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Twilight May Not Be So Useless After All…

March 1st, 2012 at 5:22 pm by Mark
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Most everyone, at some point in their life, finds it helpful to have a magazine or novel in the bathroom. This seems to fit the bill perfectly.

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Kentucky Budget Hotels

January 30th, 2008 at 5:38 pm by Mark
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One nasty little drive-up motel that I stayed at years ago (in Paducah, Kentucky) was the most uninhabitable place I’ve ever seen — so bad, in fact, that the homeless would’ve shunned it.  Combined with one I’d stayed in there before (which seemed to be a haven for women eager to take advantage of Military men), and a few others around the state, I was pretty well put off lodging in Kentucky at all.

Fortunately, over the past while, I’ve realized that it isn’t the norm.  Like most, last night’s cheap hotel was perfectly normal.

I’ve stayed in a helluva lot of hotels and motels throughout my life, and pretty much found that once you get away from the old-school, drive-up motels ala Norman Bates, they’re all pretty much the same.  The rooms are laid out similarly, they all have Cable TV, an ironing board, a blow dryer, a free pen, etc.  The biggest difference is usually the quality of the linens.

However … The more “budget” the hotel, the more you increase the likelihood of getting a splinter in your ass from the John Wayne toilet paper.

You know, the kind that’s rough, and tough, and won’t take shit off nobody…

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