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Time Lapse Speed Painting: Eclectic Asylum

April 2nd, 2007 at 12:28 pm by Mark
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     On March 2nd, I did the article showing off the talent of Nico / Channel Nexx as he speed-painted John Locke in Photoshop, and a Lord of the Rings cover on canvas.  Now that it’s April 2nd, I thinking maybe this should become a regular feature…

     But this one Jason / Eclectic Asylum blew me away even more.  He doesn’t use fancy gimmicks like Photoshop — no way!  He does this in MS Paint, which is unarguably the crappiest piece of Graphics software (well, it’s supposed to be that) ever written!
     I present you with:  The Mona Lisa, in MS Paint.

     Way cool!

     He’s also been running a contest:  “Strike a pose, and get a portrait!”  Now watch him paint the last winner (Daxflame) in Chocolate Syrup:

     Of course, he couldn’t ship a chocolate portrait without nasty melting issues… 

     Be sure sure and check out Eclectic Asylum’s profile on youtube for more examples of him painting with “other” things besides chocolate…

Time-Lapse Speed Painting

March 2nd, 2007 at 11:33 am by Mark
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     Quite by accident, I ran across a time-lapse video of a Photoshop paing by an “arte fusion” artist named Nico.  Some of you have probably seen this guy before…

     If you can see it fast enough, you might actually learn something about Photoshop.  Some people, of course, will discount Nico’s talent as a computerized trick, so here’s another one of his…

     He’s a talented artist, no doubt, but doing the time-lapse video is particularly brilliant in that it turns the relatively mundane act of painting into an enjoyable act of performance art.  It’s difficult to say what’s better: the artistic creations themselves, or the time-lapse videos of their production?

     For even more, check out his Profile page on YouTube.

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