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Joseph Ferrante

August 9th, 2006 at 7:20 pm by Mark
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     Joseph Ferrante, the self-appointed Greatest Musician on Earth, is a nutjob.

This two NAZIS called Brandon Martus Anton Olsen and this Mr. Fab have been creating problems for our Trascendental guitar virtuoso during the last three years. They are just jealous human nothings trying to create problems for the best musician on Earth. Well, their sort is just like that: abusive NAZIS that create problems for outstanding people. It is just amazing that after reading the gigantic praise in the letters of Rick Wakeman and Bill Bruford about our virtuoso, as well as on the praise letters of BBC, London Capital Radio and Sony Music Publishers, we had to come accross these two VULTURES who even helped program the computer of Google so as to hide the articles of our virtuoso. These two NAZI VULTURES and Google have been doing the impossible to hide the best musician on Earth, whom we support. Well, the stature of the man is determined by the amount of conspiracy they generate

     Given so many “conspiracies,” he must be at least eighteen feet tall.

     And, uh, if I’m not mistaken, that’s three people he listed, but he still refers to them as “This two NAZIS” instead of “These three NAZIS.”  But, math is hard, right?

     If you wonder why I’m waiting until today to post this, take a look at Anton’s post on  An old post, with spam up to a few months ago.
     Now take a look at Mr. Fab’s post on Blogspot.

     Today, he takes his place with the numerous other psychos I’ve written about.

     Apparently, he was such a pathetic multiple-personality self-promotor, it never occurred to him to register “

Joseph Ferrante