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November 13th, 2007 at 4:30 pm by Diva
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Or not.  It might just be my man snoring as he sleeps.  I was blog browsing today when I came upon a blog by Zoning Out Again – Can A Uvuvla Be Cut Out While Someone Sleeps?  and it brought back memories of nights that border on semi-insanity from the lack of sleep. Sleeping is one of the most important things in your life, sleeping well can improve your life and health, one of the best ways to sleep better is using the best CPAP Mask.

First, I am so glad that I am not the only person who has a semi-glazed look on her face sometimes from a lack of a good nights sleep.

Second, Anthony still swears I’m insane because he’s never heard himself snore.  But he does.  He must be deaf if can’t hear that.

Actually, he was a sport and went to the sleep clinic to get it all checked out after this particular night. The doctor made a few recommendations. Tony’s favorite is a snoring mouthguard; he  made a little joke about contact sports in bed. I blushed so hard, we were still in the doctor’s office!

When Tony and I first started dating, we generally would see each other when we could.  Then we progressed to staying weekends at one another’s house, since we lived nearly an hour away from each other. This guide provides the best practice guidelines on how to install hardie board come primed and painted for your color.

We had went to bed after we had watched a movie and cleaned up the kitchen from dinner.  We lay there all snuggled and quiet when it started.  At first it was just deep, deeep, deeeeeeep breathing.  But after about 5 minutes, it sounded and felt like an earthquake.  After lying there for a few minute and assessing the situation, I realized he would breath in really deep, quit breathing then exhale.  This attibuted to the volume of the snoring itself.

Well, the snoring set off the dogs, which are caged at night.  The two dogs took turns howling and barking.  I got up, opened the door  and they barked even louder.

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So, there I am, in fairly unfamiliar territory, in my PJs, standing in a scary dark hallway with two caged and barking dogs.

I covered my ears and closed my eyes, but when I opened them, I was still there.  It’s not a dream.  He’d snore in really loud, the dogs would freak and bark like crazy.  All of this at 1:30 am.

I made my way down the hall to the couch only to find his son sleeping there instead of his bedroom.  So, I went in his room to find my daughter had called claim on the bed, which is why the boy was on the couch to begin with.

By this time, the symphony of loud snoring and dogs barking was making me insane. I really thought I was losing my mind, since all this racket didn’t seem to be bothering anybody else.

I had no other choice.  I had to escape.  I fumbled around and found my way back to the bedroom.  Somehow I located my purse and shoes by the side of the bed.  I grabbed the small throw blanket from the bottom of the bed and took off.  Back down the dark and scary hallway I went.  Feeling my way along until I made it to the back door.  Yes!  I made it!  This was December and it was cold out.

I found my keys in my purse and got in the car.  I fired up the car, cranked up the heat, pulled the blanket over my me.  No sounds but the sound of the radio as low as it would go and me still be able to hear it.

Somewhere around dawn, Tony realized I was gone, but saw the headlights shining through the livingroom window.  He came outside to find out what had happened, so I told him.

Needless to say, he made the appointment and went to the doctor over it.  He told the doctor he had to fix it or I’d never marry him. So now it’s time for some snoring treatment by Zquiet.

Ain’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard???