March 12th, 1998 at 4:35 pm by Mark
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     Thank God these kids haven’t gotten off yet.

     Maybe you’ve seen some blurb about it on the news wherever you are. Four “adults” and two “teenagers” killing three people and leaving another with a bullet in his head.

     You wouldn’t think much of it, of course. This sort of thing happens ever day in America. I guess that’s why if you go to AltaVista, you come up with only a few occurrences of one of the victim’s names.
     Joseph L. Risner, 20. Edward D. Mullins, 19. Natasha W. Cornett, 18. Crysta R. Sturgill, 18. Karen R. Howell, 17. Jason B. Bryant, 14. All from Kentucky.

     On Sunday, April 6th, 1997, they attempted to kill four people. No big deal, I’m sure. Happens every day. Six kids go out, and kill three people, and leave one barely alive with a bullet in his head.

     Just kids.
     Your normal, average teenagers. Another “tragic tale of youth gone wild in America.” Nothing to worry about whatever.
     The two under the age of 18 are being tried as adults. Three counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted first degree murder. But it’s no big deal. At least it wasn’t four counts of first degree murder, right?

     You know, just kids.
     All six of them. Out joyriding in their victims’ car after they left them dead and dying in a ditch in Baileyton, Tennessee, just a mile off of interstate 81.
     The worst thing the two “youngsters” will ever face is life without parole. Being juveniles, they’re too young to face capital punishment for a childish mistake, aren’t they?

     Because they’re just kids.
     Arrested April 8th in Douglas, Arizona by U.S. Customs agents as they tried to make their way to into Mexico. There was some squabble about extradition for a few days, and finally everyone was back in Greene Co., Tennessee to be arraigned for trial.

     Just some kids…
     That’s all. No more, no less. Just some remorseless, evil little shits who grinned and smiled for the camera, acting like nothing at all had happened. They were cold and calm. Completely uncaring.
     They’re from broken homes. They were brought up badly. Their father/mother/aunt/uncle was an alcoholic. They were sexually molested as children. The Devil made them do it. It wasn’t their fault. Oh, no.
     And as faithful followers of Brother Bill Clinton and the ACLU, it’s our moral, American responsibility to feel sorry for them and abolish the Death Penalty, isn’t it?

     Because they’re just average kids!
     They made a bad judgement call. They need to be felt sorry for, and rehabilitated, and made into productive members of society again.

     Hmmm… how about a dose of REALITY?

     A whole family.
     Vidar Lillelid, 34. Delfina Lillelid, 28. Tabitha Lillilid, 6. Peter Lillelid, 3. They were driving from home from a religious function when they ran into the aforementioned “model citizens” who are on trial for this brutal crime.

     Tabitha and her brother Peter were still alive when officers found them at 8:45PM. She died the next afternoon at 12:05PM. Her three-year-old brother, with a bullet in his head, held onto life. He will never, ever recover fully from that injury. After being discharged from the hospital, he was awarded custody to his father’s family in Sweden.

     I’ve never been much for Capital Punishment, either, but how the Hell can anyone feel sorry for these six kids who killed a family, and just for the Hell of it?!
     Their lawyers have pulled every trick in the book to get everyone to feel sorry for them. And the final straw was today… the day they claimed the youngest one is the one who actually shot and tried to kill the entire family.
     I only hope the jury is competent enough to realise that even if he is the one who did do it, the other five didn’t care much, or else they would’ve done something other than make off with thier victims’ vehicle.

     Fucking murderers.

UPDATE! 13-Mar-98 – 19:00 (EST)

     Risner, Mullins, Cornett, Sturgill, Howell, and Bryant have received two sentences. Life Imprisonment Without Parole, and 25-Years for the attempted murder of the three-year-old, Peter. To be served consecutively.
     This situation … It’s a travesty. Those six nooses from the picture above well-illustrated the general feeling of most of the people around here. They were put up last May, if I remember correctly, by a convenience store owner. He was ordered to take them down because of their proximity to an elementary school.
     I can’t help but think that if they had been allowed to stay up, and the parents and teachers had to explain to these children what these screwed up teenagers did, and exactly why people felt that they should die for their crimes, then there might be one-hundred eighty some odd children in East Tennessee who wouldn’t grow up to be complete and utter pricks with no regard for human life.

     If life wasn’t good enough for a mother and father, a six-year-old and a three-year-old, then why should it be any good for the ones who killed three of them and left the other clinging to life with an injury from which he will never recover?

     Now the American people get to pay for the rooms, meals and security measures that house these six murderers for the rest of their lives.

     Is it just me, or does it seem a terrible waste of money?

     “Oh, but there’s been too much killing,” said one person close to the Lillelid family.
     “That’s just desperation talking,” said another.

Photos copyright © 1997 & 1998 Knoxville New-Sentinel, a Scripps-Howard company. reprinted with permission.


55 Responses to “Murderers”

  1. Mark Steel Says:

         As far as not forgetting them … don’t worry … They know. 🙂

  2. DLA Says:

    I never studied psychology but “I do not like this woman at all*. And she will be coming to your town for this story.

    If you hear anything about this story please let me know. I’d like to find her advisory and as far as religion is concerned I well was never your typical Jehovah’s Witness — can you tell?

    I left the religion years ago but never left God. I have all the basics covered and am very comfortable in my skin. Thanks, and keep in touch

  3. Mark Steel Says:

         Amazes me that it’s been eight years, and I’m still getting feedback. Thanks for sharing.

         I grew up in Powell, quite close to the Lillelids. A lot of people knew them.

         Met a few of the punks at different times — They usually sat in deserted doorways outside of clubs as “runaways” begging for change, drugs and beer. The girls would sit around burning themselves with cigarettes or making fine scars in their skin with razorblades. Idiots.

         There were a couple of other losers in that clique who stick out in my mind.  One of them was about 5’10, 120 pounds soaking wet, walked with a stoop, black — unwashed and thin — hair and a skinny little beard-in-training, glasses, wore a trenchcoat and combat boots all the time. The second one was a couple of years older (maybe 18 or 19), wide-faced, 5’7-ish, around 160 pounds, with Vanilla Ice hair (too short to be a mullet, but longer still than the multicolored black & white flat top he wore). He ended up becoming a Confederate Hammerskinhead. The first one, far as I know, still lives around and is probably meth’d out of his mind as I write this.

         Still funny to me, after all this time, people say, “It’s because they’re bored!  They got nothin’ to do where they’re from!”
         Seems they have plenty.  And most of it’s bad.

  4. DLA Says:

    I am a personal friend of the Lillelid family and I just saw your site. Last night on Court TV They aired the killing of this family and of course I started to cry.

    I did not go to the trial so seeing what these savages did to my friends killed me. I wish I could put into words what a wonderful family this was. Delfina was a quiet girl loved God, her children, and especially Vidar.

    We met Vidar first. Hard worker he was, always wanting more and more for his family. That’s why they moved to Tennessee. They wanted a better life for their children.

    Vidar met Delfina at the Kingdom Hall and you could just see how in love they both were. My husband and I went to their engagement party at the park. I have pictures of it which I will always treasure. I can still see Tabitha playing on the steps in the Miami Beach Kingdom Hall while Delfina stood in the back with baby Peter so as not to disturb the services. I miss them all so badly.

    When I was reading your site I must say I agree with you wholeheartedly and will do anything in my power to see that these six savages stay behind bars, which I also agree is too good for them.

    If you keep up on this case I would appreciate any info you can share. I never want any of them to see life as we know it again. So if you take petitions or are informed of any hearing I would appreciate if we can stay in touch.

    I did hear about the custody battle between Definas family and Vidars and know that Vidar’s family got him and Peter went to Sweden, but for some reason I thought Norway? But I no longer see anyone that knows how to reach Vidar’s family. I want Peter to know what a wonderful mother and father he had and how beautiful his mother and sister were. I appreciate the chance to vent all this.

    I can see how this affected you as well. I am sending you my home address and e-mail, and thank you for the sincerity shown on your site.

  5. Mark Steel Says:

         Unfortunately, I know of nothing further than what’s in the news and what’s on the site. However — their appeals are all out, they each have two consecutive life sentences, with another 25 years on top, and no chance for parole. I am, however, annoyed that I have to pay to house and feed them.
         I knew that Vidar was a native of Norway, but his sister, Randi Lillelid-Heier, lives/d in Stockholm, Sweden.

         Here are the last two news items I’ve seen…


         There was a family trust set up for Peter some time ago, but I’m not sure if it’s still active.


         In ’97, when all of this happened … Amnesty International went behind the scenes with the killers, to present them in a pitiful way, appealing for public sympathy, etc.
         At some point, I broke down … I lost all will to be sensible, practical and civil about the situation. That page was the result. Fortunately, I had the good sense to tone it down a *lot* in subsequent revisions… the original was far too graphic.

         People spend countless hours and resources trying to rationalize murder, to understand what goes on in the minds of Murderers. To me, that’s an easy thing to do — the simple fact of the matter is, they do it because they CHOOSE and WANT to, and there’s no mystical formula for figuring out whether or not someone will kill.
         Getting inside the minds of their victims is entirely more taxing, and certainly more socially worthwhile. Perhaps if the sciences were geared in that direction, they could teach us how to be unafraid, react quickly and calmly and do what we need to do to stay alive.
    As it stands, no matter what science and psychology figure out about Murderers, there will always *be* Murder. It’s an unfortunate function of free will — some people have no boundaries.

         Apologies for being long winded … I haven’t thought about much else since I got your message this afternoon, and my wife and I have talked about it all at length. We both hope Peter’s doing well, and know that the Swedes have some marvellous surgeons. I’m sure he’s better off there — he’ll never be ostracised for his injuries.

         And maybe some day, he’ll be able to come back, face them, and spit on them … or be a bigger man than me, and forgive.

  6. DLA Says:

    Like I mentioned to you before, actually seeing the crime scene photo’s of my dear friends just killed me. And since then, I found out one or two things of interest. I did find Peter’s trust fund! I also found out he is on a walker and making much progress. He also has a glass eye. And you were right, he is in Sweden. I heard from someone a year or so ago that Vidars sister does not allow Peter to watch anything violent on TV, including the news, therefore he is not aware of all that transpired after he left the US.

    I came across another site of interest. It is some psychologist that did a documentary on the six that killed my friends. It was about teen murder — Why, how you can prevent teens from murdering, the signs, etc. Well, of course, nothing was mentioned on how lovely these people were nothing about the children just the savages.

    I wrote this doctor and she wrote back telling me they are going to be doing a City Confidential story about the town that the murders occurred in, how it affected the town, it’s people etc. I believe this is coming up now because it’s getting close to the anniversary time. I don’t really know how this doctor is going to portray this, but I did ask her to at least show the beauty of my dear friends. Doubtful, but I hope.

    When I saw your site, I saw the outrage but also the sincerity of it, the truth of it all. And on behalf of them and myself, I will say thank you. I was talking to my husband and we were thinking about going to the cemetery just to lay some flowers maybe a windmill for Tabitha some time in April just to pay our respects. I want to let Delfina know I have not forgotten her

    Well thank you again, you and your wife, for your caring and your voice.

  7. BJ Says:






  8. Mark Steel Says:

         Yeah, nice, and as someone who was supposed to testify, you’ll probably print this out as proof of “public knowlege” that Jason Bryant was the guilty party.

         Nevermind that this is the one out of the group who it makes the most sense for the Defense team to pin it all on, since he’s the youngest, will serve the least time, and gives everyone else a scapegoat.

         What YOU are doing is “stacking the deck” for the Defense.  I could care less about your viewpoint.

         I met a few of those punk kids, too.  Maybe even you.

  9. M Says:

    I am sad to say I knew the Joseph Risner boy. It shames to say that man had stepped into my ex-husbands home in Kentucky. I feel like that whole group of psycho grungy losers deserved the death penalty. I pray for that family and I pray for the little boy. My heart is with him.

    Joseph drove up in a beat up little car… wanted to use the phone. I remember because the boy was so evil. He had long dark hair and dark eyes, and kept staring at me as though he wanted to say something. He made me very uncomfortable.

    I know that I am a complete stranger, but I just wanted to share that with you. That boy has a darkness about him that is just EVIL.

    [Note: Edited to remove personally identifiable information]

  10. LMB Says:

    I will put a link from the area on my memorial page about the Lillelid Family to yours.

    My oldest would have been a sophmore in Pearl, MS High School at the time of the shooting if we hadn’t moved to Tennessee… Strange.

  11. George Zelaya Says:

    Mark, I am Delfina’s brother and have ever increasingly been bothered by media programs which seem to “sensationalize” teen killers. All the focus tend to be on the murderers and little attention is placed on the victims, their suffering, or the lives of their families in the aftermath of these attrocieties. Dr. Smith and others baske in the media attention that their productions generate. However, after hours of interviews with defendants, their families and government officials, not one minute was allowed for ANY of the victim’s family members. I consider people like DR. Smith to be sensationalist media ghouls.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time.
    and if DLA still check your blog, I welcome any feedback.
    George Zelaya
    Miami, Fl.

  12. John Smith Says:

    I could never know the pain the that you and other family members must be going threw, but I do hate that you are going threw it.

    But if you can see that the media projects mis-information, can you also see that the media made the involment of four of these individuals to be more than it was. I’m not saying they were innocent but they aren’t guilty of murder.

    It’s okay to feel the pain that you’re feeling but for of these people are losing thier lifes for murders they didn’t commit.

  13. Mark Says:

    You might think about the fact that some people might know more about the real case than you do since you got it second hand.

    They were all accessories. Their court testimony proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even if what you say is true, they did nothing to stop it, nothing to get away from the situation, nothing to assist, and nothing to help. They deserve worse than what they got.

  14. John Smith Says:

    BJ- You say in your comment that NC and KH had something to do with the murders of the parents but then say Jason was the sole shooter. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Then you say that Dean and Joe are victims of timing by being with the wrong people at the wrong time. Joe testified in court that he took the 9mm and approached the family and started the kidnapping. Dean followed him in Joe’s car after everyone entered the van.

    Joe didn’t want anyone hurt? Then he probabily shouldn’t have taken a 9mm and approached the family for the reason of stealing the van.

    Dean didn’t know they were stealing the van? What did he think when everyone else got into the van at gunpoint that the family was just going to give them the van out of kindness.


    I don’t think blame should be the issue in the discussion, for a long time I felt like in the father had not approached the group he and his family would still be alive.

    I know have the opinion that the bad part of this was that he appraoched these teenagers with the idea that he could spread some joy to them. He would never have hurt them.

    That’s truly the worst part of this is that a man who just wanted to spread some joy to some teenagers was then attacked and murdered on a dirt road. And to even further the violence that piece of shit Risner ran over the family and laughed about it.

  15. Carla Says:

    Unless you were at the scene of the crime, you got the information second hand! The felony murder rule is harsh and punishes individuals far beyond their culpable mental state and level of participation…it should be repealed! Yes, they were all accessories …but KH, CS, and DM should have ONLY been convicted of facilitation of felony murder and the underlying felony.

  16. Jess Says:

    My father was the lawyer for Joe Risner and although i was kind of young at the time i remember what a stressful time it was. this case was one of the worst in my towns history and i think they got what they deserve. after all this time i saw an episode of natasha cornett on a&e about her sentence and how she knows she has no right to feel sorry for herself but she does because “she’s just a kid” i dont give two shits if she is 20 she killed 3 people and seriously injured a baby. i read one of the comments where joeseph risner was in the wrong place at the wrong time…that is completely wrong…he is the one who took the gun and shot pentagrams in the adults and in the males right eyes…they were right when they said satan was involved…the lillylid family was killed for no reason but i know without a shadow of a doubt i and many other people will not forget them

  17. Roman Says:

    Natasha Cornett didn’t kill anyone. Nor did Crystal Sturgill, Karen Howell or Dean Mullins. Jason Bryant and possibly Joe Risner did.

  18. Mark Says:

    Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone, either. And your point is?

  19. Nero Says:

    To compare the Manson murders with the Lillelid murders is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? Completely different in almost every respect, except that a sociopath was responsible in both cases for what proceeded.

    BTW…I also hold Tex and co. responsible for what they did. Bugliosi said it best: “I submit that these murders would not have happened had it not been for Charles Manson. But they also would not have happened had these people not wanted to kill.”

    The only person or persons who wanted to kill in the Lillelid case were Jason Bryant and possibly Joe Risner.

  20. Mark Says:

    I didn’t compare them at all. But your previous message (yeah, I can see that’s you) implied that only “Jason Bryant and possibly Joe Risner” were guilty.

    And … it isn’t true. There was more to that case than simply murder — a lot more. The defense teams fed off each other, with other defense statements claiming Cornett (“Ah, Satan!”) or Mullins or State of Kentucky Department of Health and Human Services to be more responsible than their clients.

    Point is, nobody tried to stop it. Nobody cared after it was done. They all fled in the vehicle stolen from the dead victims. They were all accessories before and after the fact.

    They got less than they deserved.

  21. Carla Says:

    I am absolutely baffled on how all of you can justify in your minds, that someone who is an accessory to a murder, should receive the same sentence as the person who committed the murder…that’s crazy. Don’t misunderstand me…what happened to the Lillelid family is an absolute tragedy… but sentencing CS, DM, and KH to 3 life sentences without parole, plus 25 years is not justice, its vengeance! Ironically, those of you, who have taken the vindictive position of “they all got what they deserved”, undermine the very Christian values the Lillelid’s lived by, and died for. Have ya’ll forgotten Hebrews 10:30? “Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.”

    I agree, there is more to this case than the murders, but it’s not about the Occult or Satanism…that was fueled by NC, her mother, and her original attorney, Eric Conn, in an effort for NC to pursue an insanity defense…not to mention, it sold a lot of newspapers. The prosecution embraced the theory for their own political gain, I’m sure…it was after all an election year. What this case was about is 6 teenagers partying it up one night in a run down motel…things getting out of control and a TV being stolen from said location…KH’s mother was acquitted with someone that worked at the motel…. thus, KH was recognized as one of the kids in the group that stole the TV…that’s what prompted the “let’s go on a road trip and get out of town for awhile.” The majority of these kids came from economically challenged families and had never been much farther then the hollers in which they grew up. So when NC suggested they needed to acquire a gun or guns for protection based on her past experience in New Orleans…it didn’t seem unreasonable. There was no plan for a cross county crime spree…in fact, there was evidence to the contrary…KH only took part of her money with her…if there weren’t plans to come back…wouldn’t she have taken it all? DM and CS were in the Citation when the unthinkable happens…KH is outside, but not in the immediate vicinity of the shooting based on the lack gunshot residue found on her clothing. JR was hardly a victim of circumstance…he put the ball in motion by initially holding up the Lillelid’s, he ran over Mrs. Lillelid with the van, whether it was accidental or not, is disputed. JB was the sole shooter, but NC is not without guilt, because she told him to do it!

  22. Mark Says:

    Carla, as an atheist, why are you quoting the bible?

    You asked me, a while back, where I got the images so you could do your term paper. You quoted me, but never gave me a copy.

  23. Carla Says:


    I’m not really sure what you’re talking about? I did ask you about source of the image on your webpage…i was just curious…I’ve never written a term paper regarding the murders of the Lillelid family…so i couldn’t have possibly quoted you.

    Are you suggesting that I’m an atheist because of my point of view?

  24. NE Says:


    I’m sorry about the pain you feel on behalf of those you knew or thought you knew. One thing to be learned is that you need to be careful of who you are with. Joe only intended to steal from them? Well, it is fairly common knowledge that it is wrong and that such actions tend to end with someone getting hurt. How can we to keep order and safety if criminals are treated as meer victims of circumstance?


    Being Christian does not mean that you absolve from responsibility or do not believe in punishment. Christianity is about holding accountable but forgiving in the heart. Forgiveness is more for the forgiver to move on.

  25. Madonna Says:

    After reading the post’s that have been made here and knowing, I think, one of the girls, I feel so much sadness for the Lillileds, Natasha, Karan, Chrystal and Dean. Natasha tried to stop Jason but what do you do when a gun is pointed at you.
    BJ if in fact you are one of the people to take advantage of my hospitality in my home, I want people to be aware that you and your husband Jason were the people that told Joe that the law was after Karan for setting a room on fire and you were the ones to so willingly tell the prosecuting attorneys all and more about all of the six. You would have been with them if there had been room. I can’t believe that you can say the things about Natasha after using us when you had no place to go and we took you in. That is what this is all about. Natasha wanted to help people so we let some use our home as theirs. I wish that all the angry people would just try to understand that a lot of these things said about Natasha is not true. Hate is what causes murder, some of the people in Greenville would if they had had a chance hung these six and then what. There were six but one or two boys with enough hate in their minds to kill those innocent people, the Lillileds. Can you just hear me and know that Tash and I just wanted to help people. If only you could feel my hurt and heartbreak over this killing. I know Natasha did not kill anyone but she is spending the rest of her life in prison for something that was out of her control. Mark, I wish I could talk to you in person and let you know the real Natasha and the real Madonna.

  26. Mark Says:

    Really? Would she be the same one making Devil horns and sticking her tongue out like Gene Simmons screaming like a banshee and laughing about it all?

    And are you the mother she told everyone about on and off the record?

  27. Madonna Says:


  28. Mark Says:

    Then I rest my case.

  29. Sirhan-Sirhan Says:

    You knew better then so what changed? Sounds like guilt talking. Besides its easier to make friends with a person whose in jail and cant run away.

  30. Diamond Smiles Says:

    I’m sure if anyone checked into the family life of “The Six”, we would find some type of abuse or abandonment by their families. There seems to be a pattern with serial killers. I think the parents should be punished. Even serial killers will tell you, and I agree, anyone could beome one, but, it’s the environment that brings out the need to go through with it.

  31. Angel Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH i wanna be in with the murders thats cool

  32. Angel Says:

    so where can i find this group of ppl i wanna go hang out with them i mean i’m really sry about ur family but the damn ppl that done it r my kind of ppl cuz i don’t believe in god i mean yea FUCK HIM

  33. Mark Says:

    I don’t even know where to start on you, asshat, but you have been reported to the Colorado State Police. They’re really antsy about kiddies like you since Columbine. Have a nice day!

  34. George Zelaya Says:

    During the sentencing of the six fkucs, it took all of my prayers preventing me from grabbing an officer’s side arm and double tapping all these little scum. For the kiddie losers posting out there I hope you will never, ever have to endure the agony of witnessing your loved ones being slaughtered then killed yourself. These six participated in a vicious crime and only they and God know who were the actual killer, they must all remain in jail so they can always ponder what they took away from my family.
    I love you Delfina, Vidar,Tabitha.

  35. Mark Says:

    *places hand on George’s shoulder*


  36. Kadence Says:

    wow. i just ran across this site and i have to say i agree with everything you have said. the convenience store owner should have been allowed to keep the nooses hanging. let parents explain th their children what they were meant for.
    i don’t understand why people think kids shouldn’t be punished as adults when they commit adult crimes.
    my 12 year old knows the difference between right and wrong. but then again my 12 year old has parents that act like parents and not try to act like buddies.

  37. Tiffany Says:

    I’m so very tired, yet I cannot sleep. That is probably why I’ve come across this site and am actually writing something when normally I would not. Why? Mostly because it won’t matter what I say or if I try to make any point. That aside, I think the whole tragic event really-for lack of better words-sucked. It isn’t right that this family and their friends have had to suffer. It shouldn’t have happened and my deepest apologies.

    You know, I barely knew all the “kids” in this group save for Natasha. Perhaps I didn’t know her as long as other people did but I knew her well enough for the short time I lived there. I won’t lie and say she didn’t need help. She had her times that I would feel the need to try and “guide her” to re-evaluate some things. That really wasn’t often to tell the truth, and my judgment was pretty good most the time. When I say most the time I mean that as a 13-14 year old, I did make the usual bad judgments that kids make. In no way mistake my statements as my claiming to have ever controlled her decisions. I wasn’t the controlling type but I spoke up when I felt the need to and she was always a good listener. I remember visiting and sometimes she would be babysitting this young boy. She was really nice to him and would let him play on her game system a game he loved to play. I think it was on the Sega. They would play together and he would ask her for help on some level he would be stuck on. I think she also had crayons and things for him to color and such as well, which he did. I have always considered her as a sister. I don’t know if she would say the same for me. I haven’t been the greatest friend since I don’t keep in good contact with her. Natasha always told me that she always felt accepted as my friend when she would enter my house. That’s because my parents didn’t just look at how she dressed and they always would ask how she’s doing. They treated her well and she showed them respect as well. She always told me that she felt like she was just part of the family and I think that was really important to her. I sit and think sometimes that I wish we hadn’t moved away. I remember the phone call from a mutual acquaintance of Natasha and I had one day from Kentucky. She was asking if I knew where Natasha was, seen or heard from her. This of course came as a shock to me since I hadn’t heard from her since her wedding. I think that had been about 6 months to a year ago before this odd phone call. This person wouldn’t tell me why they wanted to know or any details of any sort. I don’t remember the time frame of when things happened but I know at some point I made a phone call to somebody else I could scrounge up a phone number for and she told me about what was on the news. I was so upset for so many reasons. I don’t think that the story was even on the news in my state. Either that or somehow I missed it. I couldn’t help but think if only I had not moved away. I thought perhaps if I had gone along I could’ve stopped it. Even if it meant getting myself shot. I know Natasha wouldn’t have stood for me being shot. Not that she wanted the family shot. If I can say this in a way that is understandable, when people see those they care very much for in danger, there is more instinct or pull to do something to prevent it. As wrong as it may sound, that’s just how most people react. I know she didn’t want the family to be killed and I believe her when she says she did stand in front of them. I’m not sure why she moved out of the way. I can’t remember what the testimony was on that part. I have no idea if the shooter said he wouldn’t shoot or if she just moved because they shouted to move. I just would have kept standing there. Then again, here I am typing what I would’ve done and that is all it is. I’m just thinking and who knows if my being there would’ve done anything for anyone. Maybe I’d have just stood there watching scared or so shocked I wouldn’t know what was happening until it was too late. Who really knows. I’d like to think that I could’ve helped just like many others do. I’m sure others wish they could’ve been there or done something to one extent or another. Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve.

    I don’t believe when people say that upbringing is the sole cause in what goes wrong. Biological illness with no means to pay or have benefits to treat it can be devastating for all people involved. That includes the person that it affects by the way. Bipolar, among other illnesses labeled as mental disorders, are actually primarily biological according to studies. The reason I point this out is because I know there are many people who do not “believe” in mental disorders. Not believing that bipolar is real and can have major dysfunctions is sort of like not believing in diabetes. People need treatment. There are many levels of how extreme it can be and many people cannot understand how these ill people come to be how they are. Of course it is hard to understand when you don’t experience it. Those that have these biological issues can vary with their difficulty with sound judgment, among other things. They can be impulsive. I’ve talked to a man whose finances were taken care of through his attorney and he claimed he couldn’t leave his house after a certain date for some reason. I didn’t ask why. Not because I wasn’t curious but I didn’t have the time to listen. He’d been talking awhile and I had to get back to work. I also would like to point out that people with mental illnesses are not more likely to be dangerous than those without. At any rate, I’m not saying illness is an excuse in case anybody was thinking that. I suppose even if you choose to think that I am, oh well. I’m not here to change anyone’s mind about what took place or how to feel about it. We can all believe what we want and think who is right or wrong or what is or is not the point. We all have our choices in what to accept. Whether you think my statement is valid or not I don’t care. That’s your right. I don’t accept everything I have read on this site and that is my right. Whether you care about what I think or not is also up to you. I simply was thinking of my friend and I guess I just felt like writing about it. It really was a horrible thing.

  38. Kit Says:

    The whole thing was tragic but to put blame on only one is bs, whats more all blame goes to the only one who was shot! It pretty bad that all of them couldnt stop one person from killin a whole family. Jason has ran away once before and not a single sole got hurt. They all went willing they all were a part of the murders.

  39. Millard Alum Says:

    I was in school with Jason when this happened, and had grown up just four or five houses from where he lived. I remember the teacher asking if anyone knew why he had been absent all week. The rumors were flying about school concerning the incident at the hotel (supposedly a cat sacrificed?) and that Jason had ran away from home.

    I do remember Jason being involved/fascinated with the devil. He did, however, go to church too. I’ll never forget the conversation I had with him about 6 months before the incident. He was depressed and upset that his girlfriend had broken up with him. He said he wanted to die. I felt so sorry for him…the Bryants have always been a screwed up family…he seemed like another vicitm of their stupidity…

    Jason spoke with a slight speech impediment and studdered quite severely at times. He had a temper, and while he cannot be described as a bully, he was one that enjoyed fighting. He suffered from severe acne and I imagine low self esteem. His grades were never good and the teachers were not fond of him. He had failed one grade. I remember he would steal from the local Rite Aid and try to give me gifts to be his friend (specifically a dog whistle). He was a bit of a fire bug too. He use to pour fingernail polish remover along the streets of Elkhorn and light it. I watched him try to pull down a news paper box once…my grandmother made me chuckle the next day when she said “well who wrung that box’s neck.”

    I have a hard time believing he is the one who pulled the trigger. But I can see the 14 yo that I knew being fascinated with the idea of taking someone’s life. If he played any part in the murders he belongs in prison, even if he merely handed the gun to one of the others.

    He was 14. He has known nothing but a disfunctional family, never had any proper guidance and now state prison. I thank God for my parents. Who knows where I would be if I had been turned lose on the streets. Do you know where you would be?

    I know the Lillelid family didn’t deserved this. I know Jason didn’t deserve this life. He does, deserve to be punished, if he participated.

  40. Christine Says:

    I live in Cleveland, Tennessee….and I’m originally from Pennsylvania. So I travel I-81 several times a year to visit my folks….and every single time I pass that rest-stop on my way home….the rest-stop on I-81 near Baileyton, and then the exit to Baileyton…I think about the Lillelid family, and especially about little Peter (although yesterday when I passed it, I was thinking “He’s not so little anymore- he’s probably a teen, around the ages that those monsters were when they shot him”). So, today I typed into Google, “Lillelid family Baileyton Tenn killed”….and found your site. Somehow I had never found out what sentences those scumbags got, and that’s what I wanted to know. I’m glad to know they will never get out….but I agree that it’s a shame they get to live when they never gave the Lillelids that same chance. As far as people saying we should have sympathy for the kids involved…. I know that Christ died for them as much as for any of us. The wages of sin is death, and Jesus paid the price, but there are still consequences for sin, and it’s fitting that these killers should pay the consequence.

  41. embalmer1977 Says:

    I’ve met Cornett some 20 times after in the last few years. I’ll admit that at first I was completely taken in, she had the perfect answer for everything. A lot of things that aren’t mentioned on this site or many others that had taken place. It’s important for us to look at the fact that all involved knew that their were guns present. Natasha had been to New Orleans before and said she’d never go back without a gun. If New Orleans was that dangerous then why decide that is the place to go? They all also new that the money they were traveling on was stolen. I guess what I’m saying is that even though they might not have all pulled the trigger they all committed crimes before the morders took place even. The was a downward spiral of bad decisions, mental disease, and anger. I don’t beieve that they should have all gotten the same sentence, I don’t beleive that Sturgill and Mullins took part in this to the severity that they should die in prison. Thier worst mistake was getting involved with Cornett. Mulllins mother still works a part time job to try to pay for his then attorney. None of these has anything good to say about Cornett even if it’s not bad. Her then claimed soul mate doesn’t even talk to her anymore and her most recent g/f threatened me and that’s the reason that I stopped talking to Cornett. Basically for someone who’s always innocent she’s always around the wrong people. Don’t be fooled by this very good actress.

  42. embalmer1977 Says:

    Tiffany I’d like to talk to you if you ever see this. Tried contacting you on a few other sites but for some reason my messages wouldn’t go threw.
    My email is at just put your name in the subject line so that I don’t delete it by mistake.

    [ Editor: You really don’t wanna just throw your email out there like that. ]

  43. Madonna Says:

    Tod Bohannon (embalmer1977) is and still does collect things from prisoners to sell online. Look him up on Goggle. He led Natasha on to collect things from her. He has put these things here because Natasha quit having anything to do with him. He was also one so called friend that she should have past on but he led her on like he was so in love with her, not. It seems like there is no way for the truth about Natasha to ever become believable to some people. There will be a time in the future when all will know that Natasha is not a murderer. I wish it to be soon.

  44. Mark Says:

    Agreed, he’s nothing more than a carpet-bagging ghoul. A bottom feeder, kinda not unlike two other commenters I detailed about after pulling out their personal information.

    Remember, M, eventually, Apathy becomes Responsibility. You had to learn that the hard way. What has happened has already happened and won’t be changed. But you both may find some solace in teaching that lesson to others. Think about it.

  45. Mily Says:

    Natasha mayb sexie but what she did was Fucked up Crazzzy ppl!!

  46. Bill J Says:

    I live in the county where the murders happened . i dont know who pulled the trigger but i know they were all involved.

    for our community that was a devastating experience since it was such a horrible crime

    what law enforcement shouldve done was the day they brought them into town from Arizona was just dumped them out right in the middle of town it probably wouldve been bad …. but still not as bad as what they did to them kids and their parents

  47. Tod Bohannon Says:

    Please remove any postings via Being as you have such a high opinion of me you shouldn’t have a problem removing them.

  48. Mark Says:

    Oh well. I guess you do … *shakes head* I tried.

  49. Rhys Says:

    Being from England you hardly hear about cases like these from our side of the “pond”. But I take great interest in such cases like this one. Due to the fact that they were part of the “alternative crowd” gone wrong. And doing alot of research, I believe that NC DM CS and KH didn’t take part in the killings. JB and JR did.

    I’m also tired of the bloody Media and people in general scapegoating the music however dark and/or heavy. Music does not create killers. Nor does having an interest in the Occult or Satan. Which I funnily enough, do and share the same music tastes as the Six.

    Am I killer? No. Have I had a bad upbringing? No. Was I bullied at school for being alternative? Yes somewhat. But that whole tale of ‘woe’, is EVERYONE’s story in some form and I think theres gotta be some underlying cause. I am also going to be studying for a diploma in Physchology which is why I’m pretty keen on this subject.

    I have written to KH to get some more info about this. So we’ll see what occurs in due course.

  50. JSG Says:

    I know it has been almost 15 years this incident occurred. I came across this atrocity on the internet and why am I posting? It’s simple- “therapy”.

    I do not recall this incident. I was in another country at the time.

    From what I have read I would like to share my observations:

    1-These people (I will refer to as the excrement6) had a plan that day. That plan included an intention to kill. They were at the rest area that evening for a reason. If the Illelids had not stopped at that rest area that day someone else would have been murdered. On that note, it could have been van full of girlscouts or Grandpa Bob and his 5 grandchildren in their motorhome.

    2- The Illelids approached them as a stranger and talked to them unconditionally with no judgment (as a friend). Not only did he do this by himself but in the presence of what he loved more than anything in this world, his children. I would say this is the only time this ever happened to the excrement6. The Illelids lived simple lives and probably had barely enough money to have food to eat and yet this precious little girl offered a chocolate to a few of the excrement6 with no regard to how they were dressed and looked (from what I read).

    3-After the excrement6 encountered the Illelids they considered this the answer to their sick dreams. Not only did they have a vehicle to travel in they had a chance to fulfill their sick ritualistic sacrificial intentions.

    4-I feel this atrocity was 100 percent ritualistic and all had a direct part. This was downplayed and is still being downplayed.

    5-I feel the excrement6 thought they were invincible due to their ritualistic sacrifice.

    6-When caught I feel the excrement6 had the intention to pin this on the juvenile with the excuse “he went crazy” and they thought they would get off in a few years on kidnapping with the crazy juvenile off the same.

    7-The ironic thing about this is that this little family (due to their faith) would probably be the first to forgive these people wheres people like you and me would like to——-and——-to these scumbags.

    8-In reading the legal notes of this case, I feel the law enforcement, prosecution, and judge in this case was exemplary and did a magnificent job.

    9-I think it is good they did not get the death penalty for the methods of capital punishments in our society are too civilized for this group.

    10-Vidar asked “Do you believe in God”?
    James 2:19” Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. Or more simply stated: You believe there is one God, do you? You are doing quite well. And yet the demons believe and shudder.

    There is a divine plan through the Christ that few understand and this will be fulfilled exactly as the bible prophesized. The Lillelids had an understanding of it and had zeal to share it with others and offer hope.

  51. Lillelid Famly murders 4/6/1997 Greenville, TN *Six people, mostly teens, convicted of their murders; all sentenced to LWOP* | Bonnie's Blog of Crime Says:

    […] petition by Lillelid family killer Lillelid Murderer Bryant Seeks Overturn Of His Guilty Pleas Blogitude: Murderers (very interesting post & […]

  52. Laura Derringer Says:

    I started a community on FB a few years ago to keep the memory of this family alive.

    Like so many others I was disturbed by the lingering attention that the killers get, while the Lillelids faded into the distance. Hoping it was just because I am from Kentucky, where the killers are from, I started researching.. and found that the killers are more well known than the victims.

    The vast majority of people have long forgotten about this case.

    And that is exactly what the killers are counting on.

    Because when no one cares anymore, and no one is speaking up for the victims… the killers are the only ones getting their say.

    Peter was 2 when the killings happened in 1997. So in 2014 he should now be 18.

    Nobody is knocking the decision of the Heiers to shelter Peter and refuse interviews and contact with America. But now he is a young adult and can make his own decisions. There are hundreds of people who still care very much, and would love to donate to a fund for him.

    I was contacted by an independent film company a month ago who is making a documentary film about… you guessed it!… young killers…trying to explore their psychology. The Lillelid case is one of the 4 being featured. I spoke with the producer at length and persuaded her to put more focus on the victims.
    She said ” Honestly we would love to, but there simply isn’t any information, or any family members still talking about them. Your site is all we could find.”

    And ..again… that is EXACTLY what the killers are counting on.

    The best way to fight for victims’ rights is to keep the memory of the victims alive.

    Get involved….George Zelaya I could see by your comments that you would very much like to be involved. PLEASE go to the page on Facebook and join us. Also to the good friend…. you can definately keep their memory alive…. hundreds of people want to read each and every word you say.

    Love and HUGS
    Laura Derringer

  53. Lillelid Advocate (Laura Denise Mitcheltree Downing-Derringer) Says:

    I know that you won’t be man enough to post this…so it is just between you and me.
    Oh you’ll allow the killer’s mother on here to spew on and on… but not an advocate for the victims.
    That says A LOT Mark, it really does.

    This is on MY page… not naming you… I want to make sure you didn’t miss it now that you are banned from my page. It will stay at the top and because you couldn’t resist getting on my page with your name, everyone there now knows who blogger jerk is. Thanks for that. lol

    Here it is:
    I’m not allowing bloggerjerk to heckle this page. He is the liar… attacking me for asking for his help in contacting George Zelaya. He wants his say but has blocked me, and refuses to let me post on his blog.
    Whatever BloggerJerk. Nobody is lying but YOU.
    But YOU do not get to decide who gets to talk with who, based on YOUR egotistical opinions.

    You were asked to review this page on the blog AND in private message…so that you could see what we are about, which is honoring the memory and advocating for these victims.

    You are a egotistical POON for not just being honest. Instead scurrying around coming up with all those reasons NOT to try and do the right thing. Violation of privacy (when they were on here BEGGING for future contact and action they could take), Finally resorting to ” You approached me all wrong” lol lol That is really funny.

    We couldn’t care less that YOU think it “is dredging it up”., and that you prefer nothing else be said or done. What… are you secretly in love with Natasha Cornett or something Bloggerjerk? That’s the stupidest thing we have ever heard..

    So you can play into their hands if you wish, go pander to Madonna, but don’t expect us to be silent. You are the kind of guy who likes to control others.. that’s pretty obvious by your big barked order “Leave them alone”, but that’s just TOO BAD. Don’t ever think you can control me or anyone in this community.

    So you have no contact with any of them whatsoever, but expect us all to believe that you just KNOW IT ALL.(.”Trust Me”… yeah riiight).and know all about George’s actions, feelings, and WHAT HE WANTS, as well as the contact he has had with Peter.
    Get over yourself.
    We don’t need your help.
    You won’t allow me to say a word on YOUR page, so you need to stay off my page. Go away.

  54. Lillelid Advocate (Laura Denise Mitcheltree Downing-Derringer) Says:

    I will not be back and will not read a word you write, ever again. If you persist in contacting me on ANY forum or ISP I will press harassment charges. Do not contact me again.

  55. Mark Says:

    This post is 15 years old. The contact information you “demanded” (instead of just asking for) is something I explained to you that I don’t even have — again, the contact information being eight to fifteen years old. Even if I *did* still have it, which I don’t, I’m certainly not going to give it to some random person without that owner’s approval. Why you have a problem with this is just beyond all logic!

    Look at this thread … You didn’t even post a link to this so-called “Facebook Group” that I supposedly refused to promote for you, as you stated on the Facebook page (which I eventually found by actively searching, since you didn’t post any clues). You lied about what I said about giving you someone else’s information, then proceeded to slander the shit out of me for God knows what reason… And I’m still trying to figure out what half of it even means. And when I responded, asking “What the Hell?” and trying to explain, again, that I don’t have the information you kept demanding, you deleted my comment and claimed that I was “stalking” your page and “demeaning” you and “heckling” you? Then you came on here with more insanity that’s difficult to read and understand, but it’s chock full of crazy accusations and slanders.

    Let’s be honest: you created this situation to bolster your own crusade and make yourself look important, because, if you appeared persecuted, you’d be able to garner more attention. And ya know what? I don’t have any use for people like you.

    Especially, I will not be threatened with “harassment charges” from anyone because that’s not me. I haven’t harassed you in the least! But it’s really ironic, coming from someone who keeps — very provably — instigating, inciting and harassing ME. How people like you can live with yourselves is beyond me.

    My suggestion: Take some medication. Hell, take too much medication for all I care — Just fuck off.