The Problem with Protesters

September 2nd, 2006 at 11:43 am by Mark
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     Detractors of the Military, and of War, always come up with a list of reasons why so many people sign up.
     “Inbred rednecks with no future!”
     “Idiots who can’t cut it flipping burgers!”
     “Gung-ho morons who just wanna kill!”

     When I lived in DC, there was a lot of Military bashing going on. It wasn’t uncommon to some moonbat nutjob screaming, “Baby killers!” or knocking down an old lady for not taking an anti-War flyer.
     I’ve never been one to sit idly by and just “watch” that kind of thing happen.

     The overall feeling towards military in Tennessee is a hundred and eighty degrees different.  Being the “Volunteer State,” a lot of people end up signing up for Service, especially given a time of crisis or war.
     Tennesseeans usually don’t sit idly by “watch” things happen.

     It’s a mentality that we learn growing up here.  Talk to your neighbors, random people on the street.  Get involved.  Be a part of something larger than yourself.  There’s no such thing as unbeatable odds when we all work together.

     In catching up with my reading this morning (I’ve been sadly negligent in reading other blogs the last few weeks), I ran across a great article on Blackfive that kinda hit home for me…
     For all the anti-Military complaining going on, I can’t help but wonder if they’d still be running their mouths if they’d had a little bit of that Military structure and discipline.

     Maybe I could’ve used some of that, myself…

     But I’d still’ve ended up kicking that young punk’s butt for knocking down an old lady, so maybe I didn’t turn out so badly in that respect.  Or maybe I just have some respect.


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