Flirting 104: Moving to Dating: The Ten Point Cheat Sheet

February 2nd, 2008 at 8:19 pm by Zacque
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It has come to my attention by way of massive amounts of subversive hinting — and some hints that were blatant — that I should share some knowledge in this area.  Mind you, this advice is only aimed at a choice few to include 90 percent of the clueless dating population: men or boys as the case may be from the ages of 18-65; Women from the ages of 18-50; and anyone else who just can’t seem to get their luck up. However, for men, it shouldn’t take that long, there’s a lot of website like which guide you step by step how to win woman’s heart. (On the off chance, you go to church on a regular basis; the previous statement should be “laid” instead of luck.)

Rule number 1:  Remember to reference the dating blogs. Pay special attention to Flirting 101, Flirting 102, and Flirting 103.  If you are like me, do a search for dating through that lovely search bar in the right corner of the screen.  The ones that reference dating in a more depressing light are there for a reason, too.  After all, “a step is a stumble forward, prevented from becoming a fall by taking another step” –Barton Green.

2.  Listen to your best friends.  Deep down, whether you choose to see it or not, they really do have your best interests at heart.

3.  Listen to your best friends.  They can also be a viable judge of character when your judgment clouds. Therefore, this point gets two spots instead of one.

4.  Pay yourself first; never jump in to a relationship where you cannot gain something.  However, with that said you should always be willing to give in order to receive.

5.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  Without roots there can be no foundation, if you are trying to sell yourself to someone else you must present your best self.

6.  Treat anyone and everyone with respect.  If you do not respect the person or persons you are trying to court, how can you expect them to treat you any different?

7.  Be patient.  If you are just like your horoscope tells you to be, good things happen to those who wait.

8.  Don’t be afraid to make the first move.  Other people do not know what you are thinking; they are not mind readers.  For the same reason, do not take it too far.  If you ask for dinner, pay for it and have dinner.  More can, and most likely will, come later. 😉

9.  Talk and speak your mind.  If you just get down to business, it is nothing but a one-night stand.  You have to figure out who the other person is and whether or not you are compatible (i.e.: can you live with one another in your lives?).

10.  Keep business and pleasure as simply that.  Then, if one or the other goes awry, you still have some sort of relationship you can salvage.

With this advice, you are now ready to embark back into the dating society of intellectual beings, no matter what their leanings may be in either the bedroom or the political arena.  As there will be further additions to this post, do not forget to keep posted.

God bless, good night, and good luck.


3 Responses to “Flirting 104: Moving to Dating: The Ten Point Cheat Sheet”

  1. Mark Says:

    <spoken in the voice of Beavis>

    So, umm, like … the student looks to the Master … heh … and he says, “Umm, Master, who is the real buddha?”

    And, like, the Master says, “The real buddha is the man standing behind you.”

    Then, umm, the student turns to look.

    So the Master … like … kicks him in the butt.

    heh, heheh … That was cool.

    </spoken in the voice of Beavis>

  2. MommaBJ Says:

    He who gives advice should listen to his own advice concerning friends. (See points 2 and 3) and maybe add a point about family members!

    Not trying to say I told you so but saying I told you so. Even as Rick says “We’ll always have Paris. and Here’s looking at you Kid!”Yes,I just watched Casablanca. Remember romance is terrific but TRUST goes ever so much further, as my words of wisdom slide swiftly into the west, I must remind you….26 years of marriage counts as something in this day of hook ups and no big deal affairs. They come and run away quickly but patience will develop intoa long lasting relationship. So….read your advice and digest it too!

  3. Zacque Says:

    Consider it accomplished… 😉