Yes, I Still Think War Protesters are Moonbats

March 22nd, 2007 at 2:02 am by Mark
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     In 2004, I moved outta DC because the place is pretty much a hell-hole of arrogance and one-upmanship.

     Leading up to the Iraq war, the entire town was behind it save for a few bus loads full of Neo-Nazi Skinheads wearing WWJD bracelets.  Personally, I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t’ve been shaving his head, wearing Swastikas and threatening to kill all the Jews, but maybe that’s just me *rolls eyes*.

     As weeks progressed and the conflict escalated, politicians who’d voted for the war a few weeks prior began spouting rhetoric about how they were always against the war…

     It wasn’t long before the War Protestors started going moonbat-loopy.

     I remember being harassed one morning on the way to work at the Fairfax metro, when I simply walked past the guy trying to hand me his anti-war flyer.  He started screaming, “Fascist motherf&$#er!  You’re a g#$!%m babykiller!”  The rock-salt was down to keep us from falling face first in the slush, but that dear protester decided to see if he could help me fall a little easier.  I turned around and gave him a small shove back, and he finally shut his damn mouth.

     Arriving at work, I was met with another obnoxious punk at the top of the D.O.T. steps.  He was screaming, cussing at everyone who wouldn’t take his flyer.  On Federal Property.  And the D.O.T rent-a-cops wouldn’t get rid of him…

     He was still there at lunch, screaming, shoving people.  And DC people, generally, when threatened, tend to turn Zombie and ignore what’s going on.  They get shoved, they shut down, and continue trying to walk like nothing’s happening to them.

     I am not that way.

     I observed as Mr. Moron accosted an old woman, shoved her down, and busted her purse open.  Her coins went everywhere.  Being typical of the area, people just walked around the bloody-kneed old lady, ignored the screaming moron and went about their business as if it was perfectly normal.

     I ran to her aid, attempted to help her up, and received a short-lived tirade from the moron … short-lived because when he got in my face for trying to help her off the ground, he got a love-pat and a gingerly toss down the Metro escalator.

     And when trying to help the old lady gather her loose change, she simply ignored me, unwilling to make any eye contact, unwilling to accept the money I’d picked up for her.  And nobody else would pick it up.

     There were numerous other stupid incidents which made me loathe to ride the DC Metro after a while (an Asian lady who continually attempted to push me in front of the train, a man who attempted to climb me — standing on the back of my leg and holding my shoulder — trying to push his way into an overstuffed Metro car, the group of suit-and-tie-clad Howard Dean supporters screaming “DON’T TOUCH ME! DON’T TOUCH ME! DON’T TOUCH ME!” and biting passengers for accidentally brushing against them in another overstuffed car), but I digress.

     This is typical of DC.

     It’s a relatively tiny land area chock-full of asinine, and overflowing with WTF.

     Knoxville protesters tend to be at least a little less moronic.  The culture here is very different to DC, in that most people are usually — at least somewhat — nice to each other.  They still scream sarcasm, and use all the silly catch-phrases which don’t apply (general misuse of words and such).  But for the most part, they’re not hitting people.  They’re usually not throwing things at passersby.

     “The smell of patchouli in the air so thick it makes my eyes water,” said Lissa Kay as she filmed this video.

     You can also see that they enlisted the aid of many of Knoxville’s homeless population in exchange for free doughnuts.  I guess they needed to show numbers, and really didn’t think about how demeaning it would be to bribe people to their cause using food…

     Especially when many of the protesters claim that our government was doing that to rural Iraqis…

     Can you say, “Reprehensible hypocrites!” boys and girls?

     I knew you could.

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8 Responses to “Yes, I Still Think War Protesters are Moonbats”

  1. Mark Says:

    Wonder how long it’ll take before some Moonbat comes on here and starts going nuts about this post, claiming that I’m some sort of antidisestablishmentarianist working for The Man?

  2. Monty Says:

    Protests are generally all fringe elements, from abortion clinic protestors to war protestors. It’s a given. Even if there are some normal type folks there, they usually are scared off by the freaks they have to stand next to. No thanks. Most if us protest other ways.

  3. Bill White Says:

    Most National Socialists are not Christian, and don’t support Bush or the war, moonbat.

    See you in Knoxville:


    Bill White, Commander
    American National Socialist Workers Party

  4. Moonbat Says:

    You antidisestablishmentarianist. You’re just working for The Man.

    And I resent your making fun of my name.

  5. Mark Says:

    Well, I guess it takes 37 Hours 17 minutes, aparently. 😉

    Ms. Zappa, is that you? *snicker*

  6. Mark Says:

    As for the Above “LINK REMOVED” Edit: The Link to the White Supremacist forum was removed. Apparently, they want to have a Chiannon Christian / Christopher Newsom Remembrance Day in Knoxville, complete with a Neo-Nazi/KKK March. But as per norm, they can’t make a decision and stick to it. That’s so thoughtful, since I’m sure the families wouldn’t approve.

    Next, Bill, you’ll be telling us you don’t have hate in your hearts, either. *rolls eyes* Believe, I’ve known plenty of you, and the majority of you are, in fact, followers of Christianity. The “leaders” in your ranks, however, tend to follow the old Hitler Jugend tradition of Forefather Worship, misguided as it is.

    I’ll bet if I’d told the DC story about the seven kids I spit on in the Metro, you’d really be pissed… But I’ll bet you already know that story, eh?

    But in a way, I thank you proving a point. I’m glad you guys are standing up for your Lefty Democrat political party these days in force, and proving to people that you hate the Republican Right.

  7. Moonbat Says:

    Ever since Dweezil had a cow about why I got “Unit” when clearly, he’s the one that has one, I’ve been going by Moonbat.

    And changing links is proof you are working for the man, it reeks of censorship. Who are you to think you can change links in your own blog? It would serve you right if I hunted down the good Mr. White and sent him to my good friends at the ACLU.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. (Err.. wait, that sounds like something I should do.)

    Leave me alone now and quit harassing me. I’m too busy to bother with post censoring antidisestablishmentarianists.

  8. Mark Says:

    Nobody ever bothers to think that maybe I *am* The Man.

    I guess now’s my queue to be LOUDER. 😉