Acceptable Online Discource: How to Punch Someone Out

January 27th, 2014 at 7:27 pm by Mark
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If you do decide to discuss Politics and Religion online, at least some people will be ever-so-helpful. 😉

Facebook Post: "Pro Tip: if something would get you punched out, told off, or arrested in person, it is not part of acceptable online social discourse, either. Please don't be one of the people who whine about political correctness but are just miffed because they acted like an asshat and somebody said mean things to them in response."  Comment 1: "amen"  Comment 2: "Amen."  Comment 3: "Pro tip: if you're going to punch someone out, align the knuckles of your first two fingers with your wrist and elbow and strike the opponent's cheekbone with the middle knuckle while keeping your elbow raised. This way, you increase the effective power, reduce the likelihood of breaking a knuckle and in the case of a miss, you can continue the momentum with a strike of the elbow."


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