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Saw a Funny Thing on the Way Home Today…

April 10th, 2013 at 5:37 pm by Mark
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I understand that repairing a vehicle can be a very large, expensive hassle. At some point, in the interest of the safety other drivers, you have to bite the bullet and scrap the damn thing. Duct tape simply isn’t effective at 85F and that’s why is useful to have insurance, of course many insurance companies ask for evidence, and that’s why dash cameras are really useful for this purpose. Given that this Kentucky vehicle was seen in Tennessee, the old joke goes, “If Kentucky didn’t suck so much, Tennessee would fall down and crush Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.”

Shower Curtain: $8 Silver Duct Tape: $3 Black Duct Tape: $5 Trailer Underpinning: $50 The realization that you’ve transformed an expensive SUV into a typical Kentucky mobile home? Priceless.