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Torturer, Murderer Lemaricus Davidson Sentenced to Death

October 30th, 2009 at 4:11 pm by Mark
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     While anti-Death Penalty activists littered the streets with see-no-evil, hear-no-evil antics, a Knox County Jury who actually heard the case against Lemaricus Davidson were deliberating.

     It was a short deliberation.

     Davidson was sentenced to Death.

     A joint press release by Saddam Hussein and Jeffrey Dahmer says that there was overwhelming applause for the outcome of the trial, and wish Davidson a safe and expedient journey to his new residence in Hell.

     “Ain’t so bad, cause you can smoke anywhere,” said Tupac Shakur, another Hell resident. “But they ain’t got Menthol.”

     I will attempt to keep this post up-to-date with new developments.

He, I Mean She, I mean He… wants what?!?!?!

June 27th, 2007 at 11:09 am by Diva
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So, I’m pretty much sick of thinking and talking about Paris and Lindsey.  I’m over Anna Nicole, her monasery of man whores and her kid. 

Thank God there was something fun in the news today!

This dude, err, chick, err, well I think its still a dude, Robert Kosilek, wants the state of Massachusetts to pay for his sex change surgery.

Um. Yah.  He just isn’t happy being a he and isn’t going to be happy living as a he anymore, dammit!

Whatever.  This asshat killed his wife in 1990 after she dumped hot tea on his testicles.  I’d probably have dumped hot tea on his testicles too, but I would have run for the hills and not looked back.  Apparently she wasn’t that smart and he strangled her.  How I don’t know.  I can only assume that if I had hot tea spill on my nuts, I’d be in the fetal position crying like a baby.

Anyhoo.  So, this guy has been in jail for murder for many moons.  Now, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am all for swift offing of anybody who is a murderer.  I mean, why are we wasting our tax dollars on feeding and showering these folks?  I am not tolerant of blatent evil or being mean for the sake of it, but I think there are way too many murderers, child molesters, and rapists in prison, living the good life, instead of getting a needle in the vein.

And this jack ass wants the state to pay to remove his penis and give him a vagina?   If they do it, I hope he gets molested by the biggest, baddest man in the prison. 

Any Tom, Harry, or Dick in society would be fighting with a multitude of shrinks to get the sex change, not to mention spending a small fortune on the operation itself.  How in the world could his request even have gotten so far as to have made it into court?  And not only did it make it into the courts, but an obscene amount of money has been spent on mental evaluations of this guy because he keeps threatening suicide.  Good God, let him do it!

Dang, give me the needle or let me have control of the switch, I’ll euthanize him and save the fine tax paying citizens of Mass. a whole lot of money.

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Austria Denounces Schwarzenegger Instead of Tookie

December 13th, 2005 at 5:26 pm by Sam
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In other German news today, Austria denounced Arnold Schwarzenegger for not granting clemency to Tookie Williams. What, like we should have patted him on the back and given him a Nobel Peace Prize?

A bad man died today, but a number of people whose movies I’ll no longer watch are still whining, “Why, he redeemed himself! He became a good Christian! He wrote children’s books! He became a spokesperson, speaking out against hatred! He doesn’t have hate in his heart! He’s all about Love and Compassion!”

Sorry, but I’ve heard this same spiggot of bullshit from or about the KKK, Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson. So why are so many people of the opinion that Tookie Williams didn’t deserve the Death Penalty?

Never mind that Tookie was one of the founders — more on that later — of the violent Crips street gang. Never mind that he was convicted, by a Jury of his peers, of murdering a 7-11 clerk. Never mind that he was convicted, by a Jury of his peers, of killing a Taiwanese family; yes, even their daughter. Never mind that he was convicted of two counts of robbery. Never mind that he was involved in multiple attacks on other inmates and guards while in prison.

No evidence? Never mind that the murder weapon was one he had purchased, legally, years earlier — or that it was found in his home after the murders. Never mind that Tookie bragged about having done these terrible things to many people — including friends, family, roommates and other Crips members. Never mind that others who were with him during the crimes turned on him, as well.

Never mind that this case has had a full twenty-five years of judicial and investigatory review supporting the fact that he is not only guilty, but deserves to die.

Never mind that this guy was not just a “deluded and confused young African-American” who was “in with a bad crowd;” in fact, Tookie, himself, claims that he was the bad crowd: a founding member of the Crips. Never mind that that being the case, we will probably never know all of the atrocious behaviors, that this man personally ordered or coerced, of many deluded and confused young African-Americans.

No, let’s ignore everything we know about Tookie! Let’s make another movie about him depicting him as a humble father who loved children and never hurt anyone!



In my book, being a Man is all about taking responsibility for your actions, and accepting the consequences thereof. It is that mentality that seperates the Men from the Boys.

Schwarzenegger said it right:

“…without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption.”


I don’t even want to hear why this so-called ‘man’ deserves to be exalted the the status of Nelson Mandela by offering him Nobel Peace Prize.


And if State-Sponsored execution does in fact upset Austria’s sensibilities and remind them of Hitler during World War II, so be it. That’s a sure sign that they need to start denouncing Hitler more and Schwarzenegger less.


March 12th, 1998 at 4:35 pm by Mark
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     Thank God these kids haven’t gotten off yet.

     Maybe you’ve seen some blurb about it on the news wherever you are. Four “adults” and two “teenagers” killing three people and leaving another with a bullet in his head.

     You wouldn’t think much of it, of course. This sort of thing happens ever day in America. I guess that’s why if you go to AltaVista, you come up with only a few occurrences of one of the victim’s names.
     Joseph L. Risner, 20. Edward D. Mullins, 19. Natasha W. Cornett, 18. Crysta R. Sturgill, 18. Karen R. Howell, 17. Jason B. Bryant, 14. All from Kentucky.

     On Sunday, April 6th, 1997, they attempted to kill four people. No big deal, I’m sure. Happens every day. Six kids go out, and kill three people, and leave one barely alive with a bullet in his head.

     Just kids.
     Your normal, average teenagers. Another “tragic tale of youth gone wild in America.” Nothing to worry about whatever.
     The two under the age of 18 are being tried as adults. Three counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted first degree murder. But it’s no big deal. At least it wasn’t four counts of first degree murder, right?

     You know, just kids.
     All six of them. Out joyriding in their victims’ car after they left them dead and dying in a ditch in Baileyton, Tennessee, just a mile off of interstate 81.
     The worst thing the two “youngsters” will ever face is life without parole. Being juveniles, they’re too young to face capital punishment for a childish mistake, aren’t they?

     Because they’re just kids.
     Arrested April 8th in Douglas, Arizona by U.S. Customs agents as they tried to make their way to into Mexico. There was some squabble about extradition for a few days, and finally everyone was back in Greene Co., Tennessee to be arraigned for trial.

     Just some kids…
     That’s all. No more, no less. Just some remorseless, evil little shits who grinned and smiled for the camera, acting like nothing at all had happened. They were cold and calm. Completely uncaring.
     They’re from broken homes. They were brought up badly. Their father/mother/aunt/uncle was an alcoholic. They were sexually molested as children. The Devil made them do it. It wasn’t their fault. Oh, no.
     And as faithful followers of Brother Bill Clinton and the ACLU, it’s our moral, American responsibility to feel sorry for them and abolish the Death Penalty, isn’t it?

     Because they’re just average kids!
     They made a bad judgement call. They need to be felt sorry for, and rehabilitated, and made into productive members of society again.

     Hmmm… how about a dose of REALITY?

     A whole family.
     Vidar Lillelid, 34. Delfina Lillelid, 28. Tabitha Lillilid, 6. Peter Lillelid, 3. They were driving from home from a religious function when they ran into the aforementioned “model citizens” who are on trial for this brutal crime.

     Tabitha and her brother Peter were still alive when officers found them at 8:45PM. She died the next afternoon at 12:05PM. Her three-year-old brother, with a bullet in his head, held onto life. He will never, ever recover fully from that injury. After being discharged from the hospital, he was awarded custody to his father’s family in Sweden.

     I’ve never been much for Capital Punishment, either, but how the Hell can anyone feel sorry for these six kids who killed a family, and just for the Hell of it?!
     Their lawyers have pulled every trick in the book to get everyone to feel sorry for them. And the final straw was today… the day they claimed the youngest one is the one who actually shot and tried to kill the entire family.
     I only hope the jury is competent enough to realise that even if he is the one who did do it, the other five didn’t care much, or else they would’ve done something other than make off with thier victims’ vehicle.

     Fucking murderers.

UPDATE! 13-Mar-98 – 19:00 (EST)

     Risner, Mullins, Cornett, Sturgill, Howell, and Bryant have received two sentences. Life Imprisonment Without Parole, and 25-Years for the attempted murder of the three-year-old, Peter. To be served consecutively.
     This situation … It’s a travesty. Those six nooses from the picture above well-illustrated the general feeling of most of the people around here. They were put up last May, if I remember correctly, by a convenience store owner. He was ordered to take them down because of their proximity to an elementary school.
     I can’t help but think that if they had been allowed to stay up, and the parents and teachers had to explain to these children what these screwed up teenagers did, and exactly why people felt that they should die for their crimes, then there might be one-hundred eighty some odd children in East Tennessee who wouldn’t grow up to be complete and utter pricks with no regard for human life.

     If life wasn’t good enough for a mother and father, a six-year-old and a three-year-old, then why should it be any good for the ones who killed three of them and left the other clinging to life with an injury from which he will never recover?

     Now the American people get to pay for the rooms, meals and security measures that house these six murderers for the rest of their lives.

     Is it just me, or does it seem a terrible waste of money?

     “Oh, but there’s been too much killing,” said one person close to the Lillelid family.
     “That’s just desperation talking,” said another.

Photos copyright © 1997 & 1998 Knoxville New-Sentinel, a Scripps-Howard company. reprinted with permission.

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