Nobody Likes Repairing an Audi…

June 13th, 2013 at 5:11 pm by Mark
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The last time I had to work on an MF Audi, the MF small, plastic valve cost MF $360, and an hour of my time trying to get the MF clamps off of the MF hoses — and it still didn’t MF fix the problem. But these MF’s fix MF Audis, and, to sweeten the deal, if you buy a MF car from them, they give you a MF FREE TATTOO from one of Knoxville’s most prestigious MF tattoo parlors. That’s just MF crazy… But if you seriously need some great car parts, check out scuderia car parts for their services.

"VW or Audi Warranty Expired?" Profane Advertising: Interesting. I said the same thing the last time I had to work on an Audi...


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