Kentucky Budget Hotels

January 30th, 2008 at 5:38 pm by Mark
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One nasty little drive-up motel that I stayed at years ago (in Paducah, Kentucky) was the most uninhabitable place I’ve ever seen — so bad, in fact, that the homeless would’ve shunned it.  Combined with one I’d stayed in there before (which seemed to be a haven for women eager to take advantage of Military men), and a few others around the state, I was pretty well put off lodging in Kentucky at all.

Fortunately, over the past while, I’ve realized that it isn’t the norm.  Like most, last night’s cheap hotel was perfectly normal.

I’ve stayed in a helluva lot of hotels and motels throughout my life, and pretty much found that once you get away from the old-school, drive-up motels ala Norman Bates, they’re all pretty much the same.  The rooms are laid out similarly, they all have Cable TV, an ironing board, a blow dryer, a free pen, etc.  The biggest difference is usually the quality of the linens.

However … The more “budget” the hotel, the more you increase the likelihood of getting a splinter in your ass from the John Wayne toilet paper.

You know, the kind that’s rough, and tough, and won’t take shit off nobody…

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3 Responses to “Kentucky Budget Hotels”

  1. Mushy Says:

    I wasn’t overly impressed with the last motel/hotel I stay in Paducah either, but it beat a little place on the way to Memphis I stayed in once. The wife and I had spent all day in Nashville and “Tweety City!” and could not make the rest of the drive to Graceland!

    We stopped, really just to rest a few hours and the room was some filthy we put the bed cover on the floor rather than walk on the carpet barefoot.

    Had we not been so worn out, we would not have stayed at all. Now, we stay at the best, newest looking places, and view the rooms first!

  2. Mark Says:

    The first place in Paducah — probably the one you know, because there are so few places to stay there — is pretty Hellish not for its filth and age, but because of its clientele. The last time I stayed there, I was kept awake all night by the constant party, some drunken asshat who drove his car “through” the concrete holding up the awning above the office (thus bring down the metal roof), and the subsequent raid by forty or so cops…

    But the Bates motel I was referring to … had an open sewer trough running what appeared to be the length of the building, right under the walk-in shower, with only a flimsy grate to keep you from stepping in someone else’s fecal matter and urine. One hard flush, and you’d be stepping in it whether you wanted it or not. I knew it smelled bad, but I was too tired to argue. I got absolutely eaten up by mosquitos, and it was only the next morning I realized “why.”

    Horror — horror.

    A place like that would not be ALLOWED to be BUILT anywhere else. And that was Paducah’s last straw.

    After that, I can handle all the dirty carpet they can throw at me.

  3. Zacque Says:

    I too have one right up there on the list from South Pittsburg Georgia. First of all it was not Zacque frinedly, the room was built like a basement apartment. Secondly the walls were at best paper thin, last but not least, I was almost dead tired after driving all the way down to Brunswick, Ga and starting my way back to Knoxville. This was before I discovered I could make it to Savannah in seven hours but none the less the hotel staff had no understanding of leave me alone so I can be safe driving far, far away from your pig sty of a roach motel…