December 7th, 2008 at 11:08 am by Mark
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     It’s been widely noted that I do not sleep.  Like, at all.

     There aren’t too many times I’ve slept since June.

     But last night, I slept for a whole five hours…

     Then I fell back to sleep til 10AM.

     Waking up is funny… that’s when I’m the most groggy…

     And do stupid things like stick a straw in my coffee and take a big drink… *shakes head*

     But fortunately, I’m too groggy to notice that my tongue is scalded.

[Update: 9:13PM]

     I fell asleep again… woke up at 5:30PM soaking wet from sweat…

     A customer asked me to fix some stuff on his server, and I did it…

     But when it came time to add reverse DNS records, twelve of them, I couldn’t think about anything that came in twelves but Apostles…
     “How about Zodiac signs?”
     “Oh, man, and there I was, thinking, egg1, egg2, egg3, egg4… and that wouldn’t work…”

     Groggy, post-sleep, need sleep, more sleep…

     I’m gonna eat a pizza and go back to bed. 😉

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