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November 17th, 1997 at 1:21 pm by Mark
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     It is hereby decreed that the word “Pospita” shall enter the English language on this day, the Seventeenth of November in the year Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Seven.

“What the f@#$ is a pospita?”
— Norm Daniels, IT Technician for Plasti-Line, Inc., 17-Nov-1997

pos·pi·ta Pronunciation Key: (pôs-pë’-tə)

  1. Something considered disgusting, of poor quality, foolish, or otherwise totally unacceptable: That is a pospita!
  2. Something considered extraordinary, as in disagreeableness, size, intensity or utiliy: What a complete pospita!


  1. Relating to, or being, a pospita: What kind of pospita idea is that?

Word History: A combination of the acronyms POS (“piece of shit”) and PITA (“pain in the ass”) used to describe a series of faulty Compaq™ workstations purchased by a manufacturing facility in 1997. The workstations in question would, at any given interval, lose connection to both the PS/2 and Mouse, giving the impression that the machine had locked up, when in fact, it had not. No BIOS update was ever provided for these machines, nor was a motherboard replacement offered by Compaq™, despite the company in question have a support agreement with both the Vendor and Manufacturer of the items. Frustrated technical support began referring the items as “pospita.” 

“Yeah, that’s pretty sexy…”
— Brian Huskey, IT Analyst for Plasti-Line, Inc., 17-Nov-1997