Mickey Mouse for President!

November 4th, 2008 at 4:13 pm by Mark
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     Seems I’m not the only one being assaulted by Internet, Telephone and Snail Mail… This comes to me from Pennsylvania:

Barack Hussein Obama, and cronies… committing crimes daily such as f$%*ing harassment….. Every 5 minutes yesterday…. f$%* it I unplugged my phone now… because I am being literally harassed by them. I have called the DNC, and other PACs, telling them to stop calling me, and that as far as they know, their harassment, which still continues by the way, has made me decide to vote McCain.

So yeah, I called the popo to file a criminal complaint against Barack Obama ’08, and teh DNC!!!!

To make my case, I even recorded the calls to the groups, and clearly stated I was recording the call for my records, and that I do not want them to call me, and that further calls would result in my filing a criminal complaint.

So its done, I have reported Barack Hussein Obama’s criminal acts!!!!

     Good luck!

     I’ll bet you can guess who I didn’t vote for today.

     As for those bashing me over and over by Contact Form, mistakenly calling me a McCain supporter, it’s not my fault your Party of Choice put up such a stooge of a candidate.

     The Truth is revealed here:


     So take your Liberal schtick and shove it up your ass so your head has some company, okay?

     I actually did something I’ve never done before…

     I voted NONE OF THE ABOVE!

     I cast my write-in vote: Mickey Mouse for President!

     Know why?

     Because I live in a country where I CAN

     It’s my RIGHT to do so.

     And THAT is what VOTING is all about.


     Do I have voter’s remorse?

     Damn straight I do.

     Because if I’d thought about it, I would’ve put Me as Henry Rollins running mate.

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2 Responses to “Mickey Mouse for President!”

  1. fracas Says:

    You just did that so you can still complain for four years either way.


    They’re really electing Biden. Someone will assassinate Obama. A stupid idea if you ask me, since then he’ll get hero worship he doesn’t deserve, but it’s likely someone out there won’t care about that and do it anyway.

    Who knows? Maybe Hillary will find the spine she didn’t have while Bill was playing with his dick in class?

    That’s a joke people… a joke. Don’t phone me. I finally got Obama’s campaign to stop calling me here. 😉

  2. Mark Says:

    I did it because I CAN. 😉

    Obama won’t be assassinated. He’ll be declared ineligible, and it’ll be the big, bad, scary Republicans’ faults. But certainly, he’ll go down as a martyr. Especially globally. Apparently, a lot of Muslims really love martyrs…

    As for Hillary… Invertebrates don’t have spines. 😉