by Mark
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“Seriously, if I wanted any shit from you, I’d squeeze your head.”

Your results came back... it's not a tumor.

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Mark Twain on Stupid People

March 10th, 2014 at 1:28 pm by Jason
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It’s so much easier to just hang up the phone.

Mark Twain: "Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

Goading for Validation

October 2nd, 2009 at 2:23 pm by Mark
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Ya know, this whole Ubermouth bit is pissing me off.  And the odd thing was, nobody poisoned the well.  Nobody talked smack about her.  Nobody went off all half-cocked.  And I was clearly in the right when even I told her to leave me alone, which, she clearly won’t.  Regardless of the number of times she’s banned or blocked, she continues to return and attempt to make contact.
I’m pretty damn sure that’s what “stalking” is.  A “Stalker” crying “stalker” makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.  And it’s also clear that Ubermouth will stop at nothing to force someone who doesn’t want to speak out in the open … so that she can revel in her list of dupes and “friends” ripping on someone else for a change.
To what end?

The fact is — I don’t even know this fucking woman, and for what she’s done — to me, even — so far, I sure as Hell don’t ever want to!

It amazes me how many people can jump on a bandwagon, believing such outlandish nonsense that she’s being stalked and victimized by one of the writers of this blog.  One of the reasons I asked said writer to write here, aside from the fact that she’s a pretty damn good writer, was so that I could observe the behavior in-depth.  And boy, did I, ever!

The thing is, Ubermouth and I were never friends.  She claims we were, and that is something I do not get.  What she did a year ago, and it’s just like what she does with other people, was find that I was going through some stuff, lent an ear (which I all but refused) and then asked me to “do” something for her.  In my case, much like others, she asked if I’d help her screw with Crushed, a guy I don’t even know, but who she’d made a solid two years of blog-effort at attacking in most vile and vicious ways.
Of course, I told her, “Hell no!”  And I ceased contact with her.

Then, of course, she comes back talking about what someone said about me, coming off like she’s giving helpful information, and again, I told her I didn’t care, leave me out of it, and leave me alone.

Then, I suppose as a last ditch effort, she started hitting on me online.  I said, “Hell, no!” and to cease and desist (she won’t deny it, either, but said that it was “uncharitable” in her comments here).  But, that’s exactly what happened.

For months, and with no recourse, she continued to post drivel and bullshit, knowing she’s not wanted in any way, shape or form.  However, apparently, for whatever reason, she just kept stoking and harrassing until finally, she posted this crap on a post where I’d ripped some threatening weenie (an unstable redneck who’d taken the time and money to drive 200 miles to “teach me a lesson”) a new ass over the woman I still very much love:

From: ubermouth
Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009

New comment on your post #2127 “I Said Please…”
Author : ubermouth (IP: ,
Whois  :
Oh, please let ME be ‘the hottie!’

It’s a common thing she does.  She goads you to keep talking to her.  Any attention, for her, is good attention, apparently.  But it is a bit more sinister, you see.
Because if you look at the IP address, you’ll notice that it’s an America Online IP address on a comment she readily admits to making.  How on Earth could it be from AOL since she supposedly lives in the United Kingdom?

Well, two things are true.  First, she lies horribly about where she lives.  Second, she makes use of Open Proxies, like the one above, to make it “appear” that she’s coming from different IP addresses.  In the above case, an infected AOL customer running an open proxy used AOL’s outgoing proxy to show her as coming from AOL.
It sounds complicated, but any idiot can do it.  But she can play dumb, much the same way she uses calling cards to call people, claiming it’s cheaper, when anyone knows that direct dialing the US from the UK is dirt cheap for unlimited time… British Telecom’s international rates are dirt cheap, thus the only reason to make those calls is to mask the truth and make her more difficult to find.

It’s sad and telling how her and one (or more) of her cohorts continue to try and circumvent the security of this blog with their malicious comments using Open Proxies  and other tactics.  I mean, it’s the same tactics that are employed to “impersonate” another commenter…
Unfortunately, the commenter in question does not even have internet and lives in a place which is devoid of the usual technological niceties.

I’ll not even get to the pre-emptive strikes she makes.  Or her failed attempts at matchmaking in an effort to endear people to her in gratitude.  Multiple ploys, multiple failures, whereby the tiniest of minutiae is used against you to poison the well in case you start bitching about the woman’s behavior, which is clearly out of hand.

In fact, the only person to blame for my disdain of Ubermouth — is Ubermouth herself.
All of these things she did aside, and all of the times she’s been asked to leave me the Hell alone, she continues to telephone leaving frantically psychotic messages and continues to attempt to comment here.  As a matter of fact, after her scathing comment yesterday, she comes in right behind it attempting — no less than 180 times, mind you —  to hack the backend of this blog with failed password attempts.  And then on top of that, attempts to exploit my hosting company’s accounting system using the same manual password attacks — to the tune of hundreds of failed logins which is why I now use Swizznet for extra hosting security. (read more here)

Further, anyone who thinks making a false report to Child and Family Services to have someone’s child taken away is in any way acceptable or  amusing … should be institutionalized!
I have the Official list of allegations — and they are not pretty — and the subsequent details of the investigation.  This was clearly the work of a demented mind.  And the amusing part is, even though Ubermouth claims not to have done it, how on Earth could she have known when the complainant called if she didn’t do it, or have it done by some other “victim” she’s befriended?  Because everyone around her is a victim, aren’t they?

And to that “friend,” who she’s asked to do this…  Watch what happens when you don’t do what she asks of you.  Watch how far she’ll go to destroy your credibility.
You need to ask yourself one question after what you’ve done: How much character do you have left to assassinate?

Some things are just plain wrong.  Other things are inexcusable.

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