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Asshat of the Day: John Wiley Price

February 21st, 2011 at 6:49 am by Mark
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     Today’s Asshat of the Day goes to Dallas County, Texas Commissioner, John Wiley Price, who recently garnered national media attention for saying to the white consituency gathered at a County Commission Public Meeting, “You’re all white.  Go to Hell.”

     Black Hole (n.): 1. A region of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape; 2. A slang term used to describe a location or body where things disappear, never to be seen again, especially paperwork and/or money.

     Asshole (n.): 1. The anus; 2. A slang term referring to a person who acts maliciously without care or reason.

     Moulinyan (n.): 1. Italian for “Black Eggplant;” 2. An Italian-American slang term used as a racial slur against our darker-skinned population. See also, “Mouli,” which, in addition to being  a brand of food processor & slicers, was adopted in short for television and movies in order to prevent upset from the general population.

     Mullah (n.): 1. Muslim man educated in Islamic Law; 2. A Muslim vicar, leader or guardian; 3. An English slang term for a Muslim despot.

     Moolah (n.): 1. An Italian-American slang term for “money.”

    Mr. Price continues to be unapologetic to his constituency, claiming that the speaker, Jeff Turner, was using the word, “moolah,” and that it was a “racial epithet.” Anyone with half a brain knows the difference between those words, however, it seems that Mr. Price is missing that half. 

     Asshat (n.): 1. A slang term for someone who acts with such beligerant ignorance or stupidity that they must have their head up their ass, as if wearing it as a hat.

Commissioner Price Tells Citizens to ‘Go to Hell’:

      Fortunately, there was at least one more of those “Anglos” around to put it all into perspective.  Apparently, not only did he have half a brain, he wasn’t a racist asshat.

Speaker Said ‘Mullah,’ Price Heard ‘Moolah’:

     Personally, I’m thankful that Mr. Price hasn’t found out that Ruby Tuesday serves Cajun Blackened Chicken, because once he does, there’s gonna Hell to pay!