Something Obama Said

September 2nd, 2008 at 5:50 am by Sam
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It’s no big secret that Obama has made the point several times that, “America is the greatest country in the world! And if we stand together, we can make a change!”

The more amusing part about Mr. Obama is the fact that he equates the DNC with the Labor movement found in British Commonwealths.

The idea behind the labor movement is that you don’t walk alone. You’re not by yourself. And each of us are vulnerable by ourselves. Each of us are subject to tragedy and disaster

There’s something very sinister about this to me, because the Labour Party is wholly and entirely made up of Socialists. The Democratic party has been fighting the Socialist stigma for years, yet Mr. Obama comes back with this sort of dialogue?

Socialism believes in Ministry Owned Enterprises and Government Owned Entities. Socialism requires that all workers pull together for the common good. as it insues that everyone is compensated no matter their input to a job. Socialism is what happened to Himmler, and even worse, Hitler.

Socialism = Bad.

Democracy = Good.

Hundreds of other countries already know this.

Why don’t we?

Maybe we should round up all the Canadians and put them into concentration camps just because they’re Canadian. It’s not like they actually contribute to anything but the Florida economy anyway, so who would notice?


12 Responses to “Something Obama Said”

  1. Zacque Says:

    American Politicians…
    Sometimes they are like the golden age of blowjobs. Great and beyond your expectations. Although most of the time you are just left wanting. Yearning for what has or could have been. In this case I hope that no one is stupid enough to follow this moonbat. Hopefully this election will be good riddence to such a terrible idea.

  2. Monty Hazeltrig Says:

    Government run enterprises like police and fire departments. Awful socialist shit like trash pick up and ambulance service. Horrible socialist crap like Medicaid and Social Security! Let’s stop that awful socialist stuff before it ruins our country! And those damn highway departments keep putting up orange barrels! Freakin rooskies all of them. The police are a bunch of commies! FD too!

  3. Mark Says:

    No, more like government owned telecommunications, government owned media, government provided healthcare, government owned manufacturing and industry. It becomes such that they’re in your face every second of every day. That is what the “Labour” movement is about. They can claim it’s “For the worker!” all the want, but the truth is, it’s to make a government some money. People are expendable machines, and with free health care, you get what you pay for.

  4. Joseph Stonewall Says:

    Let us prepare for war. Not just against those who wish to destroy our nation and way of life from abroad, but those who were born and operate from within.

  5. Mark Says:

    Why? Why should you live your life in fear?

    Live your life.

    Love your wife.

    Be all that you can be.

    I was in another country when 9/11 happened. That was a big reason why I came back home. I wanted to be close to my friends, my family. I was so homesick …

    But I realized that the WORLD views us as isolationist. We are a Superpower. Last Man Standing. The WORLD knows that we elect our Government. And they have the idea that we agree with everything that happens because of that. They Hate us.

    And yet … We look to them for solutions to our own problems?

    We’re the leaders.

    I wish people in this country could quit bitching long enough to realize that.

  6. Zacque Says:

    I agree with Mark… We are the leaders, so why do our politicians suck so bad? Because half of us don’t vote and therefore those peoples opinions are rendered useless. I would hate to see where the US will be if more people don’t vouch for their own ideas. Besides you don’t vote you can’t complain!

  7. Joseph Stonewall Says:

    “Why? Why should you live your life in fear?”

    Real Life is Scary.

    I love Sarah Paulin!

  8. Joseph Stonewall Says:

    Excuse me “Palin”

  9. fracas Says:

    Hai… make sure when you’re rounding those Canadians up that you warn me so I can hide. I’m the lone fraccin’ Canadian bitchin’ about Obama, defending Palin and warning about Obama and his socialism.

    Yep.. Mark is right. It’s about government health care that means I’m waiting 6 weeks for a surgical consult to get put on a list to wait 6 more months for a surgery…. or how you can’t fire a damn teacher who deserves it and pay another teacher who deserves the other end of it a better wage because it’s that “we’re all in it for the common good” crap.

    Socialism stinks. It doesn’t make everyone better off… it just keeps everyone down enough that they can’t fight back… or won’t.

    My name is Fracas. I’m a Canadian, and I approved this message.


  10. Mark Says:

    High-f-ing-five! 🙂

    People in this country have NO clue about Socialism until they live under it.

  11. fracas Says:

    Tell me about it. So many people in SK still can’t get past the whole socialist mentality. Why would they? They’re stupid enough to use emergency rooms as their personal physicians (I once had a neighbor who went to the emerg with a fraccing ingrown toenail… not caring that it cost taxpayers jillions more than just going to a family doctor… oops, she couldn’t be bothered to have one) and they’ve been sucked into years of “you need the government to take care of you because you couldn’t possibly be smart enough to take care of yourselves” thinking. So they really get scared when someone else comes along telling them they should do some stuff for themselves.

    Blech. My government healthcare does not pay for my child’s prescriptions… which are over a thousand dollars a year. Our separate insurance plan reimburses me for that. Same thing with optical needs and dental bills. So it covers surgeries and emergencies. Ok… but I am paying a bill for the ambulance that took my child to the hospital in June… and if I need a surgery it’s covered but I might have to wait a year for it, suffering in the meanwhile.

    However… other family was in the states for a holiday last year and there was a medical emergency…. he almost died. He was seen immediately, given tests and the problem diagnosed within hours with follow-up appointments booked for him within days. The insurance they bought as travelers to your country paid the bill.

    To get these ‘government services’ we need because we can’t take care of ourselves, anyone making a decent income must hand over half of it to a combination of federal and provincial taxes.

    I bet most of us, if given our own money back, could buy insurances that would take care of us better than the government.

    If you know an American who thinks you need socialism, tell them to ask a *conservative* from Saskatchewan or Alberta if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be.

    They’d probably be told to run screaming from Obama. The Canadians who would support Obama are usually those who really don’t understand how badly they’ve been sucked into the socialism trap and probably don’t mind handing over half of everything they make for someone else to ‘take care of them’ with.

  12. Mark Says:

    I’d tell them to go live in New F-ing Zealand for a few years — like I did — to get the full effect. Most corrupt country in the world, and BING! Socalist.