OMGWTFBBQ, 33 People Died!

April 19th, 2007 at 10:58 pm by Norton
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Yes it was a tragedy, yes it was traumatic for those involved, and yes it was horribly unfair. But honestly, get over it already.

Why are we as a nation so infatuated with the death of 33 people whom most of us would never have met? Is this event any different than the thousands of other events that resulted in 1200 deaths across the nation in that same period of time? Is it suddenly news worthy when 33 people die in a single event vs hundreds or thousands dying in similar yet unrelated events?

In the United States of America, how many people drank themselves to death that day? How many innocent people were killed because someone was driving while drinking themselves to death? How many toddlers were raped by a family member. How many children were beaten, bruised, maimed, or killed by their parents that day? How many children slit their wrists or hung themselves because of depression? How many people starved to death? With the exception of starvation (just eight) each of those numbers is greater than 33, most are over 100.

There are many atrocities closer to home that we should be worried about. Yet as a people the US appears intent on ignoring the “routine deaths” in favor of the sensational. Why can’t we realize that CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and all these other so called news channels are FOR PROFIT? They don’t give one bit of shit about reporting the truth. They only care about ratings.

The news is supported by the advertisers. Ratings go up when more people watch. Advertisers pay more for shows with higher ratings. It stands to reason that a for-profit company would do everything they can to get more viewers. I see it on the national news channels, local news, and even PBS and NPR. They all constantly promise one more tidbit of information to string you along and keep you from changing channels.

Ironically, I don’t blame the news agencies. I blame you! You watch the news, you agonize over the tragedy and you buy it, hook line and sinker. Truth, lies, slanted left, slanted right, you consume it all. Your eyeballs glued to the freaking CNN or Fox News are to blame. If you wouldn’t watch the shit, they wouldn’t produce it.

So as you’re walking around tomorrow and see people wearing orange and maroon, commemorating the shooting at VT, thank them from the bottom of your heart for perpetuating a nation of lies, half truths, and sensational tragedy.


One Response to “OMGWTFBBQ, 33 People Died!”

  1. Monty Says:

    This is the turning point. Media has been evolving into a shark feed for a while. When it was Anna Nicole, it was laughable. But seeing the huge news sources feasting on the tortured remains of these people, and waving the flag of the attacker and interviewing anyone who had any opinion of any aspect of any part of anything that had to do with this mess, well, I think we all are sick of it.

    The mass of people who throng to “fix the problem” are hopefully saying, “you, Mr. Reporter, you are a problem.” You can be sure that is the sentiment in Blacksburg. It is certainly the case for me.

    A big example of this frenzy is how the NBC news became the news as part of reporting the news. How the media coverage itself is part of the story. They are so hungry to put this crap in front of us, that they are actually reporting on themselves. It’s like some Monty Python skit, except its just not funny. It’s sick.