Hottie of the Day: Criss Angel

May 31st, 2007 at 2:58 pm by Diva
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Chris AngelNot only do I notice skanks and bimbos and man-whores, but I take the time to notice extremely sexy people too. You know, the sexy ones who make you stop for a second and say, “Thank you, God!”


My, my, my, my, my, my, my. Can somebody get me a glass of ice water and a set of handcuffs?

I had forgotten just how hot he is since we are currently in between seasons of MindFreak. But just last night, I saw a rerun from last season and it all came rushing back to me. Dang! He’s freakin hot!

I first started drooling over this man a couple years back when I saw him on the strip in Vegas. He was doing card tricks on the street. I didn’t realize who he was until I got home and a good little while later saw him on MindFreak.

In the beginning he was almost scary looking. So, what makes Criss Angel so hot now?

The magician gig. There is something about a mystic that is pure, unadulterated sexy. He is very passionate about his endeavors, which obviously makes Diva think that he would be very passionate in all aspects of his being *wink*.

The hair. He pulls off the long semi-80’s teased look like a pro. Not since Sebastian Bach has any man rocked 80’s mall hair.

The eyes. Mesmerizing. Deep eyes that you could get lost in and not want to find your way back. If you watch his show, you know that he has a dreamy quality going on with those eyes. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think it is safe to make direct eye contact with him. Might go into hottie shock.

The Abs. Um. Day-um, the six pack. Honestly, the man has the body of a Greek god. With all of the physical preparation and the black belt in karate, it’s no wonder.

Confidence. Although he wasn’t always totally hot, there is a certain self-confident quality about him without cresting that point of being completely stuck on himself.

The Tag Line is even sexy. “Are you ready?” Oh honey, am I.

I’ve decided after my boob job and the bleach, I’d like to have Criss Angel delivered to my door with a big red bow on his forehead. Better yet, he lives in Vegas; deliver me to him by same day service.

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12 Responses to “Hottie of the Day: Criss Angel”

  1. Tish Says:

    Criss is definitely SEXY! Whenever I’m flipping through the channels and see his show, I always stop to DROOL.

    Sorry, Mark. 😉

  2. fracas Says:

    My 16 year old dd thinks he’s hot. Ruins it for me. If you took away his hair and went only on his actual looks… you might change your mind.

    Sorry. I’m weird.

  3. damewiggy Says:

    He’s got that look — yanno, where you’re not quite sure if he wants to rage hump ya like a rag doll or beat the living piss out of ya — or both.

  4. kweenkong Says:

    yeah, but ummm… he reminds me too much of the tranny in Silence of The Lambs!

    great post! 😉

  5. fracas Says:

    lol kweenkong, I always had this um-nope thing about him but couldn’t place it. You’ve got it perfectly. rotflmao I wish I’d thought of that.

  6. Diva Says:

    Nah, Fracas, I don’t think you’re weird for not being on the Criss is Fracin hot bandwagon.
    Why, without the new Jon BonJovi doo he’s currently sporting, he’s not all that hot. He’s actually not all that hot at all in the looks department at all.
    Granted, I can’t get past the abs. Very nice.

    He was chosen because he has a dreamy essence about him.

  7. Shinaya Says:

    wow criss angel ROX
    he should have been hottie of the century

  8. carly Says:

    i think criss is the only guy that would actrully make my heart stop when and if i would ever see him he is the hottie of the second, minute,hour,day,week,……….. you get the point HE CANT GET ANY CUTER

  9. sydnie Says:

    ……..i dont know what to say about criss angel… i mean what can you say about him other than he is the HOTTIEST guy on the face of this planit!!

  10. carly Says:

    i would like to say something to this little thing about criss angel but i cant pick anything BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT HIM!!!
    like how hot or cute or wow how hot he is!!!!

  11. Jennifer Says:

    The man can pull off any style…. whether it’s gothic-style long, the shoulder-length 80s style, or even the short one witht the red and blond streaks like he has now. He’s one of the best looking men I’ve ever seen, period. Plus he certainly knows his way around magic as well.

  12. Tina Says:

    Criss is INSANELY HOT!! I have never missed an episode of Mindfreak, and I wish they would hurry up and get the new season started. I also wish he would do Playgirl, cause I would for sure camp out to get that copy of the magazine!! WOO-HOO!! They do need to quit chopping his hair. I thought it looed good really long, and in the picture on this site. I saw a video of him on YouTube the other day, and it’s called “Before He was famous” when you look for Criss Angel videos. He’s still super HOT, and has the Cinderella hair from the 80’s….those were the really good years!!!