Bad Engrish

October 24th, 2009 at 1:51 am by Mark
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     So in the process of cleaning this blog up, pulling out some fluff and doubling the speed, I ran across a several bits of “extra” code that are quite a lot less than necessary…

     Can someone please tell what this means?

… [This plugin] is in the 2.6 version of WordPress after the automatic accession to the revised edition of the journal preservation cause, you modify a log of each, will add a revision, if you modify many times, log on the few speeches, it will be a very frightening number!If you have 100 on the log, your revisiong redundancy may be as many as 1,000 articles!

[This plugin] is the end came, to delete a large number of redundant revision to increase the speed of implementation of the SQL statement, WordPress upgrade the speed there is a lot of benefits!

Thank you for your useing. I hope this will give you convenient plug-ins!

     I has a loss…

     And if you think the Engrish is bad, you should see the math it does…

Now You have 838 posts ,Up to now [this plugin] has deteted 1042 post revision of dedundancy,it’s easy . Wish happy ending !

     Regardless of how many times I run it, 838 != 1042.

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7 Responses to “Bad Engrish”

  1. Gohsy Says:

    Not all of the software is written in English. In many Asian countries involved in the software developed. I put my Delete-Revision the program free to the Internet good for your success in WordPress. It suck that people prefer to use a free program that is still complaining! Wish happy ending !

  2. Mark Says:

    Oh … My … God … LOLOLOL

    Okay, let me try and put this into terms you might better understand:

    Please note that posts are in the “humor” and “sarcasm.” I also believe that you use my Chinese to funny I decide to try. 😉

    While I very much appreciate your commitment to open source, your program can not claim that it the way you work. It does not disable the following revisions. It does not remove the majority of post-modified. If it all works correctly, I would not write this post.

    Please note that your bug tracking and issue requests. There is a happy day.

    That translate directly through the Google, and wish happy ending. 😉

  3. Gohsy Says:

    OK, I think I better understand the present. Sometime in English, especially the American, a sense of humor not translate good. Is not funny “Ha Ha” your Chinese horrible. lol I do not know which version WordPress you use? As the program written in WordPress 2.7, and 2.8 there may be some problem, I will conduct the investigation. Good luck, I think what this mean.

  4. Mark Says:

    Yes, the latest release. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Michel Says:

    Is very hard with Asian language as do not have verb tense or possessive or multiple nouns as Roman language. My English is horrible. Hope most persons will not make fun so I do not speak often. For my wife I try but is still very new.

  6. Mark Says:

    You’re not really French, are you? From your other comments, I’m guessing Eastern European…

  7. Michel Says:

    It is a very good guess. I am one of many raised in Romania who now live in France. So much confusion Michel Mikhail [ last name removed ], lol, but I like here very much with beautiful wife from America where we have visit her family and hope to again.

    [ Edit: Pulled out your last name. This is exactly what NOT to do, because some idiots WILL use it to screw with you ]