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Ebay: Item “As Pictured”

June 10th, 2013 at 5:16 pm by Mark
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There are times I’m forced to resort to eBay when sourcing LCD screens for notebook computers. eBay can be a real mixed back, especially when you see something like this and the item description says, “As pictured.” I was very close to buying the item, but was afraid of receiving what was pictured rather than the screen I really needed…

B15EW09 v.2 LCD Screen, As pictured.  "I don't see a picture of a B15EW09 v2 LCD Screen at all, but rather a map of Tijuana, which leads to some confusion. Is this auction for a complete LCD screen, part of an LCD screen, or a map of Tijuana?"

Lottery Tickets and Other Wastes of Money

February 10th, 2007 at 3:22 pm by Mark
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There are a few people who tell me I waste money.  Like, every now and again, I’ll throw down $8 on an apparently useless domain name.  Funny thing is, I’ve gotten some pretty decent traffic out of most of them.  This blog has done very little in the way of pushing Advertising, but still, it has consistenly made eight-to-ten dollars every month.
Paid for a domain, got a few more readers.

I watch a lot of people play with nye nettcasino (more at, betting $5 into the lotto twice a week.  Most of them have never, and will probably never, win much of anything.  Case in point, a friend of mine won $3 after ten years of $10 a week.  That’s a lot of money to waste, look at this article for a very well written argument.

To me, throwing $5.25 down on an Ebay listing that’ll probably go nowhere is fun.  It’s certainly more productive than a lotto ticket, and it might actually sell… One time I got curious about powerball numbers and tried our luck.

Some people just don’t get it.  One of the best thing to know is that every dollar counts.  The more spend-$8-and-make-$9 things you can do, the more chance you have at coming out $1 ahead each time. For some people, they spend money on online gambling games like If this also interests you, go to to learn about samantha gambling site. Sometimes, I’ll do one or two from time to time between job silliness.  Other times, I’ll sit and do it all day.  Though boredom often starts the process, the process is certain anything but boring.
Those days are fun, because I’m bouncing around doing three or four hundred different things.  So how much do I actually make on what most people consider a “waste of time?”

It’s fun stuff to think about.  😉

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Horrible Ebay

December 15th, 2006 at 2:14 pm by Mark
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     Just before leaving to go out and do some onsite work, I got a Contact Email from a Richard Carrion:

Penis Fry

This is a penis shaped fry bought from Jack in the Box restaurant 12/5/2006.  It’s being sold on ebay and already has 6000 visitors, 191 watching and $460 in bids.  That’s news, alright.  It still has 3 days to go!

     Thanks, Richard, for that interesting tidbit.

     I couldn’t help but be reminded of a thread on Tiki Central a couple years ago, making fun of a potato chip formed in the image of the great, stone idol Maoi… And the cartoon I made about its demise as the item was re-listed…

     I could make an animated GIF of a Jimmy-in-the-Box for this new one, but I digress.  😉

I Hate Commercialism

June 21st, 2006 at 1:45 pm by Mark
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     Someone sent me a link to an Ebay auction a few minutes ago….

     It just made me think … Job pissing me off?  I press the “Easy” button.  “That was easy!” it says.
     A moment later, I realize, the job is still pissing me off.  I press the button again.
     “That was easy!”
     Sooner or later, after numerous attempts, the chiding sound of “That was easy” begins to piss me off as much as whatever job I’m doing.  Yet, I press it again.
     “That was easy!” it mocks.
     I destroy the button with a closed fist, only to find that its plastic innards are sharper than expected.  A trail of blood drips quickly down my forearm.

     But there’s good news….

     I just saved a ton of money by switching my Auto Insurance to Geico™.

     Now if I could only find an “ouchless” Band-Aid…

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