Flirting 101

January 4th, 2007 at 1:18 pm by Mark
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     You’re in a bar, let’s say.  The guy next to you says, “Oh, man, check out that ass!”
     “Go talk to her!”
     “Nah, I’m shy and quiet.”

     You pull out your trusty digital camera, and start snapping pics of different stuff going on, and offer to take a few of the girl.  When she turns around to walk away, you snap a picture of her butt.  
     When you come back and sit at the table, you show him the pictures you took of her.
     As she walks by, you show her.  Women love to look at their own photos.  She says, “Oh, nice pic, bad pic, oooooh, I hate that one…”
     Then you get to the butt pic.  “Ooooh, that’s nice…”
     She says, “Yeah, it is!  Whose butt is that?”
     “Yours,” you grin.  “But I’ll bet we can do a better one than that.”

     And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get a hot young thing to climb up and lean over the bar and stare back at you seductively as you snap off a few more shots.

     Any questions?


15 Responses to “Flirting 101”

  1. Bill Says:


  2. Pirate Princess Niki Says:

    That explains why you don’t have a pic of my ass… LOL However, you are the Zen Master, Mark. LOL Bravo!

  3. Pirate Princess Niki Says:

    Oh, I do have one question… How do you get a guy to lean seductively over a bar and look back at you? LOL

  4. Wicked Wench Says:

    God Damn Niki…. haven’t you been paying attention when I shoot pics…. just ask…. a guy will do anything you want… wanna see the crotch shots I got?

  5. Julie Says:

    LMAO. Hijacking the booty, I guess you’re a pirate after all.

  6. Pyrrah Says:

    A little liquor doesn’t hurt either 😉

  7. Mark Says:

    Yeah, well, that’s true. But the boob shots were confiscated. *snicker*

  8. Julie Says:

    So sad… maybe next time. Go Mark Go! Rah rah rah! BTW Niki, I still have our Duckhead button hehehehe.

  9. Sweet Pirate Diva Says:

    Well, well, well… I’ll be watching our for cameras aiming at my boobs and butt now.. you people are insane… hahahahahha… BTW, Robyn finally got a boob shot before Christmas when she realized she hadn’t previously violated me LOL.

  10. Mark Says:

    What do you mean, Diva? I know Robyn has violated you plenty! lol

  11. Sweet Pirate Diva Says:

    Hahaha… I like it when Robyn violates me!!! She has such a sophisticated way of making it not seem so dirty to be groped and molested in front of God, the Pirates and every other person in attendance to observe the spectacle……..

    I’ll stick to it… I’m a good girl… I can’t help it that folks tend to try to violate the pristine few….. ROFLMAO

  12. Sweet Pirate Diva Says:

    BTW… here’s violation at its finest….hahahahaha

  13. Sweet Pirate Diva Says:
  14. Sweet Pirate Diva Says:

    I super suck… can’t get the pic of the mass violation of Diva to load on….

  15. Daniel Says:

    wooow !! i love that position easy to make you feel rico suave !!!!!!!!!!