Oh, My God! Err, No, Just Bad Personal Hygeine…

March 17th, 2009 at 3:42 am by Mark
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     Apparently, Jesus-Misericordieux on Reunion Island is being flocked by people believing that a miracle has happened, in that the face of Jesus appeared on a Roman Catholic priest’s seat cushion.


     I would expect to find Jesus in the lowest of places…  In the ceiling tile of a seedy hostel, to remind someone of how things “could be.”  Perhaps in the sweat of a beer can, to give hope to the hopeless.

     But is it wrong of me to refuse to believe that he will magically appear under the ass of a hairy, sweaty priest at an aging church in a popular European tourist destination?

     And if the photo here is authentic, I believe that’s one of Johnny Hart’s characters from B.C….


Tip: Sam, the absentee blogitude.com writer


5 Responses to “Oh, My God! Err, No, Just Bad Personal Hygeine…”

  1. Sam Kelter Says:

    Your welcome for the link. No credit?

  2. Mark Says:

    Happy now? 😉

  3. Sam Kelter Says:

    You can be such an asshat. 😉 For those wondering, I’m currently involved in other writing projects and I simply don’t have time to blog. The new book should be released in June. 🙂

    Mark, it was good to talk to you tonight. We need to catch up more often. I’m not as available as I’d like to be these days, something I’m certain you can appreciate. I miss the States! I especially miss Charlie Peppers. With a little luck maybe we can get together there soon and I can finally meet the Wildcat.

  4. ubermouth Says:

    LOL I would think that could resemble anyone.

  5. Mark Says:

    Sam: Alas, Charlie Peppers is no more. A lot of things have changed around here…

    Ubermouth: Being French, I’m amazed they didn’t notice the striking resemblance to Gerard Depardieu…