Sometimes You Get What You Pay For…

February 16th, 2008 at 11:02 pm by Mark
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For a few years, my Messenger has been filled with so-called Customers who bother me whenever I get online.  They ask for help, often ask me to login to their servers remotely and fix things, and when it comes time to pay, I get the old, “When I make money, you make money!” thing.

It ires me to no end.

A few others have said, “Hey, we’ll pay you $x to do this website for us,” and then used the old, “We haven’t been paid for it yet,” trick.  Months pass, my questions get ignored, and then they have the balls to come and ask me to do more things for them.  And stupidly, I have.

Still others have said, “We’re hiring you at $x a week, and we expect at least y hours out of you.  Are you game?”
I get their billing information, they get their login and password to the billing system and go in and enter a credit card like they’re supposed to.  The scam usually works when their credit card won’t bill, and they ask me to switch them to PayPal billing, which I do.  They don’t bother to pay that one, so I send them an invoice through PayPal.  They don’t bother with that one, either, and meanwhile, they change their passwords on their servers. Scam are all over the Internet. Case in point are those websites that say they can predict your future or read cards for you from across countries. But we know better now, so here’s how to spot a fake psychic.

It’s really annoying, trying to do business with people whose faces you never see, or people who are too far away to get hold of and rip their arms off when they do something like that.

Tonight, one of the standard “When I make money, you make money” freeloaders got an eyefull:

Mark says:
Man, ya know, it’s really bugging me lately. I’m a consultant. It’s what I do for a living. And I just can’t just answer and fix servers for free all the time. I’m just not doing that anymore. It costs $xxx an hour, and I’ve given you something like 12 hours or more and you’ve always said, “When I make money, you make money!” Well, ya know, after a hundred times, it becomes bullshit.

Mark says:
Now fuck off.

Captain Asshat says:
hey!  but I’m not getting paid for this job!
have a nice life loser

Mark says:
Yeah, a loser who you keep asking to fix your servers for free.

Really, knowing that Captain Asshat has never paid me a dime for the work I’ve done — even when he’s said he would — how could he expect anything less?  And, yeah, I have been a loser in the fact that I’ve lost every bit of revenue he’s promised after I’ve stupidly prioritized him above customers who actually do pay their bills.
So maybe I’m a loser — he’s still a deadbeat.

And why should I listen to, “That’s poor customer service!” from an asshat who hasn’t even been a customer?  I mean, by definition, customers usually pay.

So, Captain Asshat, seriously…  As far as “Customer Service,” my skills are absolutely excellent — ask any of my customers who actually pay per agreement.

Now, it’s not that anyone has to pay me to be nice to people.  It’s just that… well… I’m friendly.  I’m extremely helpful.
As a matter of fact, I’ve been too nice.  Too helpful.  Too willing to let too many people take advantage of me.

As far as my business goes … That ends now.  😉

I’m more assertive when I’m working for someone else, and I’m not when I’m working for myself.   That’s a fact.
There’s a point where you have to be an asshole, and start weeding out the freeloaders.  That time past a long time ago, and I have a lot of catching up to do.  *evil grin*

And if you’re not paying me to do any of my “outstanding” work (your words, not mine), you’re gonna get what you pay for as far as “customer service.”  😉


3 Responses to “Sometimes You Get What You Pay For…”

  1. Mark Says:

    No, guys, I will not post your nasty comments. They’re so full of expletives that they’re impossible to clean up. Keep trying to write something coherent, tho — the fact that you’re so mad you can’t type is amusing. 🙂

    I think you’d use your time more wisely attempting to find someone to fix the problem. Or apologizing. Or maybe, paying up front? I’m game if you are. You know how to reach me, but it’s for abuse, be advised that I’m not taking it any more, and will have plenty to do about it should the current level continue. *evil grin*

    What I totally don’t get with some of you people who do crap like this is that … you’re at fault, clearly. Ok? That assumption out of the way, me blogging about it, with candor, not mentioning your names or your companies, and making sure to keep any personal information out of it, shows that I’m being fairly responsible when posting this sort of stuff.

    Basically, it’s like this: you guys (ahh, some family, ex’s, and miscellaneous others, too!) are reading something that only “we” know about, “we” being me and you. Nobody else knows who you are — you’re the only readers who do. So my question is … Do you really want me to post your comments, thus blowing your anonymity?

    That’s a legit question. Think about it. 😉

    This time, it’s not all about me bitching. This situation is providing me with a great deal of entertainment and stress relief. 😉

  2. Joseph Sandler Says:

    One of the most glaring differences between being a business owner and a business employee is that the employee doesn’t need to be concerned about bottom lines and profit-loss. They can do their jobs providing customer service and support without having to worry about billing and collection issues. Knowing how you work it’s amazing that you’re able to do as well as you do when dealing with customers. I would have blown up a long time ago.

  3. Mark Says:

    Careful, Joe That sounds tremendously like a compliment. 😉 Thanks.