We’re Back!

June 9th, 2013 at 1:57 pm by Mark
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Thanks to some very stale DNS records at a partner site (they were caching the old IP address for the site and wouldn’t let it drop for anything!) we were unable to have any images show up since June 2nd. I finally dug in hard, being nearly a week later, and found someone to listen to me complain and fix the issue. Which reminds me of something that’s far too often true…

Reasons Why People Work Work With Computers Seem To Have a Lot of Spare Time.... Web Developer: "It's uploading'  SysAdmin: "It's rebooting"  Hacker: "It's scripted"  3D Artist: "It's rendering"  IT Consultant: "It's your problem now"  Programmer: "It's compiling"

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