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The Most Annoying Television Commercial Ever

November 29th, 2009 at 2:05 am by Mark
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     For reasons unknown, GEICO Insurance is always lauded for their brilliant marketing.  I cannot understand why.  In my own particularly crass vernacular, I always refer them as GAYCO, thanks in no small part to their annoying, sexually confused lizard who can’t quite pick which borough of London he’s actually from…

     The GEICO Pothole Ad is absolutely The Most Annoying Television Commercial Ever, due in no small part that even though it is less than visually stunning, it additionally contains dialogue which makes me want to repeatedly jab forks into my ears so I can’t never, ever hear it again.

     On second thought, perhaps I should simply hunt down and demand a blood sacrifice from the asshats who made it.

     Once I get that, I can use said sacrifice to eternally torment those damned Burger King people…

     …because if that happened to me, their mascot would certainly be meeting the business end of a personal firearm, with justified cause for self-defense.

     Ahh, which leads to the thought, perhaps I should send them some Advil