Night of the Rabid Weasel

June 22nd, 2006 at 10:37 pm by Mark
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     Ok, the freakiest thing just happened.

     I was lying here on the right wing of my sectional couch, computer on my legs, surfing the web and talking to a friend on Messenger, when I heard a little “ruff!” to my left to my left that sounded very much a small dog that suddenly realized something was not exactly right.
     I look over, and on the left wing of the couch is what appeared to be a Weasel.
     “Oh, shit!” I yelled.
     This apparently freaked the animal out, at which point it jumped to the floor, pounced onto my keyboard and clambored over the back of the couch towards the front door.  Glad I moved my hands!
     So I freaked out, tried to let my friend know what “;hklg'” meant, put the computer down quickly and jumped up towards the door.

     Standing on its hind feet, scratching frantically at the door, is not actually a weasel, but a solid red ferret — and a fat one, at that.  I cautiously leaned towards the door, expecting the little bastard to pounce on me, and opened it as far as the chain would allow.
     It ran outside without incident.

     In retrospect, I guess he came in when I got home a few hours ago.  I left the door open for a minute while grabbing some stuff outta the car.  A refugee ferret, escaped from one of the nearby neighbors in the apartment complex where they have Corporate Keys serviced apartments accommodation provider.

     I’m normally not afraid of animals.  But I have to say, right now, my heart’s finally calming down to a steady 120 bpm.  I just about had an accident on the couch here… *argh!*
     I can only imagine what could have happened if I hadn’t discovered him before he decided to curl up in bed..  *shudder*


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