Star Wars Helpdesk

May 9th, 2007 at 4:51 pm by Mark
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     Alright, so it’s old … I haven’t seen it before …

     And, obviously, now I can’t use the I-D-Ten-T thing anymore, either… Kinda sucks, since RTFM is common knowledge, and I just lost PEBKAC last month

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3 Responses to “Star Wars Helpdesk”

  1. LissaKay Says:

    Oh the stories I could tell …. if it weren’t for Sarbannes-Oxley

    But here’s ya a classic …

  2. Mark Says:

    My favorite one was when a Chinese customer called to tell me:

    “He’o, Ma’k? I have-y pro’lem. Have compute’, cannot get hard on!”

    Dexteritous use of the Mute and Speakerphone buttons was mandatory.

    Someone else I know had a call from a Japanese lady:

    “It is say insert froppy dick? I cannot insert froppy dick.”

    She’s right. That is tough.

    *thumbs up*

  3. Diva Says:

    Oh, my. I’m going to have to go wash my eyes out now. The things you read around this place…