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This Crappy Kiffen Controversey

January 14th, 2010 at 5:01 pm by Mark
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     In the wake of all this Lane Kiffin controversy, where the former UT Vols coach is skipping out to head USC, I’ve had very little to say but one thing…
     “Lane Kiffin?  Oh, sorry!  I didn’t even realize UT had a coach.”

     Only three people laughed. The rest tried to explain, “Oh, yeah, you don’t care about football, huh?  Well, Lane Kiffin was…”
     Yes, the rock I’ve been living under was impenetrable.  These explanations only stand as more proof that people just don’t get sacrilege.  Err, I mean, sarcasm.

     It seems that UT Vols Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl may be hardest hit by the news that Lane Kiffin is leaving, given his statement last year regarding how well he got along with the Football Coach:

I’m trying to date his wife. But that’s not working out too good.

     Two thousand, one hundred eighty-eight miles does tend to add an additional layer of complexity to his covetous courting.

     Perhaps unsurprisingly, as if she’s been being whisked off to another country never to be seen or heard from again, literally thousands of Tennesseeans are searching Google and other search engines for photos of Layla Kiffin nude.  As if there are any naked pics of Layla Kiffin lying thoughtlessly around the Internet…
     Numerous bloggers have lamented Kiffin’s decision to leave based on their lust for Layla’s sweater kittens, however few have managed to convey their emotions so succinctly as Sports Pickle.  

     Personally, I find it interesting they should reference both breasts and Governor Bredesen in the same paragraph… again… But I digress…

     Perhaps it’s just me, but rather than “HOT,” I prefer to think of her as ‘decorative,’ as in, “may look nice loosely draped over a couch, where the color of her hair might possibly match the otherwise sparse decor.”  Not that I particularly give a damn about interior design, or even own a couch, but the whole Barbie Doll thing has never done much for me.  I generally prefer womens’ brains to be equally as large as their breasts.
     I mean … perhaps it’s a bit prejudicial, but she doesn’t exactly scream, “Rocket Surgeon,” to me.

     But as for looking at photos of hot women with large breasts, I have my own stash to look at, taken with my own damn camera from 2007 and 2008… God… I miss those… err, I mean, her, back then she used to have the best breast augmentation and other surgeries to have a fit body and feel good with herself. 

Note: Barbie is a Registered Trademark of Mattel Toys, God forbid they try and sue me, too.

Note: The term “Rocket Surgeon” is based loosely on the statement, “It’s not rocket surgery!” delivered several years ago by the bartender formerly known as Antoinette, now made famous by the captioned photograph hanging in Knoxville’s Preservation Pub.

Out of Hiding (for a minute)

August 2nd, 2007 at 3:26 pm by Diva
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As my wonderful blog about LUST didn’t strike anybody’s fancy at all, I kind of went into blog hiding.  I mean, although I haven’t changed my view on my human nature, maybe I shouldn’t have been so darn candid about my personal life.

Regardless of that, it was how I felt at the moment and as with any other facet of life, I pressed “publish” before I really thought about offending anybody.  I apoligize to anybody who read it and thought, “That girl’s going straight to hell.”

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Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

July 24th, 2007 at 3:54 pm by Diva
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pict0796.jpgIn the 6th century, Pope Gregory the Great named the seven deadly as follows: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Vengeance, Envy, and Pride. 

Lust, as defined at, is an intense sexual desire or appetite, or an uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or craving. 

I’m human.   I am admittedly full of lustful thoughts.  I can’t help it.  God made me a catty creature. If I see somebody totally hot, male or female, I automatically think about how hot they are and become somewhat fervent. 

Adultery? Cheating?  Same thing… all of it, lumped into lust.

I’m not saying I’d go out and have an affair or wicked one-night-stand with any hottie individual that came my way, no, at least not any more.  What I am saying is that due to unsatisfying situations in my past, I have indulged in certain extra-curricular activities and enjoyed them immensely. 

As a human creature, one has desires that might not be quenched without lust coming into play.  Simply spelled out, if you’re not getting what you want and need at home, you’re going to go out and find it. 

img_4625.jpgPeople can deny their corrupt human nature all they want.  But it’s there inside all of us.  It just depends on if one has the overwhelming urge to act on it. 

Look at our politicians.  Look at our Holy leaders.  They all claim to be best friends with Jesus, then turn around and condemn one another shaking hands with the devil.  As it turns out they are all just as guilty as the other.  Come on, kids. 

Brother Newt Fast Willie and Monica did the deed.  (Well kind of).  Jimmy Swaggart was banging a prostitute while he condemned Jim Baker, who was having an affair behind his wife’s back.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to embrace my human nature for what it is.