Weird Shit I’ve Heard Tonight

December 20th, 2009 at 3:39 am by Mark
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     I could make a regular series of “Weird Shit I’ve Heard Tonight.”   But only because this night isn’t any different than any other night … well, except those nights I stay home playing the Xbox 360… Which I do a lot of.  By choice.

     Tonight … ?

     “Computers are smarter than me, so if I use them, I can learn something,” she said.
     “A computer is a tool,” I said as I pulled a screwdriver from my coat pocket.  “It’s only as smart as the shit people put in it.  Can you learn anything from this?”
     “But I already know how to screw,” she said, looking at the screwdriver I was taking back from her hand.


     Believe me, I’ll carry a wrench in my coat pocket from now on…


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