Before We Become an ObamaNation…

November 1st, 2008 at 3:03 pm by Mark
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     While all these rumors are circulating, I’m gonna stick with facts, not spin.

     No bullshit.  No rumors.  Just facts.

     While half the country complains about religious, racial and sectarian violence — and even genocide — in Africa and wonders why we don’t do something about it, another part ignores it and says, “That’s just the way things are.”

     But when a formerly peaceful tourist destination — so close to one of our own battlefields — destabilizes and a taliban-style Shariah is signed to force Islam upon its Christian members of the population, enforce dress codes against all woman (including tourists, and not just Muslim women like it was in Afghanistan), and then goes the extra step to kick out international peace keepers and refuse the extradition of terrorists, how would you feel?
     Starts to make one feel a little antsy, doesn’t it?

     And how would you feel about one of our own Presidential candidates having repeatedly endorsed the person — even spoken on his behalf to that country’s masses — who is directly responsible for those actions?

     Does it really depend on your political affiliation as to whether or not you ask this man to address that?

     I sure hope not

     And hey, this is only one thing… How is there possibly any defense for this?

     Now I know that this video doesn’t show it (those keep being removed), but if, “It’s common for American politicians to be seen with foreign dignitaries!” then why are there plenty of sources, including sources actually in Kenya, who show and tell all about Obama campaigning with Odinga?  Campaigning together for “Change?”  Fully endorsing Odinga to his own people, telling them it’s time for “Change?” 
     That’s exactly what an endorsement is…
    And if, “Odinga is not Muslim!  He’s Anglican!” then why is his signature at the bottom of a three page Memorandum which states that he “recognizes that Islam as the only true religion?”

     My biggest problem with this is the constant spin by Liberals and the Obama Campaign itself — deny, deny, deny, deny — “That rumor was debunked!” — when the evidence and truth are right there that these events did occur, and Odinga’s signature is right there on page three.

     Before you throw out the whole video because Odinga and Obama are not blood relatives (they call everyone “cousin” there), keep in mind that Kenya has issues.  Obama still supported and endorsed the very man who led a failed coup attempt against his own government, the man who headed a violent opposition political party.  This same man promised and proposed Taliban-style Shariah, and signed documents to that effect.

     You can say, “Obama isn’t Muslim!” all you want, and that may well be true.  Nor was his father an Arab, as more recent rumors claim… he was an ethnic Lou from Kenya.  (Actually, to me, both of those things are irrelevant.  For the most part, as I don’t feel that Islam is inherently wrong.  Most of these countries problems are cause by a lack of Seperation of Church and State, and Islam is allowed to be the “supreme law,” and leaders are able to use the religion to control their populations.)
     The bigger point here is that having one of our own political candidates directly involved with in a foreign country’s election process is as inflammatory as it is reprehensible.  You do not see our people hanging around with opposition candidates.  It is not the job of a U.S. Senator to go on the campaign trail with a foreign opposition leader, because that in itself constitutes an American endorsement.

     The questions you have to ask yourself are simple… how can you slam an opposition party for opportunisticly aligning themselves for personal and political gain when your own candidate does the same damn thing?  And how can a U.S. Senator violate the trust of his office by endorsing an opposition candidate, regardless of their political motivations?

     And why does everyone else in the world see that but us?

Note: Memorandum of Understanding provided by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya.


2 Responses to “Before We Become an ObamaNation…”

  1. Mark Says:

    — Original Message —-
    From: Henry Rothescort
    Received: Saturday, November 1st, 2008 at 1:18PM EDT

    When someone threatens a politican it is always taken seriously! How dare you! How is anyone supposed to know they’re not serious until they’re arrested? You wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped you in the face! Republicans like you should be fucking shot!!! I would be the one to do it too!!!
    — End Message —

    Wanna have it both ways?

    Gun Control: Ban Guns / Shoot Mark.
    Republicans: Refute the Truth / You Refute the Truth
    Threats Should Be: Taken Seriously / Not Be Taken Seriously

    Like I asked: is it safe to be Conservative?

    I rest my case.

    And, sir, you’re too much of a pussy to even post that publicly, so why use the contact form?

    I dedicate this blog to you.


    Now go fuck yourself.

  2. fracas Says:

    I couldn’t keep my mouth shut Mark. Click the name.