Rated E for Excellent

February 17th, 2008 at 2:22 pm by Mark
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Excellent Blog     Amusingly, WhoreChurch has awarded blogitude.com the Excellent Blog award due to the following reason:

Mark gets the award because he would beat me up if I didn’t give him the award.

     While the reasoning is patently untrue (I’d be more likely to beat him for saying I’m “not unavailable” *snicker*) the award — and thought — is appreciated.

     And thus, I pass the Award along to these five:

  • Fracas, because she’s also twisted hilarious, and because she’s impressed me with her mad marketing skills she learnt from the Nelson Marketing agency over the last year;
  • Diva’s Ranting Again (formerly Divalicious), because Diva would beat me up if I didn’t give her the award;
  • The Silverbacks, because it’s hilarious, and pretty much the first place I click on the off days when I start surfing;
  • Absolutely True, which is basically the Blog version of News of the Weird;
  • and last, but certainly not least, Instapinch, for having the balls to live in DC and be a Patriot — at the same time, even!  That’s an impressive feat these days!  Plus, it’s fun as Hell watching him rip a Moonbat apart piece by piece and feed him back his words.  😉

     So, kudos, ya’ll.  Pass it on to five more.  😉


     Ok, I just noticed that it’s supposed to be TEN, not FIVE.  I am a dork.

     And so, in keeping it Local, I’ll add to the list the Usual Suspects:


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9 Responses to “Rated E for Excellent”

  1. Mushy Says:

    So, a whore in church gave you this award…cool!

    Thanks bud!

  2. Diva Says:

    I wouldn’t beat you up dammit!
    I’m all calm and cool today.
    I’ve had way too many identities lately and am in crisis.
    However, the name that’s there now has sentimental value.
    Can you figure it?

  3. Mark Says:

    Yep. But I won’t be coming out Thursday — but could be persuaded to stay up late Wednesday night. Two and a half long-island iced teas, or drink this small bottle of Jack with you and Zacque like we planned.

    Then again … do I really feel like drinking it?

  4. Mark Says:

    BTW .. The unspoken rule #11 on the blog you wrote that day clearly says, “Butts cheerfully kicked.” lol

  5. Missyb64 Says:

    Gee!!!! An award???? Gosh, I’m so overwhelmed! Man, you really shouldn’t, especially since I’ve been traveling and not blogging for a few days. Anyway, thanks! I will put this up on the virtual mantlepiece for everyone to enjoy… after all, it’s a major award!!!

    Seriously, glad I can amuse, entertain, and even make people think occasionally… but not too often, that part’s dangerous! Appreciate your award-love!

  6. fracas Says:

    Hey thanks Mark. I relish that ‘twisted hilarious” one. Marketing is easy when one’s got cold hard nipples to offer. Rotfl. Feel free to use my cold hard nipple posts in your marketing too. What are friends for?

  7. The House of Flying Monkeys » Lo and behold - Another Award!!! Says:

    […] am simply overwhelmed, truly.  Thanks to Mark over at blogitude.com for the Rated E for Excellent award!  Man, I didn’t know anybody other than my Mom read this thing regularly… […]

  8. Gerri Says:

    Thanks Mark! I would have kicked your ass had I not made the top 5 😉 Just joking, I would have sent my kid to do it.

  9. Mark Says:

    Well, now, that couldn’t happen. Ain’t nothin’ for me to kick a kid’s ass. I just have to kick lower. 😉