Asshat of the Day: Tommy Salter

November 8th, 2007 at 12:34 pm by Sam
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On August 18th, 24-year-old Tommy Salter decided to celebrate his college graduation at the Fort Walton Beach, FL strip club, Club 10. From all appearaces it was quite the party.

Tommy was in good spirits.

$53,000 worth of spirits (and club cash) to be exact.

As irresponsible children do, Tommy called American Express to cancel the charges. AmEx sided with the club.

Tommy then asked his father, Joe Salter, for help. However, instead of chastising young Tommy for irresponsibly spending $53,000 in a tawdry topless bar, the senior Salter assists in suing the strip club, and having them investigated for fraud and forgery, in addition to larceny.

Investigation showed that $39,000 in charges came after the 4AM last call, however, each of those receipts were signed, and itemized bills were initialed, by the younger Salter. His father, of course, says that those signatures and initials are just “scribbles,” and that since they were signed after last call, it proves that Club 10 was illegally selling alcohol after last call.

Any rational, thinking person would be skeptical of that. The club’s policy is that any bottle of champagne (priced between $150 and $2000) requires a separate receipt, and most people do pay at last call. However, even with that, the club has gone out of its way, even offering to refund those $39,000 in charges which came after 4AM.

I suppose it just hasn’t sunk in with dear ol’ dad that Tommy Boy was smashed and is trying his damndest to get out of paying his bills.

Can you say “Buyer’s Remorse,” boys and girls?

I knew you could.

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3 Responses to “Asshat of the Day: Tommy Salter”

  1. Mark Says:

    So I guess I’m not gonna write that post after all… heh

    There is far too much of that crap going on lately. My credit card chargebacks over the last six months have been ridiculous. But this punk … definitely takes the cake.

  2. Missyb64 Says:

    OMG… and I thought a $300+ bar tab was an award winner! Damn, we were sick for 3 days afterward, and even sicker when the credit card bill came in! My parents always operated under the rule that no matter what the situation, I was wrong, the authority figure in question was right. Didn’t matter what the details were, I was wrong. This butt pirate deserves to have his ass kicked, then he should have to pay that bill. Being young and stupid is an inalienable right, but there’s a price that goes with stupidity just like there is for education. This falls under both categories. Shame on his parents, let him sink!

  3. JOE SALTER Says: