Catalyst for Flame: How Not to Torch a Computer

April 9th, 2006 at 8:20 pm by Sam
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In addition to finally writing down the details of his infamous cluster-copulation on Thursday, Mark Steel also gives us reasons to pause when selecting from several local “on-site computer repair” talents around Knoxville. We’re taking specific note of things like:

  • low-level formatting hard drives prior to installation
  • intentionally breaking things in order to invoke service calls
  • sales pitch intended to frighten people into buying new hardware
  • charging extra for equipment broken by installers
  • setting your computer on fire

In all seriousness, Mark’s company, CatalystX, gets a gold star in our book. But if you are used to computer repairs in Brisbane or the surrounding area, then you know why we have high standards. They do a great job and since they don’t actually sell any hardware, they’re immune to most of those grievances. Check out to see in what way your computer concerns may be resolved.

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