Mood Music

March 17th, 2009 at 2:01 am by Mark
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     Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a Bill Withers fan.  And that I think Sting’s one of the most brilliant songwriters and musicians that ever lived.

     So I found this …

     And strangely… it sucked, no thanks to that fucking wannabe Kenny G in the background… I’m guessing that’s the same guy from Synchronicity album, where he added an artistic element with the bizarre and off-topic flourishes… But here, he just fucked up some perfectly good downward-spiral sort of interpretive dissonance…

     Sorry, Sir Sumner — but you need to fire that fuckin’ guy.

     So here’s a damn good version to offset the bullshit above.

     Oh, Hell, yeah!  Isn’t that better?

     In fact … it might even rival Bill Withers …

     But then again, pretty much everything Tunde Baiyewu does sounds “right”…

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2 Responses to “Mood Music”

  1. Cait Says:

    Thanks for introducing me to a new “need to get”. But Sting is still fantastic.

  2. Hazel Says:

    One of my absolute favorites. Way to wake up! Thanks.
    PS. I read about your recent loss. So very sorry. Hope you’re being well cared for at the moment.