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It’s All in Your Dirty Mind

October 5th, 2007 at 11:13 am by Mark
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     Back in the day, I was rather artistic — literature, art and music for the most part — but somewhere along the line, I realized that my form of Literature wasn’t for the masses.  The Art that I created could be sold or not based simply on how I named it.  My Music was destined to be devoured by greedy, leg-breaking asshats who’d make it unaffordable.  There was always a business angle to discourage me.

     A bit of cartooning proved to be humorous, but not socially acceptable.  Back in high school, my Art teacher looked upon those doodles with great disdain.  She’d often ban me from the class because she knew what I was going to draw before I’d finished the first few strokes.
     “I won’t have that filth in my classroom!” she’d scream.
     “It’s not filth, it’s…”
     “Get out, get out, GET OUT!”
     No amount of explaining could convince her otherwise.

     While it turned me away from Art for some time, it was all for the good.  Ingenuity became the outlet for my creativity, and I avoided the life of a starving artist.
     Besides, I still have the odd spurt of creativity that I can do something cool with.  *grin*

     So, Mrs. Cooper, this video’s for you.  😉

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So What Happened to the Art Profiles?

August 2nd, 2007 at 2:57 pm by Mark
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     I haven’t found any suitable artists to keep writing about on the 2nd of every month.  Phil Hansen, who I blogged about in May, impressed me a lot because he’s not a pretentious asshat like so many others.  I’ve seen a lot of impressive artists, but a crappy attitude can turn me off their work regardless of how much I like it.
     So … Check out Phil’s Goodbye Art, where he take X-Ray photographs made from sand and foam, and… well… watch the video.  Cool stuff.  🙂

     Fracas did a silly post the other day about Kissing, and posted a really nice photo along with it.  I looked all over trying to find who it belonged to, thinking, “Here’s a Photo Artist who really manages to strike a nerve or two…”  Alas, I couldn’t where it came from.  Some people might disagree, but to me, it’s something I’d have hanging on my wall…

Yeah, It's Art

     As far as Photographic Artists are concerned, I know an absolutely brilliant photographer, still a hidden talent, who promises to get his portfolio together soon… And strangely enough, he writes for this blog