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Horrible Ebay

December 15th, 2006 at 2:14 pm by Mark
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     Just before leaving to go out and do some onsite work, I got a Contact Email from a Richard Carrion:

Penis Fry

This is a penis shaped fry bought from Jack in the Box restaurant 12/5/2006.  It’s being sold on ebay and already has 6000 visitors, 191 watching and $460 in bids.  That’s news, alright.  It still has 3 days to go!

     Thanks, Richard, for that interesting tidbit.

     I couldn’t help but be reminded of a thread on Tiki Central a couple years ago, making fun of a potato chip formed in the image of the great, stone idol Maoi… And the cartoon I made about its demise as the item was re-listed…

     I could make an animated GIF of a Jimmy-in-the-Box for this new one, but I digress.  😉

Star Wars Holiday Special

December 14th, 2006 at 4:07 pm by Mark
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     I can remember back on November 18th, 1978, sitting in the living room floor watching the Star Wars Holiday Special on WBIR Channel 10, then Knoxville’s CBS affiliate (they’re NBC now).  I was already a serious Star Wars fan, having seen it at the drive-in the year before, in the theaters a few times that summer, and having spent a year’s worth of allowance on bubble-gum cards and comic books.
     I also remember how boring the show was to me, how horrible all of the familiar cameos were (“Maude is a bartender?”).
     With good reason, the show was never aired again, surviving only as a multi-generation VHS dub… but, hardcore fans will pay good money to get a copy, regardless.

     Still, there’s some nostalgia there.  Remembering that old TV with the rabbit-ear antenna, sitting on the rug in the middle of the living room floor.

     Kudos to Johnny Dollar for throwing up some screen caps

     You can read more about it on

Part I

Part II

Robinhood: Free Stocks for your Referrals!

Pedantic Polarizing

December 14th, 2006 at 2:45 pm by Mark
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     People amaze me these days.
     You say “liberal,” people can’t get it out of their heads that you’re slamming Democrats.  You link to Michelle Malkin because you met her and her husband a couple of times, and supported her in her fight against YouTube for removing her video for no good reason, then, oh, you must be a RepubliCon!

     Here’s another video, dedicated to our troops in Iraq, but has been lambasted with votes on YouTube that the content is Objectionable and Obscene.

     The word “liberal” shouldn’t piss anyone off, but I think people search for it these days so they can show their disdain, and become ever pedantic about things that were commonly broadcast this week.  It amuses me how the word itself refers to an ideal of “free of intolerance and prejudice” when it seems that those who themselves Liberals politically are so not that.

     If I say “liberal groups,” most people have an idea what I mean.  They are groups who adamantly seek reformation in laws regarding their cause, play watchdog to private sector businesses and individuals, and may even have a radical section who choose to reform people by harrassment or violence.
     If I say “conservative groups,” most people have an idea what I mean, as well.  They are groups who protest change, organize protests, and may even have a radical section who choose to reform people by harrassment or violence.
     It is for the latter problem in set of groups why I choose not to align myself with any “group.”

     The terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” with regards to political parties came in their interpretations of our Constitution.  Liberals believe that the Constitution is dynamic, and that it should be updated.  Conservatives believe that the document should be preserved, and that it says what it says.

     These terms have little or nothing to do with “Democrat” or “Republican.”  Either can be Liberal or Conservative, and even liberal or conversative.  There can be conservative Democrats who are Conservatives.  There can be liberal Republicans who are Liberals.  And any mixture in between.

     It’s all twisted.  Considering the twists on both sides, polarizing everything just makes it worse.

Cohibas For All!

December 14th, 2006 at 1:54 am by Mark
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     Fidel Castro is Dead! (according to comments at least)

     Of course, South Florida might not be the place to go for the influx of Castro Sympathizers who may want to find a new place to live, considering the number of anti-Castro refugees who’ve escaped…

     Now we can give it a few months for Democracy, forgive John F. Kennedy’s cluster-copulation, remove sanctions and get some Cuban cigars instead of the Dominican Hand-rolled cigars I’ve been smoking.

     Although, the blasphemous bastard in me says the Dominicans are better… heh


Liberal Flip-Flop over Pit Bulls

December 13th, 2006 at 7:23 pm by Mark
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     Back in the 1980’s, various liberal organizations began trying to ban people from owning “dangerous dogs.”  Pit bulls were quickly lofted to the first position as the most cantankerous canine.
     But when a six-week-old pit bull puppy chews four toes off of a one-month-old baby, liberal organizations all over the country call for volunteers to adopt the puppy.
     At least, that’s what I hear…

     “The puppy is too young to know what it’s doing!”
     “It’s so young, it may have been trying to nurse!”
     “Killing puppies is cruel!  No animal deserves to die!”

     So, umm… What did these same organizations want to do with all the pit bulls they tried to have banned?

     The story is simple, really.
     Two parents went to sleep on the floor their home.  Their one-month-old child stayed in her car seat on the floor beside them.  An impromptu “fence” was constructed to keep the dog from waking them up.
     Somehow, the parents didn’t wake up to the screams of their own child, screams which I’m certain would have been indicative that something was wrong.  Instead, they slept two feet away as the puppy ate four of her toes.
     Because, you know — it’s the parent’s fault, not the puppy’s.

     Clearly both were at fault.

     So let’s sit back and think for a minute…
     What if the baby had been killed?  Would the dog be saved, or would it be put down as a “dangerous dog?”
     And if the puppy had been a opossum instead?  There would certainly be no saving it.