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When People Find People

August 19th, 2007 at 6:50 pm by Zacque
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It strange. No matter who you talk to, eventually everyone is looking for someone they can relate to.  If only for a short moment, just a glimpse of someone who can relate is nice.

Atlanta, Georgia, is host to such an event.  DragonCon is an open forum for those who share a simple common interest.  A love of art, mass-media, science-fiction, music, film, fantasy and overall congregating just to enjoy themselves.

So whether you want to Save Darfour; If you want to stop the WARZ in the IRAQUE; Take a chance at  saving the Planet while you have the highest power consumption in your city; or realize that just hanging out and having a good time will accomplish about the same thing, come on down to the gathering Labor Day weekend.  Who knows what will happen, but at least you might find something else to occupy your time for a while.

**Heck there is even a Star Warts thing for you Mark…