Trouble at Fort Hood

November 5th, 2009 at 4:38 pm by Mark
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     While the media keeps going off to castigate Fort Hood as a violent military installation, do remember that it houses nearly 50,000 people.  It’s less a Base than a medium-sized small town.  It’s also on the outskirts of the small city of Killeen, Texas.

     Please keep this in mind when you listen to this “bullshit” that Media keeps portraying about “so much violence in recent years.”  At least half of said violence has been caused by people who didn’t even belong there, much more in off-base apartments, etc. etc.  Its “record of violence” is miniscule when compared to “business as usual” in many average towns of the same size, so these assertions by Media — made because they have nothing REAL to report —  are becoming pretty ridiculous.

     In the meantime, for those who *have* the heart and soul that our media seems to lack…

     We watch.  We listen.  And we care.

     And I hope to hear from some people soon…

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