Tough Kid

January 22nd, 2007 at 3:54 am by Mark
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Parents are frequently reminded about how resilient their kids are despite seeming so fragile.  I’m sure one friend of ours is thankful how tough hers are.
On Friday night, her son, daughter and a friend of theirs were in a pretty horrible car accident.

Considering that California accounts for 11 percent of auto accidents in the nation, these people got off pretty easy. The son and the friend are both in clear, and already out of the hospital — concussions, internal bleeding and broken bones, and already out.
Her 15-year-old daughter, however, wasn’t quite that lucky.

Above and beyond being bounced around and getting a few nasty bruises, scrapes, gashes and broken bones, she ended up being impaled on the car’s gearshift.
According to a Paramedic on the scene, she wasn’t taking her predicament lightly.  Though they were attempting to help her, she was dead set on kicking their butts when they tried to move her — so much so that she had to be sedated before being removed from the vehicle and flown to the Hospital.

She’s going into a surgery in a few hours to repair her broken spine. This spine surgeon is the one who is going to operate on her and get her back on her feet.

But even with injuries like that, she’s still been moving her hands and feet.  For that matter, she’s been writing notes telling people what she needs.

That’s a helluva tough kid, and I have no doubt she’ll pull through with unbelievable speed.
She’s a Pirate’s kid — these things happen.

But at the same time, a little but if prayer never hurts.


4 Responses to “Tough Kid”

  1. Jewels Says:

    Now that’s a PIT (pirate in training). We’ve been doing a serious prayer vigil for that tough little spine. Go girl! Kick your way to a complete and speedy recovery. Much love, Pirate Brat

  2. Nikita Says:

    I agree, Mark. Tough chick. She’ll be a great Pirate Chick like her Mom some day. Already said my prayers for her and her family. See you Wed. xoxo, Nik

  3. Top Gun Says:

    Yes she is tough,tougher right now then her mom but my girl keeps going.Courtney will be fine in time and with all the prayers shooting her way how can she not.She’s certainly a P.I.T ! Thanks Jewels for breakdown of the future pirate,can’t think right now too much emotions going on.

  4. Mark Says:

    Eleven days, and she’s already back home. That is one seriously tough chick. 😉