Who the Hell is Debbie Hughes Erickson?

December 30th, 2009 at 6:29 pm by Mark
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     The story goes like this.  Her and I dated some time ago.  Somehow, we ended up by a secluded spot by a river and I got out of the car.  She would not get out of the car because she was afraid I would kill her.  I am a dangerous and unstable individual.

     Yet another bunch of ridiculous accusations.

     So why do they matter? 


     Because not a word of it’s true, and I haven’t seen or spoken to this Debbie Hughes Maxwell in eleven years.

     I wonder, why, if there was any such incident and issue, that getting out of the car would matter at all?  Seriously, confined space, limited mobility?  That’s a perfect place to commit a brutal, or even a non-brutal, murder!  And with this magnificent, secluded spot by the river, being “secluded,” no one would hear her scream, right?
     Who drove there?  Me?  Her?  I guess we can assume that she drove away, since she claims to have stayed in the car.  So how did I get home?  I certainly didn’t live within any easy walking distance to any secluded spots by rivers…
     Come on, give me some answers to these relevant questions!

     Character Assassinations shouldn’t be that easy these days, but apparently some people enjoy using whatever reaction you make to crazy bullshit like this against you in order to prove their point.  That’s why I like to take the wind out of their sails by being the first to bring crap like this to serious light where it can be dissected and made fun of when it’s not true.

     The fact is, I never dated this woman.  I did not have any sexual relationship with this woman.  I haven’t seen or spoken to her in eleven years, so why all this crap now?

     It must be because she saw my name mentioned somewhere, or read a blog and figured she could inject herself into the “news” again because she just can’t let go of that rejection eleven years ago!  What actually happened, eleven years ago, is that she called me late one night with important news that could not wait.
     “I’ll be right there!” she said frantically on the phone.
     When I opened my door, she was standing there out of breath from running up the stairs.
     “I have to tell you something really important!
     “What?  What’s up?”
     “Hang on, let me come in and catch my breath,” she said, forcing her way inside and standing near the door.  “Mark,” she said, exasperated.  “I’m in love with you.”
     “What the Hell are you talking about?” I asked, confused.
     “Well, I’m getting older, and my biological clock is ticking.  I need a baby.  And I want to do that with you.”
     “Uhh,” I stammered.  “I just don’t even know what to say, but, why don’t you try having a baby with your husband?  Because not only can I not have kids, I don’t need to practice, either…”
     “Fuck you, you asshole!  God you’re a fucking piece of shit!  This was a fucking mistake!”
     “Yeah, kinda…”
     “I hope we can still be friends…”
     “Yeah, I think you just kinda ruined that…”
     I slammed the door, locked it, and sat stunned on the couch for quite a while.  I even sat through the frantic knocking several minutes later, and ignored the subsequent telephone calls.  I refused any and all contact with her.
     And I never heard from her again.

     She’d been a friend of friends of mine, friends I haven’t spoken to since back then.  Outside of the group, I was only even around her a couple times.  Once, we cooked some Indian stuff, because I do enjoy cooking.  She rode along on a three hour trip when I had to go to Atlanta to sort out some things with a distributor I had down there at the time.
     Lastly, she drove me home and crashed at my place once when I was fully well intent on drinking a bottle of Crown Royal and thought getting a DUI was a bad idea.  As she stated to other friends at the time, she slept in my bed.
     Apparently, the detail that I slept on the couch was unimportant.

     Eleven years is a long time… I remember it like it was yesterday.  How can my memory be so sharp about it?  Because it’s pretty damned shocking when a married woman, ten years older, taller, and larger than you are comes onto you without solicitation asking you to help her make a baby because her life sucks…
     Stuff like that doesn’t happen every day.  It sticks in your mind in a permanent, “What the fuck was that?” kinda way.  Even after eleven years. ๐Ÿ˜‰

     But I wonder.  Did this incident she keeps lying about happen before or after I cut off all contact with her?

     Enquiring minds wanna know!  Good God, woman!  Take that shit to Maury!  I’m *ALL* up for a LIE detector test up in here!  And maybe I can break a few chairs!

     Of course, you know I’ll end this with the requisite punchline.  In this case, it’s rather obvious…

     Where is this secluded spot and by what river?

     Because I tell ya, it really sounds like a cool place to take chicks…

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53 Responses to “Who the Hell is Debbie Hughes Erickson?”

  1. Wildcat Says:

    LMFAO! You have that effect on women! Go figure….

  2. Mark Says:

    Yeah … Obviously my fault, right? *shakes head* Good god, this woman’s gotta be fifty something pulling this crap. WTF, eh?

    The other amusing tidbit pulled from a couple of these accusations was that I apparently had not dyed black, nor brown, but actually — blonde hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰ God … not even as a little kid. lol Guess that kinda shows how well she knew me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m guessing later, Elvis came down in his spaceship and took her onboard. Only after a few minutes, it was a hotel room in Vegas. But Jimmy Hoffa and Lucky the Dog were there make sure nothing untoward happened.

  3. John Says:

    Now there’s a name I havent heard since the Longbranch and The Spot. lol Man I liked Debbie but sanity and her aren’t even in the same book. lol Besides she couldn’t have been with you eleven years ago she was too busy in the Florida keys learning all about scientology on Heinlein’s yacht with Vinny Vincent and Tom Cruise. Did “she’s out there” ever mean anything to you? How about now? lol Dude don’t feel alone cause you’re not the only one did shit like that to. It’s still funny.

  4. Dean Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    Mr. Steel,
    I’m going to ask you politely to end this now. My wife has told me of you. I believe her. You go your way and we go ours. Any further derogatory comments and replies will leave me no choice but to take legal action. My wife’s comments to Ms. [REMOVED] and Ms. [REMOVED] were made in a private email. You chose to make this public and your comments are both inflammatory and libelous as well as untrue.
    Take a moment and think this through before you continue.
    Dean Erickson

  5. Mark Says:

    What you fail to understand is that is EXACTLY what I attempted to do eleven years ago, not only with her, but her “best friends” as well. I did NOT feel like being embroiled in the above bullshit then, and certainly did not expect this sort of underhanded, LYING, SLANDEROUS gossip this many years later, either.

    While my “comments” may be “inflammatory,” they fail to reach any possible definition of “libelous.” Nor are they untrue. There are several more details regarding others which are not listed in this blog. Do you really want to drag them into court, as well, in any capacity?

    It’s like I said back to Ms. Nameless when she told me it was “an asshat move” on my part to make this public:

    So when she pulls out this absolute BS and character assassination with people I see on a regular basis, on the downlow, behind the scenes, it’s okay? No. My life. My friends. Misrepresentations of facts to this degree are DANGEROUS. These are the types of things people end up in jail for, or being stigmatized with for their entire lives. … Therefore, I *will* publicise it and *will* glean whatever humor I can out of a *ridiculous* situation. Because let’s be honest, [REMOVED]. If the same thing happened to you — what would *you* do? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to have a laugh about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And you need take that into account, Dean.

    Have her enjoy the free publicity. Or should I send you a marketing bill?

  6. Dean Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    Listen, your feelings were hurt so you hit back. It worked. You can feel vindicated.
    Lets just drop it and move on. You have your forum here and I’m sure you have other topics of greater interest to you and your followers. I’ll see to it that my wife moves on. In return you do the same please. Then I can as well. This is too small of a town for this kind of feud. Happy New Year.

  7. Maxwell Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    Dean who got their feelings hurt? She’s pulled this ploy a million times. Ask Russ Householder. She fixates on intelligent people who she thinks waste their talent. You just had more money. lol

  8. Mark Says:

    ROFLMAO Thank you John, thank you whoeverwhomightbeherexhusband, but, yeah. I think everyone but Dean knows that.

    Good luck, dude.

    Believe my e-mail was a little less candid. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    I have just about heard enough bullshit from you, you want to egg me on, here is your response you so rightly need shoved right back down your throat, and btw: if you do not take this shit off here, soon, I will have Howard Levy contact you on Monday bright and early.

    Setting the Record straight:
    Dear Mr. Mark Steel,

    And I quote from your rather interesting fiction: the story goes like this: What story??? Let me allow your readers the truth here, there is no story other then a private, and I mean very private email of which the above very nosey and paranoid personality decided to air on his blog without permission
    or one in which he hacked into, not to my surprise sense you always were a very paranoid person, with the inability to understand that it is within ones right in the country to send email to close friends. Perhaps you should take your nose out of others private emails.

    I have to say first off, that it might do you some good to stop drinking and get your facts straight when and if you decide to post your nasty comments. The fact is, if I were as deranged and did anything wrong to you, I would take responsibility for it and chalk it up as my bad. I have done nothing wrong here. What Mark Steel has done IS wrong and libelous.

    Your behavior in this whole matter, is what I expected, nothing but explosive
    vitriolic criticism, hate, anger and a confused representation of facts mixed in with some sort of paranoid bullshit. It is the kind of behavior that drove me away for good, along with other palace users and friends who got tired of your ranting.

    First off, yes I was a friend to you, thankgod, I am not now. You show friends
    the kind of compassion, concern and interest, that only narcissistic, self-involved people do, they are there to be used. In fact, you did clarify this in your long ass diatribe online, not only did you treat a good friend badly by shutting the door in her face while they cried on your doorstep but you disregarded another friend who I remember was going through a very bad
    time in her life, Chloie. It is perfectly understandable to me that someone like yourself, who lacks both compassion and the traits to keep a friendship longer then needed, especially when the relationship is not providing you with your needs only.

    Now why you seem to think that I am obsessed with you is beyond my comprehension. I did not post a long ass letter online as you have done here assassinating my character, I sent an email to a friend who was introduced to you to tell her, my experience with your sorry ass. She does not even know you! So your little bullshit about me working behind the scenes to offend your friends, give me a fucking break! I don’t even know who you associate with nor do I give a fuck. But when it comes to my friends, yes, I will talk to them, relay them messages, warn them and do what friends do, care about them. If I can save one person the pain and frustration from another offensive individual I will do that. Your act of posting this seems to me like you wanted to start a fight and to air this, not my doing. You sir, can take full responsibility for your actions.

    NOW, I feel it my utmost responsibility to set the facts straight here, since you have posted mostly lies and bullshit.
    I never ever came to your door asking for a BABY! Jeesuz, what planet are you from?? This has to be you getting one of your drunken memories replaced with another drunken memory. I showed up at your door to tell you that I loved you, yes, that I did, this resulted in you having a nervous breakdown of sorts and throwing me out of your apartment, with a very distinctive, “don’t ever come back again” thrown at me. Wow, this was the great offensive thing I did to you.

    But the baby thing??? excuse me, that is a memory from some other woman you must have dated. I do remember you telling me a that there were spies breaking into your home and moving your furniture around. Then I remember you telling me that I rearranged your beer bottles to all face roughly northwest. In fact, I do remember seeing them all lined up in your kitchen next to the fridge all facing the same direction via the labels. So readers, please take note of the mental state of the man in question, not me. Bringing up sexual activity in any blog is a matter here of serious consequence, and if you continue on in this manner, I will press charges. Your lascivious manner and downright irresponsible lack of restraint, displays a personality that
    can’t help but brag on about sexual activity as if you are in a den of your buddies bragging, keep it to yourself, I will not go there, and what you have done is accused me of being some slut desperate for sex. It is offensive, rude and really quite uncalled for. Sinking to this is quite a new low for you, is it necessary? Does it boost up your rather small ego? Whether you and I had a sexual relationship is no ones’ business, and it was not something I ever brought up, why should I? You on the other hand, think it adds creedance to your “rejected woman” theory. Is this from your law school days? Lets see, there is a person out there who does not like me,
    its not because I am a big fat asshole, its because I rejected her sexual advances. wow. You must think of yourself as really something special. lol
    Repeat after me, the logic does not apply to your argument, now go back to law school.

    AS far as other incidents I had mentioned, All I can say is that I do have a good memory, and being driven to a pretty scary area of town with no reason, seemed to be only a ploy to either scare the crap out of me or set me odds, perhaps you should also remember pulling out rifles and guns one evening at your apartment and demonstrating to me how to dismantle them and load them. No, thats not scary behavior. In Fact, all my friends make a regular habit of showing off guns to people they barely know.

    Blonde hair vs. Black??? lol, I thought it was mostly bald? I mean it was receding. If you want to get technical, it was dirty blonde. I started a painting of you once and I still have it but it’s too creepy to look at. I will probably return to it one day and paint the monster I once
    knew, better yet, I think now I will gesso over the damn thing and get rid of it.

    11 years is a long time, this myth you seem to have of women, which I see in your blog repeatedly, “oh they can’t seem to get over being rejected”
    Sheez, very short, bald men with a drinking problem and a bad temper are not often sought after by women as good catches. Perhaps, you should replace the sentence with women who remembered a very caustic, angry young man who was not only offensive but in the end a person they did wish they had never even met. What I did see on your blog were comments made back at you that sound to me like anger, not rejection. But being somewhat of a Rush Limbaugh
    personality, you do seem to filter out what you want your bloggers to see and what not.

    It can’t be easy to maintain a sense of goodness and peace of mind about one’s actions, I wish you luck on that. But please refrain from your false accusations of me. And whoever this idiot is on your blog who thinks I hung out at the LongBranch or the Spot?? I do believe he has me confused with one of your other co-horts. Oh and whoever, the Maxwell is, that is not Mark Maxwell, was this put there by you to goad me on? I also do not know a Russ Householder.

    BTW; Her and I had a relationship? That was your beginning statement right? Obviously, you need lessons in grammer. It’s She and I, if you can’t remember
    how it goes, use one or the other alone in a sentence, like She had a friend, I had a friend, because when you
    say her by itself, her had a friend, it sounds stupid.

    Have a nice life and a better new year, and I do hope despite all this, that you can be a happy person one day.


  10. Mark Says:

    Dear Mr. Erickson:

    You just kind of blew your court case. But your WIFE gave ME more of one. She is, afterall, the fiction writer. I’m just “some asshat with a blog”.

    Please bring more, because, as I said, I have witnesses to the fact eleven years ago. Oh, did I tell you about ONE witness before, in my private retort to you? BRING IT ON.

    Not that I need them after this nutjob last post.

    I will now piss Northeast, which should roughly be in my … sink.

    Good night, and have a nice day, tomorrow.

    By the way …. her market value is decreasing.

    When do I get my check?

    Mark Steel

    P.S.: NOW she wants to go by Debbie Erickson INSTEAD of Debbie Hughes, the name she’s fought so hard to keep? You asked that this be the end. Sorry your 50-what-year-old wife is nuts, dude. I understand, I really do. More than you know.

    Now about that marketing check โ€ฆ Oh, Iโ€™m sorry. Is SHE defending YOU now?

  11. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    This last comment is obviously drunken induced as usual.
    K, idiot, go on your merry way pretending you are so right. If that is what makes
    you function.
    Witnesses? would that be a mouse in your pocket? Does he also speak to you, or perhaps he is the one who rearranged your beer bottles?

    I am going to let you dig your own hole. Just keep it up, I can let you have it right back.

    btw: this is not Dean, it is Debbie.

  12. Mark Says:

    Dear Mr. Erickson:

    I’m becoming rather disappointed in your ability to “see to it that” your “wife moves on.”

    As I’ve repeatedly mentioned, I haven’t spoken to your wife in more than eleven years and do not intend to start now. Nor have I gone behind her back bad-mouthing her as she has clearly done to me.

    You may also note that she now admits to coming to my apartment just as I detailed, but still obfuscates certain facts which can be proven. This is pertinent, you see, as that was the last time I saw or spoke to your wife. If the events she’s been slandering my name with were true, Mr. Erickson, why would she have come there, unsolicited, with a profession of love?

    I’m certain that you’re intelligent enough to figure out the flaw in that faulty logic, and sincerely hope that you will keep your promise to put an end to this situation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mark Steel

  13. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    you See readers, Mark Steel

    is showing you all how he is not not listening to me, the offended party and instead addressing my husband.

    As far as this comment “coming to your apartment” What exactly does that prove?
    Would someone out their please explain the logic here? Please reread my letter above, it is concise, it is intelligent, it is logical. None of the Mark Steel diatribe is cohesive or logical, its drunken speak.
    I am done.

  14. Zacque Says:

    If that was “drunken speak” I am impressed. Unless by the grace of god Mark is some sort of high powered super mutant from a different planet I just don’t see how this can be. The writing is much too eloquent for that of a drunkard. So perhaps you should leave your biased and unrealistic opinions to yourself Ms. Erickson, as it was 10:15a.m. on the 2nd went he wrote the reply. Besides from the lack of correct punctuation and sudden line breaks, if any of the above correspondence was truely “drunken speak,” it would most likely be yours.

  15. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    Mr. Zacque,
    are you the same Zacque who hangs out at the senior center in Maryville daily telling old eighty year olds how to work the computer??? Yes, I do remember you, you were the odd geek there who had a penchant for bendings one ear incessently on your knowings of the computer world. Um Excuse me, but I picked up a computer and was doing animation work about the time you were born.
    I remember my husband I went there because I wanted to use the pool and you talked on and on about your unbelievable computer works. Jeez, shut the fock up.
    Perhaps you should look at the nonstop misspellings of Mark Steel. My comment had line breaks because I cut and pasted one carefully thought out document and had to post it into this evil post.
    Eloquent writing on Mark Steel’s part?????? The use of asshat over and over, the use of webspeak over and over. Let me also remind you that this asshat sent us emails with lack of spelling all over the place and run on sentences. And he even had the gaul to borrow a word from my post and use it incorrectly in a sentence.

    Is this the best you can do mark steel? Enlist the undeniably naive meanderings of a newbie into your network of saviors? wow

    yeah, I know who you are Zacque, your mom works at the Senior Center in South Knoxville and you live at home. Let me tell you what William Shatner said to the geeks at the Star Trek cons, go out, move out or your parents basement and get a focking job, ok???

    beware of intelligent women like me who might just shoot your little naive pittle comments right back at ya.

    oh and btw: your webpage bullshit is boring?? so is your photography.


  16. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    I invited all my facebook people to your page, so you now owe me on
    the bill.

  17. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    um and this will help you with your pronoun usage since you have no knowledge of this:


  18. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    now I just invite my readers on to this site, go to town, say what you want.

  19. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    I would suggest readers really look into Mark Steel on this site, in the archives, there you will find a letter to his brother, where there is obvious mental problems within the family, quite a bit of unresolved issues there.
    there are also numerous posts of women who are “the rejected ones”, let me see there was one posted something like “please lady please”
    pretty disgusting bit of crap, with some woman going on about how she just saw him as a god or such and he rejected her in light of his previous relationship, oh pleeeeasseeee, give me a break. What drivel! If you follow a ferral dog along and he is growling at you, watch out he might bite you. Um……. yeah, I would say yup
    don’t follow after a ferrel psychotic dog, means he got kicked up his rumpus to much by previous owners(family).
    oh, yes, I saw the post of big boobed women, this was the lascivious part of the web site, here Mark can boast of his accomplishments. I kinda of doubt it, more like he took a picture and ran.
    seems Jamie Parkey was more of an expert of procuring women, if he wanted them, but then he is normal, most women do gravitate to normal human beings, not crazy ones.

  20. Zacque Says:

    But at least I have the common decency to not personally attack you, merely what you wrote.

  21. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    ” Besides from the lack of correct punctuation and sudden line breaks, if any of the above correspondence was truely โ€œdrunken speak,โ€ it would most likely be yours.”

    I would call that a personal attack.

  22. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    And btw, Zacque, you chose to defend this “asshat” who chose to personally attack me with lies. How much do you know about Mark Steel?

    I will chalk this all up to naivete on your part, better start learning now, otherwise you might find yourself in a den of lions, thinking, oh, they will not eat me, I know personally one of the lions really well, um… I think I do.

    Get real. You want to hear the real story, join me on facebook. When and if you want to see the light. I will certainly forgive you and apologize for my angry comments, but I will not back down or lay down and let people walk over me, which is exactly what Mark Steel has wanted me to do.
    Not gonna happen, sorry.

  23. Katelynn Moore Says:

    Mark, not a nice thing posting her name for the world to see. But given the accusations it’s understandable. Fortunately she made the point for you otherwise this could have been a lot worse.

    Debbie, honey, on January 2nd at 1:58AM you stated:

    I showed up at your door to tell you that I loved you, yes, that I did, this resulted in you having a nervous breakdown of sorts and throwing me out of your apartment, with a very distinctive, โ€œdonโ€™t ever come back againโ€ thrown at me. Wow, this was the great offensive thing I did to you.

    Why did you do that if everything else you said was true?

    You lied about him and were caught out publicly. You came up with a horrible back story to cover it. You attacked him and everyone else in a rage for what you yourself admit happened. Why should he have to defend himself from your scornful hatred eleven years later when it appears you’re the only one keeping this argument up?

    Holiday depression is devastating but is not an excuse for your own actions.

    Mark, stay away from Kentucky women. They’re all crazy.

  24. Southern_Chrys Says:

    Hm…it seems both parties have made the unfortunate choice of “trying this case” publically on blogs rather than in the court system to begin with, despite the fact that all of the evidence is not visible.

    I have been a casual observer in this situation and yes, a friend of Mark’s; however, I know better than anyone that it’s possible to never really know someone or what they are capable of.

    So Debbie… I’M listening… but enough with the smoke-and-mirrors deflection onto irrelevant issues about his lifestyle or that of his friend, Zacque, which have nothing to do with your overall point.

    Not all of us are distracted by shiny objects, numerous comments, or lengthy comments.

    So would you be kind enough to answer some questions that really DO appear to be inconsistencies in your story and explain them? Perhaps there IS a logical explanation and you were just upset above.

    Work with me, Deb…if you’re telling the truth, now’s your chance.

    1. What happened exactly at that secluded place that made you so fearful?

    2. Again, please answer the question: Did the “I love you, man” incident happen before or after you were supposedly taken to this secluded place where you began to fear Mark? Either way doesn’t look good – you had warning either way that there were problems and CHOSE to continue contact with him. Not that anyone deserves abuse, but it does dampen your innocent victim story a bit then.

    3. Lastly and most importantly, if you felt that you were in danger of Mark at any time, why did you not contact the authorities, getting legal back then instead of waiting 11 years and instead writing disparaging emails about the man to his female friends?

    Quite honestly, being a domestic violence victim myself and having attended a "boot camp" for it, as corny as it sounds, TYPICALLY, the number one tipoff that someone is a false-victim trying to smear after being rejected or get attention is this: Instead of getting legal, they get even… by smearing them to their social circle, trying to strip them of support.

    Granted, sometimes the victim isn't sure they are a victim at first, sometimes they blame themselves – afraid to tell the cops they were drinking at the time, not being believed, etc.

    With all do respect, you clearly have quite a bit of self-esteem and don't seem to be in danger of any of the above. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lastly, I'm confused as to your point here… “being driven to a pretty scary area of town with no reason, seemed to be only a ploy to either scare the crap out of me or set me odds, perhaps you should also remember pulling out rifles and guns one evening at your apartment and demonstrating to me how to dismantle them and load them.”

    So… why would he teach you how to load and use a gun and then take you out to a secluded place shortly thereafter to harm you?

    Wouldn’t he have just shown you how to defend yourself against… himself?

    Katelynn – your comments about Kentucky women notwithstanding, excellent points ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (Being originally from Ohio anyway, I excuse myself and agree in most circumstances, lol)

  25. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    unbelievable!!! Wow, Mark you do have a group of people who do think you have words of wisdom beyond your lack of spelling skills and lack of grammer.

    I am going to paste here what I pasted on facebook. But I will add on, that it takes time to know a person, sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes it takes a lifetime, I would say to Southern, above, that when you have two of the closest persons on the planet endorse someone, you usually believe them. Both of these friends would tell you now that they were wrong, believe me, I witnessed it and both these indiduals would tell you they do not care what mark Steel says. In addition I have one of the most powerfull women on the planet, Anda Andrei who will attest to the fact that this man villified her in palace and email. Anda Andrei designed Studio 54 in New York, she also works for Ian Schraeger Hotels, she also knows Bill Gates and appeared in a commercial with him.
    Question one:
    1. What happened exactly at that secluded place that made you so fearful?

    2. Again, please answer the question: Did the โ€œI love you, manโ€ incident happen before or after you were supposedly taken to this secluded place where you began to fear Mark? Either way doesnโ€™t look good โ€“ you had warning either way that there were problems and CHOSE to continue contact with him. Not that anyone deserves abuse, but it does dampen your innocent victim story a bit then.

    The driving incident was the day I was called out of nowhere, asking me to come over and pick up Mark Steel because he was too drunk to drive, I drove him to get breakfast, of which he was fine afterwards, he chose to drive me all over town afterwards in his car, which involved driving me to a god forsaken areas of town. My experience before this: an individual who expressed interest in my life, so much so he drove me to Atlanta to pick up a car and get me some help, he also was kind enough to look for the spot where my grandmother painted and he wanted to find the spot, where we painted. WE never found it but I felt it was kind of him. but this day was different, I was driven to some wierd ass river bank, where he said something like: this is a place I remember from my teens, ok? so, why are we here? We sat there, he got out, I sat there, wish I had a gun, point is, it was pointless, not a good place, not a reason to be there, and no reason given for driving them there.
    I chose not to get out, so that is what I did. As far as my memories go, yes, this was odd, yes this was uncalled for, yes it was spookey, yes I was glad we got out of there.
    I was then driven back to his apartment where yes, there were guns brought out, exhibited, shown. Should I have run, probably yes.
    As far as hindsight goes, we all trust individuals, especially when they do the best to charm and enhance their own credibilty, but when you notice the absense of forethought and compassion and unrelentless agravatted lashing out, you have to question the state of mind of this kind of individual. Drinking blinds people, most often if they are are a heavy drinker they do not remember what they did, or said.
    As far as being driven out to river spot, I never knew what that was, in hindsight to this day, it was creepy, what was the purpose? I willl not negate my feelings on this matter, nor chalk it up to my naivete, I chose to stand my ground.

    As a friend I was duped into caring, this is what Steel does. But in the long run, it is not healthy to befriend an individual who finds it offensive if you care more.Mark Steel wanted a friend. He had that, what I dislike is friends who become inhumane and rude.

    as I said above: My offense was to tell him I cared about him, this is when he went ballistic. What you all are doing here is saying to me: “why did you not run away from this bad horrible person form the git go?” or when he was dangerous? Much the same way people blame a woman who gets raped, “if you knew the guy was such and such, why did you hang around??” The truth is, women often trust others, long before they know its not cool or wierd.”
    I did, I ran away far and furiously. But then I carried guilt for a very long time that I did something wrong.
    I never did, I was a friend, pure and simply. If you analyse mark Steels argument, his soul reason, he states for shutting me out is> “I asked for a baby, and I was some sick puppy, asking for sex” wrong, totally wrong. this baby shit is totally wrong, I never ever went there. I have hemophilia in my blood, means I cannot have male children, My father had the worst of it. I chose not to have children in 1986 when I was tested and it show a 90% chance I would have children who would have the disease.
    so for him to accuse me of asking for a baby is a straight out lie. In addition, I tested myself again in1998, because of fibroid tumours ramant in me at age 40, I was could not have children. In 1999 I had an operation to remove all those tumours, this was 1 year after his said, bullshit. I have documentation of this.
    Let me bring reality back here, since the people involved here think I am some monster, Here on this page, is my name brought into scrutiny, to ill thought, I did not do this, Mark Steel did. I can press charges, this man decided to air his anger at me. I did not do so to him, till provoked by his incessant emails to my husband telling him i was some nutcase, bent on stigmatizing him since 1999.
    My husband knows him from Palace days when he met him as a snide little punk who came in under the avatar of ackthift, infuriating and alienating everyone in that forum till they threw him out of there. At that time he alienated everyone there, including Anda who offered him a very lucrative jobs with her hotels, of which he sabotaged it,, by throwing a tissy fit.

    I have over 4 witnesses here and about 3 in other parts of the country who will testify to this man’s lunacy. so give it up.

    Here is my face book entry, you can take it and shove it up your ass or you can read it and find in it the truth of this matter:
    Dean suffered a minor feint, He fell down in the living room and never got up, I was on the phone to 911, but he got back up, his blood pressure was way up, so I sent him to bed. Never the less, this is what made me absolutely livid. He had been angry since 10 a.m. when he got a nasty email from this individual telling him his wife could not keep her mouth shut and therefore he failed to do as asked.
    Since this person feels he has to air lies, I felt it important to let everyone know. If any of this were true, I would not air it all out. I am not ashamed of my behavior, but this guy should be. It is really reckless and harmfull for people to blog about others. If you must make it anonymous, or better yet, don’t publish it.
    As far as email goes, I am guessing that email is not ever private. Should we go back to private snail mail?
    not sure, are we suppossed to go to a hand signal way of communication.
    If this scenario were to happen in the real world as opposed to the internet, here is how it would go:
    I am in a bar or resteraunt with a friend, one of her friends comes up to us and says: “hey, I would like to introduce you to someone, I just met” , his name is Joe
    Stinky. I don’t know him that well, but he seems nice.” My inner memory kicks in, course I am not sure this is the same Stinky, I knew, but I curb my thoughts. However, I go on to call mrs. so and so, to ask her if it is indeed the same Stinky, she never replies. I then tell my friend in private, “hey, I know this person, and um, you might want to be carefull, here is my experience” This information is dully noted. In any case, free will is free will. I did not tie this woman up in a room and tell her not to communicate with Stinky.
    As is, she realized this was not a person she did want to communicate with.
    Now, this person, MR. Stinky, is angry at me. He goes on to vilify me on his blog.
    So, if I am at fault, does this mean to everyone in the world, that if you dislike a person for whatever reason, you have no right to tell a close friend of your experience?
    I doubt this seriously. There is difference between lieing and truth. There is a difference between posting a long outrageous blog of untruths as oppossed to telling someone to be careful around another person based on a bad experience.
    If Mr. Stinky was in the same bar and Mrs. So and so introduced us to him, I would most certainly tell my friend, right then and there, um, this is not what you want. Does Mr. Stinky have the right to go get a lawyer and prosecute me there and send me to jail. I doubt it.
    I think, Mr. Stinky, should chalk that up as what goes around comes around, meaning this, if you treat one person badly, it’s Karma. Learn to be nice, or learn to get yourself in rehab, or whatever it takes to curb your behavior so that people will like you.
    That is all I have to say on this manner. But bullying and mocking and goading one into a fight is the antics of a disturbed and very unhappy individual.

    why did Mark Steel do this? Because he got mad that I told a potentiall female on FAce book that he was not so nice a person, based on my experience.
    here is what I said on facebook.

  26. Southern_Chrys Says:


    I understand how you might feel attacked, threatened, even defensive…but how is it helpful to your own case to deflect off the point by criticizing everyone’s grammar and punctuation (not to mention verb tense agreement and incorrect pronoun usage?)

    Um…we can go there, if you like, but I doubt you’ll like the outcome for you.

    Read your own comment – you get your verb tenses and pronouns so turned around, I don’t know who did what, lol

    However, I’m gonna skip diagraming your sentences, because unlike you, I can still follow a person’s point without getting caught up in the OCD details like some sort of Rainman, and I’m hoping despite this odd defense mechanism, you’re actually capable of doing the same; unless, of course, Wheel of Fortune comes on;)

    Not to mention, the name-dropping thing does not impress me in the least. I myself have been around famous/successful people and I can tell you better than anyone, they are often the MOST fucked up people, particularly if in the entertainment industry.

    I’m not asking for their story, I’m asking for yours – so please stop pulling famous people into this incident that weren’t involved, it’s not the point.

    Now – if you actually read my comment, you would see that at no time did I blame you for what happened; in fact, I gave you reasons why women often DON’T tell right away, one of them being wondering if the way they were dressed, if they were drunk, meant they were responsible.

    I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, throwing you a life preserver..and you criticized it’s shape and contour, lol.

    (Actually, it appears that you may have read them because you DID use them…blaming yourself, etc;)

    Granted, there actually ARE a few points you made that were valid.

    I DO think it pissed him off that you ran around his social circle and warned women via email, who were NOT good friends of yours…and I understand “girl talk”…but can you not understand why that would piss him off?

    How would you like some former bf, date, whatever to do that to YOU every time you tried to date? It COULD be construed as stalking. I don’t think it actually is, but it COULD be construed that way legally.

    Of COURSE they ran back to him and gave him a chance to tell his version (which sadly, doesn’t always happen), but the fact is YOU started the drama.

    Here’s what else you’re missing.

    So…YOU drove and came and picked him up, went to breakfast, and then for whatever illogical reason, you pronounced him sober immediately after breakfast and let HIM drive around at whatever nonsensical location he felt like going?

    Did you give him a BAL to be sure he was sober?

    And you are bitching about your CHOICE to let him drive at this point?

    And I’m still not sure what he did that spooked you on the other drive, could you be more specific? You just thought the area was spooky?

    By your own admission, if I understand this correctly, you were going to places that day that were sentimental…you just didn’t “get” his.

    Debbie…nobody’s saying you deserved anything and I state that very clearly above.

    I’m saying you’re not taking responsibility for your own choices in the situation, a situation in which I’m not sure there’s even a crime.

    Lastly, yeah, the guy you describe above sounds like an unstable, dangerous loser…so why’d you tell him you loved him again?

    And you still didn’t answer the question as to whether this happened before or after you told him you loved him and he kicked you out.

    If this happened afterwards, maybe you felt sorry for him, I get that…but it dampens your ability to cry wolf/innocent victim if you CHOSE to put yourself back into that situation, then?

    For example, I chose to put myself back in my marriage..I have to take responsibility for that choice…and so do you then.

    The fact is, dear…you’ve admitted he DID reject you that day. How he did it is of no consequence and it DOES sound like sour grapes, dear.

    I understand your point, you were emailing a few friends about your experiences with him, but it’s not really your responsibility…and you weren’t exactly honest about your role in the whole thing when you told it either.

    Debbie – be careful what you say. It’s not your job to police the planet and protect other women from men that…well…nobody is very sure WHAT he supposedly did to you still.

    Mark – Point made. I DO have to say, you do appear to love to argue….but I’ve been guilty of that myself a time or to with similar others, in self-defense. This shit gets old.

    How ’bout ya both just let go at this point…both points well taken, move on…ya dig?

  27. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]


    Obviously, you failed to recognize, that I was nice about this, I let this rant go on for 3 days, without my input or defense. My husband was nice about this, We asked Mark to cease it, he chose to tell us Fuckyou in the next post, then he made up a person called Maxwell, to make it look as if it was my ex-husband replying to his post. See above, it is still there. He made up this character to make it look like I am going about willy nilly causing men harm all over knoxville, more bullshit. When I saw that fiction person I got angry, so I posted.

    In the meantime, Mark Steel sent my husband two emails that were even worse. One was some document printed out like he was giving us a summons to court. The other telling my husband he was a loser for not telling me to shut up. You can understand my rage and his rage when we get this insult on top of injury. My husband fell down in the living room from a near stroke due to the anger and inability to go find Mark Steel and beat his brains out. My guess Glen, if you have a wife, you would not appreciate such insolence from some old boyfriend who suddenly decided to talk about your wife on a forum calling her a slut. And then creating characters to back him up. The maxwell up there, that is not my ex boyfriend, you see mark Steel even got that wrong, I was never married to mark maxwell, and we were seperated as boyfriend girlfriend when I hung out with Mark Steel.

    We kept the emails to Dean. They were made to aggravate him. this is called goading and being a punk. I did not know he was sending my husband private emails, he fell down in the living room from rage. You think that’s ok? You all think that causing someone emotional distress is fine and ok? After he fell down and I had a panic attack, I went into his email and found the nasty comments. DEan never told me about them, because he was going to see how this went, and then he gets some email after that tellling him, his wife is crazy and he understands. ??? Mark Steel went behind my back to confide and tell my husband he is married to a crazy woman, wow, that was nice. Obviously Mark thinks all men are misogynist, and hate their wives.

    As a far as going to Mark’s apartment, sheez, what the fock does this prove?
    really nothing. I never denied that. So, everyone here thinks I was the rejected woman. I fell in love with him and the told me to go away, and that is that. As Mark Steel mentioned: I did go away, and he never saw me again. He points out cleary that I did go away in his first post, now he is coming back and saying I did not stalk him and stigmatize him as he mentions in his emails. He is saying that I have been badmouthing him since 1999! In that time, I have worked, found a new husband, published my 150th illustration and become a well known flash designer with getty images. I really have not had time to spend on stalking someone I knew 11 years ago. Sheez.
    But the big bullshit of the baby, and me being some slut, well this is preposterous and it is a lie. Everyone here takes this lightly as if it’s like he called me a bitch, its worse, It is a very damaging comment. And the purpose, to negate that he is a jerk to people, and this is the rantings of a rejected woman.
    Let me ask you something Glen, have you ever had a friend disappoint you? Or even act badly, to the point that you felt, ok, wow, this person is not a friend anymore, I am out of here. Yeah, you probably have. Would you tell others? No you would probably curb your self, sense you are a character of high regard and you would just allow your close friends to experience this phenomena on their own.
    I seriously doubt it. I think you are pretending to take the high road.

    My sister is a psychologist, I have to hear about numerous personality disorders, I have learned much by listening to her. I will not proclaim that I have this expertise, but I can tell when someone is not altogether there.
    That is why I chose to work on myself and get diagnosed as a normal person years ago. It is why I dislike immensely, those who go about with their dysfunctional disorder and reak havoc willy nilly, without looking into a mirror.

    “it is not my responsibility????” no, sir, you are wrong, it is my right.
    What you have said to me is, shut up, while you go on on your high road. Hope one day you realize the fallacy of this. Other than that, yes, I agree with you on this is enough. I am done with it and hope to see, this shit gone soon.

    mark steel loves to argue, I do believe the man revels in it, but it might be good if he occasionally looked into the mirror and admitted he did something
    wrong, in all this I have not heard one apology from him for his actions, instead I have heard fockyou and go screw yourself.
    He has lied, made up people and enlisted the people he finds will back him up no matter how he acts.

    I have had my share of introspection, I accept that I do have a very bad temper, but I am willing to say that I am wrong, when I display a fair amount of rage without thinking. But please review above, I let this bullshit go on long enough till personal trauma kicked in, when you assault my family, you better watch out, because I will not tolerate it.

    And yes, Glen, if you must post your thoughts, do learn how to spell. Hope you and asswipe had a good night out on the town, no matter how eloquent you speak, if you miss-spell, it sounds pretty stupid.

    I hope Mark has a good life, personally, I do, I hope he gets happy one day.
    He needs it.


  28. Katelynn Moore Says:

    Debbie, you failed to address my question.

    I fell in love with him and the told me to go away, and that is that.

    If the man had this many problems, why were they of no consequence until you “fell in love with him” and he asked you to leave his apartment, and you “did go away, and he never saw” you again?

    Now, there is another problem with your claims. How would Mark have had your husband’s e-mail address unless your husband had e-mailed him first? Are you certain these were not replies? What was your husband’s tone to Mark?

    And, honey, it doesn’t sound “pretty stupid” to misspell anything, as spelling is purely visual. And you did misspell “mis-spell.” You didn’t even capitalize the proper noun which is your name.

    Your repeated inability to answer questions and your own belligerence, in addition to this arrogant argument you’re attempting to wage about spelling, grammar and cohesion are just making you look, to use your own words, “pretty stupid.”

    Debbie, honey, seriously, you need to stop. You are making claims which are just making you sound even more like the typical “woman scorned.”

    But I do have one final question. Who is this Glen you’re talking to?

  29. Southern_Chrys Says:

    Wow, Debbie.

    May I just congratulate you on behalf of women everywhere…for perpetuating stereotypes of women, and giving misogynists everywhere MORE ammunition instead of less to keep them going for the next century.

    Let’s see…damsel in distress? Check. Wolf-crying without any identifiable crime? Check. Refusing to answer direct questions? Check. Focusing on the details instead of the big picture? Check. Refusing to be held accountable for her own choices? Check. Dealing behind the back rather than directly at first? Check. Woman scorned routine? Check.


    Believe it or not, I really was trying to understand you and be fair, despite the fact that your behavior makes one less and less likely to want to do so.

    I know that you must feel defensive in this situation and that there are two sides to every story, having been a victim of domestic violence myself, and I’ve tried to keep that in mind….but now I’m done trying to understand you.

    Your arrogance, your hypocrisy, your belligerence, and your complete lack of self awareness are not at all endearing and are not helping your case.

    Again, do you bother to read your own comments later?

    And yes, darling, I know all about personality disorders…because I was one practicum shy of becoming an LCSW/MSW at the University of Kentucky.

    Personality disorders lack insight into their own behavior and self-awareness, and choose to hypocritically point the finger at others for the exact same behavior instead as a deflection. They project their own behavior and abandonment issues onto everyone else. They simply refuse to take responsibility, for their own behavior, guilt and remorse prove too strong emotions for them. Additionally, no level is too low to stoop to when punishing someone vindictively, often for having done nothing more than simply abandoning them.

    Hey wait a minute…now that sounds like someone in this room…but it’s not Mark. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I find it hard to take any of your claims seriously now, such as it actually being Mark posting as “Maxwell” OR that Mark told your husband to tell you to shut up, when:

    1. Everyone can see Mark has given you carte blanche on here and allowed you to rant all week on his blog in your own defense.


    Um…my name is Chrystal Smith and I live in the greater Cincinnati area. If you’d take a look at my blog, you can see my picture and that of my daughter further down.

    I sincerely wanted to hear your story originally, but now, I’m done.

    So please…on behalf of all REAL victims of crimes against women…go rant on your own blog and embarrass yourself there.

    In short, Mark hasn’t said it, but NOW, I AM saying it: Shut the fuck up and go back to writing science fiction, I can see why you’re good at that.

  30. Glenn Says:

    Wil te reel glenn pleaze stand up; cuz youz be spelllin shit wrong on there blog n stuff.

  31. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]


    I will post back here in about two years, time will tell.
    I have patience, and fortitude and have stopped getting angry at everyone misconstruing what I said.

    It is not worth my time. Obviously everyone above needs to know in depth
    the person they defend. I was like all of you, just a friend. That was it. Go on doing what you do, and let Mark tell you how to act.

    I treat my friends with respect and dignity. Perhaps Mark Steel should have contacted me in confidence before he decided to blast me online, that was his choice.

    Friendship comes with a warranty, if offended, get rid of it. It is perfectly fine to tell anyone in confidence of your feelings, it is in fact liable for another friend to pass along your information to another one as confidential when it is asked to not pass along that information. One of these two women relayed the information to Mark, therefore one of these women is liable, he got mad and decided to post a long diatribe of me being an avenging woman who came to his apartment asking for a baby. He decided to lie about the baby incident in order to render creedence to his theory that I was a rejected woman. Truth is, I have not bothered or uttered one word to Mark Steel since he threw me out of his apartment. He himself posted this in his opening statements.
    I have never once put up a blog blasting him.

    I suggest you all continue on, be happy, be strong, and live your lives
    very comfortably. Wait for your turn. OK?

    time will tell.

  32. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-69-138-148-175.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    I never go through this at all.
    Maybe you should consult your other personality, Mark2, he is the one who does not remember what mark 1 does. [NAME REMOVED] once remarked of this, she said you had no memory you slept with her. She chalked it up to Mark2.
    If you need help, UT offers free help, or help for cheap.
    Have you considered multiple personality disorder or manic depressive??

  33. Mark Says:

    Amusing. That certainly was a short, two year silence!

    *NOW* you *ADMIT* that *YOU LIED!*

    I was like all of you, just a friend.


    Truth is, I have not bothered or uttered one word to Mark Steel since he threw me out of his apartment. He himself posted this in his opening statements.


    I posted this to have a laugh, and expose your dangerous slander. I have commented little after the fact. You, on the other hand, have commented a great deal, and made so many ridiculous, baseless accusations that I cannot even begin to refute them. They *are* amusing to me, because they are outlandish and ridiculous. I allowed you to comment here. I will no longer allow it.

    Now, in light of your second comment regarding my having Multiple Personalities, I offer the following for everyone’s enjoyment:

    From: Maggie Barton
    Email: bartonmaggie@*.com
    IP Address:
    Submitted on 2009/12/25 at 2:46pm

    I am on facebook, so look me up.

    I believe that loneliness is not being happy with oneself. But then, you need others to love on. They say that when you are in love, it is not you loving, it is you seeing that others love you. So it is sort of narcissistic. Truth is, anything that detracts from thinking about your own life is much better. I am a believer in karma, we all are connected. Living in only your moments can be pretty boring. Plus it is obsessive. we are all connected.
    Makes me think of those dreams where you are someone else and you wake up from the dream and go, oh my god, thank god I am awake and myself again, truth is, we can go anytime, but when we do I do believe we go over to a new life.

    I have a kitten now that I enjoy immensely, but then I enjoy simple things, if she makes me laugh, that laughter is a gift from her to me.

    You sound like you need a little nudge at happiness, stop thinking about you and give a little, the rewards will make you happy.

    best wishes
    and merry christmas

    Oh, and this one:

    From: Maggie Barton
    Email: bartonmaggie@*.com
    IP Address:
    Submitted on 2010/01/08 at 12:59am

    You shouldnโ€™t get smashed Mark, unless you want to feel bad. I had a friend who drank excessively and he said he did it so he could not remember the next day.
    I call it numbing. I often thought he did it because he regretted just not dealing with his anger.
    I hope you can get your angst out and be ok. I wanted to say I enjoyed your post on the shortage of napkins, pretty damn funny. I am going to go through here and read what I can. I am finding this website a joy to read.
    Please take a look at my facebook when you can, I hope to put up more stuff, but I am so swamped with work right now. do a search for Maggie Barton.
    Not my bro who is listed under Rone. I live in atlanta, and struggle each day to make ends meet, but I should have a webpage up soon.

    have a good new year.

    And this little gem from feedback:

    Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 1:13 AM
    Subject: Blogitude.com Feedback

    Name: Maggie Barton
    E-Mail: bartonmaggie@*.com
    Website: http://
    Telephone: 770-945-****
    IP Address:
    not much
    I just read alot

    I certainly hope the Burnettes gave you permission to take their telephone number as your own for your sick joke. I had the foresight to Google the number.

    But, as everyone can see, you’ve been reading this blog since Christmas Day writing ridiculous crap under a fictitious name, and it’s easily proven because of YOUR IP ADDRESS.


    Now… *WHO* should get help?

    Now, I want each of your personalities and/or alter egos to take this as a final warning:


    Thank you. Drive through.

    P.S.: Katelynn Moore, I don’t know you, but I am guessing that you know her. I do like your style, and appreciate your astute comments. Thank you. And a big thank you to Chrys, on top of that, for attempting to give her the benefit of the doubt.

  34. Mark Says:

    Forgot to add for Ms. Debbie Hughes Erickson:


    …since she couldn’t heed the obvious, and attempted to e-mail where she was ALREADY a blocked sender:

    Jan 9 19:18:09 annex sm-acceptingconnections[3365]: o0A0I8aZ003365: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=, relay=XXX [X.X.X.X], reject=550 5.7.1 … ABUSE – Drama Capacity Exceeded.
    Jan 9 19:18:09 annex sm-acceptingconnections[3365]: o0A0I8aZ003365: from=, size=1482, class=0, nrcpts=0, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=XXX [X.X.X.X]

    And, thus blocked, she circumvented this block by sending from “another” email address of hers (Edited her “yet another” email address out, and HIS NAME out since *I* HAVE NOT USED IT on here):

    From: Debbie Erickson
    To: Mark
    Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2010 7:37 PM
    Received: from [] by web59003.mail.re1.yahoo.com via HTTP; Sat, 09 Jan 2010 16:37:05 PST

    **** Maxwell,

    was notified of your post on your blog under his name. It was not from Debbie Erickson,
    it was from you.

    He will contact you.

    I am sure he does not like anyone making up him as person responding to your blog
    without his permission.

    grow up

    And right there in the “Received-From” Header, there’s that IP Address just to PROVE it’s her — the same one that MADE THE “Maxwell” QUOTE.

    This is called “creating drama.” And — SHE’S CAUGHT RED-HANDED, YET AGAIN!

  35. Shauna Says:

    Mark, firstly, I have to apologize for commenting here again. I’m sorry. I’ve apologized for a lot since I first started writing these comments and there is a reason. You have been through more than most people could bear, and for my part in that, again I apologize.

    Ms. Whatever your name is today, I will not apologize to you for calling you a grandstanding bitch. You’ve watched the drama that has transpired here and attempted to inject yourself in the middle of it, along with a few third- or fourth-page article lines (as opposed to headlines) from Kentucky newspapers.

    The facts are, Miss Bitch, you only have to ask yourself why he was fired from a shitty Kentucky hospital like Mary Breckenridge to read that conclusion. You also must understand the reasoning the many rumors that surrounded his dismissal. You also must understand the family dynamics involved in both his incarceration and his subsequent release. You, Miss Bitch, are nothing more than a media whore. You were caught in a lie, and in your tirades have only proven it.

    Mark has done a lot of things under extreme duress, but thus far his only crime has been to be blatantly honest, if not maliciously so. But, I cannot say he would be any different from many other people given the pressure he has been given from ALL sides. He never cracked the slightest, save last September when he just seemed to “give up.” There were never any holes in his story, and he did not embellish his circumstances in the least even when having certain people incarcerated.

    The entire reason for my involvement was political on a small scale. Mark was an educated, extremely capable employee at an institution where those things were not held in any good esteem. Proven out of control, he would never be able to expose the corruption that is still inherent there. He was also involved with a woman with many problems, many of whom were her own family. To that note, her family have been involved in much of the harassment against him, and much of this was due to her family’s standing in that community. I will not go into detail about that standing, but I have no doubt after the many circumstances he has been unwittingly involved in that he truly does love her.

    Perhaps, Miss Bitch, that is what is missing from your life.

    I will tell you from personal experience, dear heart, that this is man who is honest to a fault. He is also a man who stands up for what he believes in, regardless of consequence. You should be so lucky to have ever known him as a friend, because he truly treats his friends as family.

    I vowed never to return here, and came back in Mark’s defense for two reasons only. I have my own personal guilt from being involved in this plot. But larger than that, if there was one thing I walked away from out of this entire involvement it was that Mark Steel is a man of integrity more than influence.

    Again, Mark, I truly apologize. I leave you with the fact that it’s not paranoia when they’re all out to get you. I truly hope that the two of you are able to reconcile your differences.

  36. Mark Says:

    I’ve sat on this comment all day. I’ve stewed about it. I’ve felt both anger, and relief. But when it comes right down to it…

    Shauna, you’ve pretended to be my family, and I called you on it. No matter you apolgoies, you’re like the Pot calling the Kettle a Negro.

    Perhaps it that paranoia that dumbass spoke of, but quite honestly, I cannot discount that this apology of yours is only more of the game you’ve been playing.

    I stopped playing months ago.

    In my boiok, you people don’t deserve the right to breathe. I hope you all die painful deaths. The sooner, the better. But unlike you, dipshits, I won’t have anything to do with that… Because I still have enough self-worth to never stoop to your level.

  37. fracas Says:

    Hey Mark..

    I don’t really know if I follow all of this, and honestly… I don’t know if I could.

    I just wanted to leave you my own kind words and let you know that for every person who isn’t fair to you or doesn’t want to recognize the good in you, there is a person like me… who doesn’t have to have anything to do with you but chooses to because they know you to be a decent person.

    We are out there. The rest don’t matter.

    Never forget that!

    Now… maybe you should get back on the horse? There are celebrity toilets out there just begging for you to use them…


  38. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP:, c-68-53-22-222.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]

    You are such an NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). You think the whole wide world revolves around you.
    here is some info, it doesn’t. You were born, amongst a billion other children in the universe and you are one of many. You are not special or different or talented or smarter, you are just a person. the only thing that sets you apart from others is how you treat others.

    Stop making life miserable for others around you and get a grip on the fact that what you do to others reflects right back on you, and grow the fuck up, ok?
    Who appointed you supreme being?
    YOu know Mark if you had stuck around long enough for me to give you my piece of mind, I would have, instead you chalk me up to some lunatic that you seem to cultivate around you in increasing numbers, all of your exfriends are lunatics I see. truth is they are sane.
    But you do seem to gather around you people of importance and creativity, one Benny Skynn, a talented musician, me, a very talented artist, many writers who are better then you, and perhaps more talent.
    Then on the flip side you rally the most backwoods rednecks on the planet, is this your family?
    I do feel sorry for you, I think you do have a brain, but I also think you need help, U.T. offers free therapy, go there, you need testing for NPD and you need more help one on one.

    good luck

  39. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [ IP Address:, adsl-157-0-11.mco.bellsouth.net ]

    That was about the most incoherent, idiotic blog I have ever read. who cares?
    Did you say something?, I had to reread and reread it to understand it.
    Do you think everyone is jacked into your jumbled brain patterns, get on the NO call list, otherwise let your answering machine pick it up.
    wow, this was such a wide open moment of revelation into your stupid, sadass life.

  40. Reva Heron Says:

    [ IP Address:, adsl-18-22-30.mco.bellsouth.net ]
    [ Email: dswheron@att.net – “551 – Not our customer.” ]

    You, Mark Steel sound like you are suffering from massive insanity. I am a friend of Debbie, and I do have a PhD in psychology. I would suggest you get help, these people here on your forum are not helping you, nor are you helping yourself. The University of Tennessee offers therapy on a sliding scale for those who do not have the money or insurance for a regular therapist. Based on your blackouts using alcohol you are self medicating if you do indeed have manic depressive disorder, I am judging from your entries you are trying to fix yourself, and in my opinion you cannot do that, you have to have help, even it is medications to stabilize you. As a narcissistic personality disorder, you will find ways to thwart help and continue on your merry way, I suggest you really get help. NPD often leads to various other serious disorders, complicated, NPD exhibit a non social and very volatile relationship with others, based on an inner need of never every getting recognition and support that was needed at a young age. NPD’s normally never go through the childhood ‘2’s” meaning the age of independence. they do not go through this because they are parents of themselves, thus they cannot exert independence from the parent of which they have internalized as themselves.NPD’s normallly grow up becoming a parent of themselves and then realize they have missed out on the security of the real parent being there and allowing them independence as a true adult.
    I worked at the University of Tennessee Psychology Department, got my Phd there, I moved to Nevada and worked there till I got married and I am now in a private practice on Orlando, Florida. I mostly work with substance abuse, but I have continued to work with other serious disorders and child development. Go to UT for help, this site was brought to my attention by Debbie, but you are the one who is seriously in need of help. Debbie had very good attentions to help you as person, I find your site offensive to say the least, but then I see people on a daily basis who antagonize, offend and hurt others without concern for their actions. This is a result of years of some kind of abuse or quite the opposite, a world of getting away with being a spoilt rotten child. However, NPD and Bipolar disorder runs in most families, if undiagnosed you run the risk of continuuing your bad behavior without knowing you have the affliction. Get tested. Go get tested, get on meds, this is not an issue of you getting over it, it as issue of you getting help. Btw. Debbie did not have any psychological ailments, she was tested, and she is normal. I found her comments valid on here, I have since submitted this page to my co-workers who do find your comments very indicative of a true personality disorder. for your sake go get tested and get some help, it might make your life happier.
    I wish you good luck

  41. Mark Says:

    Funny how those both come from Orlando, where Ms. Hughes moved, use similar spelling and grammar, the same old accusations, again with the fake e-mail addresses trying to pretend to be someone else, complete with ridiculously overblown “qualifications” showing absolutely nothing, and yet … I’m the one with NPD, have multiple personalities, and think the entire world revolves around me? LOL

    Besides … The REAL Reva L. Heron wasn’t in Nevada, but NEW MEXICO. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Barely worth mentioning the multiple Forums Ms. Hughes has joined, claiming that I’ve murdered my ex, and even the former Mrs. Steel, but worth mentioning, nonetheless. I mean, amazing news it would be to them, considering they’re still alive!

    Nice try, Ms. Hughes. Remember that not only can I see your IP address, but your machine identity every time you post. You really need to stop this.

    But considering everything else you’ve written above, it’s no wonder Logic would fail you, is it? I doubt Ms. Heron would appreciate you imitating her, much like I’m sure the business phone you asked me to call in the middle of the night when posting as “Maggie Barton” wouldn’t’ve been appreciated by its owners. Stop involving other people in what you’re clearly keeping up yourself — because you’re the only person keeping this post on the front page, or even keeping up the argument…

    Or even improving its Google rating…

  42. Reva Heron Says:

    [ IP: , adsl-18-22-30.mco.bellsouth.net ]

    I told deb to contact the FBI since there has been a folder on her hardrive called “someone” since you started this little bullsshit with her from december 2009.

    If it shows that your IP has been hooking up to her for the past year and half consider yourself in prison for 15 years. debbie had not ever posted in any forum anything about you killing anyone, you have made that up. You have been hacking into her computer. We have your IP address. So please tell us of the forums where this is posted, there are none, you made that up.

  43. Mark Says:

    ROFLMAO. Wow. You have clearly lost you mind. You have my IP address? Of the server this Blog sits on? Where you repeatedly post in order to keep this “article” on the front page and top spot on Google? Which was posted “why” how many months ago? WHO started this? And why?

    And yes. You know full well the forums I’m talking about — and it’s all in Signed PDF from the Administrators where you posted it, along with the IP address, dates and times, so stop playing games. They also know me — very well. Something you never did, and even admitted to.

    But thank you for keeping your name out there. Appears it’s time to get a little more heavy handed about this. I’m done. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You should apologize to Ms. Heron for defiling her name in this.

  44. Steven Ray Says:

    Damn! Woman give it a rest already! It’s clear you’re the only person keeping this up and pretending to have friends. You sure know a lot about free mental help. Must have been a patient yourself?

  45. Dean Erickson Says:

    [ IP: , adsl-18-31-75.mco.bellsouth.net ]

    you really should get help, it is free.

  46. Dean Erickson Says:

    [ IP: , adsl-157-25-229.mco.bellsouth.net ]
    [ – – [01/Jul/2010:02:26:56 -0400] “POST /wp-comments-post.php HTTP/1.1” 302 – “http://blogitude.com/2009/12/30/who-the-hell-is-debbie-hughes-erickson/comment-page-1/” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10_4_11; en) AppleWebKit/531.22.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Safari/531.22.7” ]

    actual address is:
    so you are a fucker who has been lying about IP addresses from the get go.
    btw: mark Maxwell, never wrote to you, nor did Debbie make it up, perhaps you should apologize to him for putting his name in there with some wierd ass statment that no one can decipher. We have had countless emails from friends and family of yours who know you and what a jerk you are. We have the decency to not air your situation to the world, nor harm the friends and familly who have written to us. Where exactly do you get your IP’s from, some sort of dumbo list? We are not on Bellsouth either.
    really, grow up and stop being a punk ass. Must be hard to not have any friends except sychophants or loved ones, Really, I do feel really sorry for you. I do.

  47. Mark Says: is your private IP address behind your AT&T router. AT&T hasn’t changed the Bellsouth Naming Convention since they purchased the company.

    There’s a full string of what it looks like when you surf the web. Why? Because Web Servers log things. Like this from from a bit over an hour ago:

    [ – – [02/Jul/2010:01:56:19 -0400] “GET /2009/12/30/who-the-hell-is-debbie-hughes-erickson/comment-page-1/ HTTP/1.1” 200 139430 “http://blogitude.com/2009/12/30/who-the-hell-is-debbie-hughes-erickson/comment-page-1/” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.4; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100625 Firefox/3.6.6” ]

    But thanks. Now half the people who read this realize how entirely unintelligent you are for your banter.

    I never said Mark Maxwell wrote me. Someone did it from your place. The next thing I got was the email from Debbie claiming that I had defamed him.

    Who’s being a punk ass? All this had to do to be over was you people to stop drawing attention to it — like you promised you would. But no — she has to keep it going, keep it stirred, and keep writing comments.

    You’re attacking me for what? Seriously. Who needs to grow up?

    I own this server. You’re trespassing. You’ve been asked to go away.

    And for your trouble… Ahh, nevermind don’t wanna spoil it.

  48. deb Says:

    [ IP: , adsl-157-25-229.mco.bellsouth.net ]
    [ – – [02/Jul/2010:02:34:47 -0400] “POST /wp-comments-post.php HTTP/1.1” 302 – “http://blogitude.com/2009/12/30/who-the-hell-is-debbie-hughes-erickson/comment-page-1/” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.4; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100625 Firefox/3.6.6” ]

    btw: southern_chrys
    you are a stupid bitch and should keep your comments to herself. You are obviously a twit bimbet with no education, where exactly did you go to school? do you wait tables for a living? Or maybe you hope to be a writer. I don’t write science fiction by the way, I illustrate science fiction books and mainstream books in the U.S. England, Japan and Brazil. My work is also used in a class at Oxford University on literature, it is used in several art classes. I am listed in whos who in American Art. and I am listed in the newest edition of Science Fiction and Fantasy artists of the twentieth century. What credentials do you have southern chrys? is it great waitress at Barleys?
    Really, don’t bother with your stupid ass bullshit comments, you bore me. You reasoning is restricted, your logic is learned from watching soap operas on tv all your life, your metaphors are borrowed and askew and you are full of shit.Tell me did you take some extra curriculae classes in High school? Oh, or maybe you are part of some online school program.
    go back to school. I mean Mark, do you not have any people on here who went to a four year LIberal arts college with any credentials? yah, where the hell did you go to school? some tech college?Maybe quit high school, got your GED and then went to some tech school. You are just so erudite on here, wow. I feel sorry for you that you have not known great writers like I have and illustrated for, greats like Kingsley Amis, and Alexi panshin, or Ray Bradbury and Stephen King or how about Peter Straub who is a close friend of mine. Who the fuck are you Mark? Some little fock geek going about installing computer systems and pretending to be a “writer.”
    but yet that is the internet these days where garbage lives, including the garbage of this bald headed, acerbic, idiot known as Mark Steel, a guy who is so ashamed of his roots that he changes his name to something that sound so cool. Your brother has a different last name then you, hrmmm.
    No, I don’t put up and shut up you stupid jerk, when you post this shit on me, you put it up, I will continue to comment till you take it off of here. so take it off.
    you know that I am a better person then you, stop being a jerk.

  49. Mark Says:

    You are the weakest link. Goodbye. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. K Lowery Says:

    [ IP: , c-98-240-23-145.hsd1.tn.comcast.net ]
    [ – – [08/Jul/2010:21:38:11 -0400] “POST /wp-comments-post.php HTTP/1.1” 302 – “http://blogitude.com/2009/12/30/who-the-hell-is-debbie-hughes-erickson/comment-page-1/” “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.3; .NET4.0C)” ]

    Since you want to talk credentials Mark’s verified resume looks like an audition for Whos-Who-in-America. His background has been checked really closely since he held Clearance and Public Trust positions since the late 80’s. He’s done a lot more globally than you ever will so what are we talking about a bit of reflection? Did we just get some insight into your own issues? He finished high and college simultaneously and worked at UT, Pellissippi and Roane State. I should know since I graduated with him.

    Are you sure you’re talking to his brother? From what I _know_ he hasn’t talked to his brother in years. But there’s a background you should check before running your slanderous mouth Deb. You have been warned over and over. What you’re doing right now is criminal.

  51. Mark Says:

    No, I did not work at Pellissippi. And even though you’re defending, I’m still wondering — who the Hell are you, and why are you doing it? Regardless of the complete crap “that person” is talking, I really don’t need a bunch of “actual” info being spread around, either, and certainly do not need any misrepresentations, so please keep that in mind before you decide to give out even more … precise … information.

    Quite honestly, she makes me laugh. You just make me paranoid.

  52. Debbie Erickson Says:

    [IP: , cpe-97-104-48-142.cfl.res.rr.com]
    [ – – [22/Aug/2010:01:58:01 -0400] “POST /wp-comments-post.php HTTP/1.1” 302 – “http://blogitude.com/2009/12/30/who-the-hell-is-debbie-hughes-erickson/comment-page-1/” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10_4_11; en) AppleWebKit/533.17.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.1.1 Safari/533.17.8”]

    Really, Mark, who the fuck is this person above? this K. Lowry?
    I have to give you credit that you will call a spade a spade, occationally. Though your assessement of me is still incorrect based on the fact that you just cannot take the fact that you remain an asshole. I never wrote to you as Mark Maxwell, either you stupid fock. I told you that repeatedly and you fail to listen, and I really dont’ care that you continue to put up I.P. Addresses like you are some guru, anyone can put up I.P. addresses.
    I recently read a very interesting book by Dean Koontz, the main character is quite a creep, a person wrapped up entirely in his own world. He reminded me of you. His name was Junior. I will leave it to you to research the book and find it. In the meantime, I would call a truce. since you have laughed quite hardily on my expense. I still don’t believe you are right, but I do marvel at your intricate deceptions. In fact so intricate that you do appear to be such a nice guy.
    As far as whos who in America, as listed by this moron above, where exactly are you listed? My great, great grandfather and my great, great, great grandfather are listed. My grandmother is listed in over 3 publications including who’s who in american Art and E. Benezit’s Paris. I am listed in Who Who in American Art and American Artists of the twentieth Century.
    What you have done here on my behalf remains criminal to me, nothing I have done here is criminal to you. I suggest you take this whole string out. I have time. I have already lost one friend due to this post, if you continue, I will seek further legal assistance.
    with K. Lowry, check and see if his post comes from the U.K.
    btw: the painting I did of you that exhibits the evil river in the background was donated to the knoxville Museum of Art.

    best wishes

  53. Mark Says:

    IP addresses. Log evidence. Saved and stored. You’ve been asked to go away, and you refuse. You continue to attempt to circumvent blocks put on this website to prevent your repeated abuse. It is obvious, you do not learn.