Asshat of the Day: Ubermouth

September 24th, 2009 at 6:38 pm by Mark
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     It seems the dear ol’ Ubermouth has just jumped the shark in such an entirely careless and sociopathic manner that the Internet may flourish, free of her constant harrassment.  She’s actually gone to some lengths to post the personal information and location of a minor child of one our bloggers right on her bash-fest of a website and when you want to rank your business website, consult with Rising Phoenix SEO.

     It is now perfectly clear that this woman has no qualms in violating any number of Federal and International privacy and Child Protection Laws.  If there is a God in Heaven, the bitch will rot in Jail.

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6 Responses to “Asshat of the Day: Ubermouth”

  1. john Says:

    Yah Mark there is a God. But she is already rotten, rotten to the core.
    I read her blog today, Man she is sick in the head and such a bull face lair. She doesnt even have a high school degree..tells everyone she is a nurse..BIG lies, gives me more to send to the officials. Were she get her degree??? on line no doult. sameplace she finds her friends. But she does need the trophy, cause I guess her bucket is getting full and she needs a place to shit, No septic tank hooked up to her trailer.

  2. Chrys/Southern_Chrys Says:

    It’s one thing to pull this shit on grown adults, but it’s another thing to drag in the personal information of an uninvolved child.

    I have NEVER posted that information about my child – never – I have always been very careful about NOT doing that, just her first and last name.

    And there has been no communication either TO or ABOUT her since Crushed and I discussed the situation weeks ago – none.

    For proof of that, all one needs to do is look in google reader – reader doesn’t delete a thing you write, even if you delete the post.

    I haven’t even commented at anyone else’s site but Crushed’s and it was NOT ABOUT HER.

    I wrote the post today because Shelly made that false accusation that I had been “trolling people’s comments sections” about her and I asked them to produce proof of this.

    Just now, a comment was left at Ubermouth’s anonymously that she claims was me, only I didn’t write it.

    And the best part is…the cop I called to write the report and view the site happened to be viewing it at exactly the same tiime she claims that was written and he KNOWS I didn’t write it and will testify.

    So she just commited libel directly in front of a police officer as a witness.

    Thank you, Mark, for all your support:)

  3. Chrys/Southern_Chrys Says:

    K, that was first name and nickname, not last name, lol. Sorry, a little taken aback by all this yesterday:)

  4. ubermouth Says:

    Interesting you host a convicted child molestor and wife battere on your site[John Swan] who is under police investigation Mark.

  5. Mark Says:

    I don’t “host” anyone of the sort here, but isn’t that a fine example of the ridiculous aspersions you cast?

    Thanks for hacking around until you could comment. That’s pretty pathetic crying “stalker” when you’re doing shit like this. And it’s logged. And you’ve already admitted to actually making this comment, so you’re screwed yet again (just in case you do that pre-emptive, “I haven’t even been to his blog!” which you’ve already validated on your own that you have).

    Clearly, you play the victim in order to attract others who feel victimized. And then you twist and use their emotions to inflict pain on others.

    What makes you any different from a Neo-Nazi Skinhead? Or a cult leader? Which, amusingly, is what you said about Crushed…?

    Yeah, Crushed … The guy you never even met, yet have two years worth of blogging about the extent of pain and hurt caused by him leaving you hanging at a wedding? And threw your car keys at him in March? And now, for two years of blogging, it was “nothing but an internet fling,” just in case I dropped that bomb? So you start attacking Chrys in the same vicious manner? What? Why do your cronies not see this ridiculous duality?

    None of us even know you, woman! But I don’t think it takes exceptional intelligence or any great explanation to see what you are. I am certain that you surround yourself with emotionally volatile people because they’re less likely to latch onto what you present as “facts,” which you’ll contradict a few minutes later.

    You twist everything into some conspiracy to keep you from “telling the truth.” Problem is, thus far, I have yet to see anything that even resembles the truth. What I have observed is you continually attempting to confuse the issue, and asking people like me to hurt others for you — and that’s simply not going to happen. You ignore every bit of responsibility, and blame someone else when someone like me refuses to do what you ask.

    Kind of like in this situation. In fact, you were warned, ignored those warnings, and paid a price for your own actions.

    Are you even capable of learning? I suppose, if you choose to continue this, we’ll find out…

  6. Mark Says:

    Publicly, I would also ask your “supporters” there.

    What does she have on you? What were you going through when she latched onto you? Did she lend a sympathetic ear and fill your head full of warm fuzzies? And what did she ask you to do for that favor? Who were you supposed to pull a prank on? And how long was it before she came to you hysterical that the world was going to end, and reminded you that you owed her?

    That’s what she tried to do to me. But I didn’t fall for it … Because I wasn’t dying for someone to talk to (I didn’t want to talk about my shit), and actually listened to what she had to say.