“If You Oppose, You’re a Racist!”

August 18th, 2010 at 5:04 pm by Mark
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     I posted this on Facebook about thirty minutes ago, and I don’t think it could be said any more plainly. Apparently, a few people agree, because my original thought is already being re-posted.

Opposing building a Mosque at Ground Zero is no more racist than opposing building a Cowboy Theme Park at Wounded Knee, or picketing a German History Museum being built next door to a burned Synagogue. It wasn’t Cowboys who killed Indians at Wounded Knee, nor are all Germans Nazis. But it’s still poor taste, plain and simple, and were it either of the latter, the “compassionate Left” would be up in arms.

     I’m tired of being called a Racist, when it’s entirely not true!  I guess thirty years is enough for the average idiot to forget what they knew as children…

     So when we’re talking about “tolerance and understanding,” I can’t help but ask all the “Politically Correct” people…

    Why do you insist on labeling people, and underscoring their color, race, creed and nationality at every turn? What shows more prejudice — being color blind and standing up for an ideal, or constantly underscoring color, creed and nationality and putting them all in the same box?  

     Seems it’s you guys who keep speaking of all of your “Muslim friends.” Or your “Mexican friends.” Or your “Black friends.

     Umm … who’s the Racist? Because to me, they’re just my friends.

     Without the occasional Social faux pas, no one ever learns a damn thing.


3 Responses to ““If You Oppose, You’re a Racist!””

  1. fracas Says:

    Not only is it in poor taste (the building, not your post) it’s a provocation. It shows a lack of respect or compassion for the families of those who died. When we take the number of lives lost, and multiply it by how many people each one of those people might have known in their life and for whom their loss is felt, the number of people potentially offended becomes quite great.

    Here’s a novel idea…

    Instead of building a Mosque at Ground Zero, how about they sponsor a memorial to show everyone how they are a religion of ‘love for all and hatred for none’? Because you see… if I really love someone, the last thing I want to do is hurt them… and for the tens to hundreds of thousands of people who either died or are living without a loved one that did die (or are living with health problems now because they were on scene), building that Mosque will hurt them. For them to insist on building it because they can, shows not an act of love. Not building it, even though they can… is the act of love.

    It’s funny how when people have to actually live their pledges… they often can’t, isn’t it?

  2. Mark Says:

    And meanwhile, while the “Sympathetic Left” goes on about it being a First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion, they’re being provided with funds from a State and Local Government to build the damn thing — which is clearly not legal.

    If Federal, State or Local funds go towards a Christian church, a plaque of the Ten Commandments or even so much as a Christmas celebration, they’re up in arms. So why the double standard when they’re sponsoring a Muslim Prayer Center?

  3. fracas Says:

    I blogged at fracas. I’ve also been doin’ some homework… as I’ve been known to do whence folks challenge me. I’ve more goodies up my sleeves for tomorrow and tomorrow…

    lol… I can so see why some people find me reeeeeally annoying… like back before the election when I ranted about Obama being a socialist… and an asshole. lol. I so love being right. It doesn’t happen *all* the time, but enough to make me happy and feel like all that walking 40 miles to school every day (in a blizzard, barefoot and all uphill both ways) wasn’t totally wasted. 😉