Does Kitten Guilt Really Work?

April 27th, 2007 at 1:53 pm by Mark
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     I just deleted 991 spam since last night at 9PM.  One from a spambot known only as RastaCamel, coming to us from an open proxy in Russia, ends its hundreds of nasty pr0n links with the following:

See later![b] With best wishes, RastaCamel [/b] ;)

[i]Please don`t delete this topic.. My kitten is very hungry and I must to work for buy to her Whiskas :(( Thanks![/i]

     Kitten-guilt to promote pr0n spam.  Wow.

     Considering the subject matter, it’s probably a good thing, then, that the last Kitten Guilt craze was debunked by The Good Reverend in 2005

God Kills a Kitten

     However, this math may be flawed, considering that he didn’t account for the the fact that kittens have nine lives…

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2 Responses to “Does Kitten Guilt Really Work?”

  1. Norton Says:

    Even so, 9 lives won’t be enough to get from 26 billion masturbation sessions down to just 5 million deaths.

    Assuming that kittens have not yet wasted one of their lives, we should expect about 2.8 billion deaths per year. That’s still 200 times more than the number of cats born each year.

    If this were really true, cats would be extinct and stores like PetSmart would never have survived. Come to think of it, is that really bad? Time to google some free porn and see if the neighbor’s kitten dies.

  2. Frank Says:

    Hey this image is my wallpaper since a few years now! 😀